Millennium Airport Hotel Buffalo
2040 Walden Ave
Cheektowaga, NY

Found 4 reports:

I was sitting on the sofa in my room when I looked up and saw a bed bug on my coat. I grabbed my stuff and got out.

Stayed and when we woke up seen something crawling. It was a bed bug. Got my refund.showed the manager. Made sure we all got undressed outside and washed everything before bringing it in the house.

Stayed here on Apr15 2014, however when I went to bed that night, had one crawling on my bed sheet, should of switched my room, however it was already 3am and I didnt sleep much, but was out of there at 6am

I stayed at this hotel on 10/14/13. I was bitten badly by bedbugs, and I went down to the front desk, and they switched my room.

I suffered for many weeks after that.

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