Days Inn Bath
330 W Morris St
Bath, NY

Found 2 reports:

On Saturday 10/17/15 our women's volleyball team stayed at the Days Inn in Bath and people in 2 different rooms had many bed bug bites. We are waiting to hear back from the hotel about this.

On July 4th, at about 11:30pm while I was getting comfortable and almost asleep, I kept feeling like something was crawling on my arm, which was under the pillow. When I finally looked, to my horrific surprise there they were. At first discovery there were approximately 8 to 10.. as a few minutes passed could only see 3 that i took pics of. Immediately contacted the front desk and started packing up our belongs. Two women came up to the room from the hotel and they saw them as well, ask us if we

wanted another room or a refund. We got our money and got out of there. Question now is did we bring any of those nasty bed bugs home with us. Still feeling creepy!

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