Comfort Inn Brooklyn - Downtown
279 Butler St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Found 2 reports:

Checked into room 208 on Dec 01, 2014. Upon detailed inspection of the room (always do that after getting bitten up at a hotel), I found white powder along the wall/floor behind the bed closest to the door. Also found same powder behind headboard support bracket. Assumed the powder to be "Delta Dust", a common insecticide used professionally (it looks like white flour and does not absorb water). Explained what I found, requested another room and was given 210, was told it was the last room. The

headboards in 210 and 208 are on opposite sides of the common wall between these rooms so I gave 210 a very thorough going over. Found nothing.

At about 12:30 AM, while sitting up in bed, legs covered, I felt something on my lower leg. Inspected and found a single small bed bug. Killed it, called the desk, they sent someone to inspect and confirmed it was a BB.

Was given a room in the basement (so 210 was not the last room, but basement rooms are kind of dingy). Inspection turned up nothing, stayed 3 nights w/ no issues. Checked out today so will update if any bites show up later.

Spoke to a manager the night before I checked out. Said I did not expect to pay for the first night. He was professional and cooperative and said he'd take the 1st night off the bill, which he did.

Before I departed I inquired if room 210 was occupied and was told it was not. Don't know if because of the BB or not.

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Checked into this hotel on October 19, 2014 (room 214). That evening, right before my friends and I were about to go to bed, we saw a bug on the ceiling. After taking a closer look, we saw that it was a bedbug. I'm 100% sure it was a bedbug because I've lived in New York and I've seen them before. We packed up our things and went to the front desk to get our money back and check out of the hotel. The woman working immediately became rude and defensive, denying that what we were showing her (we b

rought the proof with us) was a bedbug. After arguing with her for some time, she finally agreed to refund the money for the room. Later, I contacted the owner of the hotel and told him about our experience. He denied that what we had found was a bedbug (he hadn't even seen it). He said they checked the room and didn't find anything. Obviously bedbugs are easy to overlook as they are able to hide in any crack or crevice and they come out at night. This tells me that he didn't even have the room treated after we complained. Even though my friends and I all closely inspected all of our things and put all of our clothes through the dryer, I still ended up bringing bedbugs into my apartment when I returned home. I had to pay for an exterminator to come out, and the Comfort Inn would not offer any sort of assistance.

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