Days Inn Buffalo Airport
4345 Genesee St
Buffalo, NY

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2nd and 3rd floor infested...

June 2 & 3, 2012. My husband stayed 2 nights at this hotel. He returned home with bites up and down his back and legs. He did not notice them right away and did not report the incident to hotel staff.

Days Inn Hotel – across from Buffalo Airport (4345 Genesee St)


We checked in on Sat Feb 19th in room 422 and my friend was smart and diligent to check the bed for bed bugs and thank goodness she did! She found a bed bug that crawled out on top of the white flat sheet!

My sister was brave and scooped the bug up in a plastic cup and we ran out of that room as fast as we could praying we didn't pick up anything as we were only in there for 5 mins. My friend and sister both

agreed that it was indeed a bed bug as they have both researched bed bugs on the internet just in case this should ever happen.

We presented the cup with the bed bug to the front desk and the lady was very nonchalant / indifferent to our finding. She said the hotel was sold out (not that we would have stayed) and she could not assist us in finding another hotel as it was very late in the evening.

This experience has taught us to ALWAYS check the bug registry and trip advisor before booking a hotel and check the beds once you enter the room.

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