Hampton Inn and Suites Albany Downtown
25 Chapel St
Albany, NY 12210-2733

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Ok I stayed on March 2011, and did not realize I had been bitten until I was bitten twice on my hand. But I also habf been bitten on the forehead. I turned on the light and it was one on my pillow. I called to the desk (at 4:00 a.m.) And was told that I had to wait for two hours before anyone could assist me. The desk clerk was not apologitic nor was he concerned. I called a colleague, who bagged up in a clear bag. I had a meeting at 7:00 am and was not able to get any rest. The operationa

l manager came at 6 am to move me. When I returned late that evening the manager state to me that they had strip the room and did not find anymore. Said it was a loner. In the new room he and another manager checked that room, but I still could not sleep. Theydid give me a gift card, but still called corporate. They sent me a one night stay at another hampton enjoin. NOW WHAT MAKES THEM THINK I WOOL EVERY STAY THERE AGAIN!

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I stayed at this hotel every week for the last two years and i have never had any problems with any bed bugs. The people who say there where bed bug most likely brought them in with them, check where you stayed before you came to this hotel. the Hampton Inn & Suites is the cleaniness hotel I every been in.

Stayed 09/18 - 09/24. Absolutely no problems at all. Hotel was pretty full (inluding several of my co-workers) and I heard no complaints.

Stayed there on business 8/31/10 to 9/2/10. Stayed in room 712. Didn't notice anything the first two nights when I retired early, but went out the third night and didn't get back to room until around 11:00. Got changed, brushed my teeth, and noticed something on the wall next to my bed. Bedbug! Pulled down the covers and found two more, also three more on the other bed. I collected a total of 12 or so. Fortunately I had not put any bags on the beds. I dragged everything I owned into the bathroom

for inspection. Was checking out the next day after a morning meeting and was too creeped out to sleep in another bed in the place, so I curled up on the tiled bathroom floor with the light on and tried to catch a few hours sleep. Presented the bugs at checkout - got a call on the way home from the manager, who left an apologetic message on my voice mail. Called back but did not get him.

Ended up with two bites, which I at first attributed to mosquitoes, but which seemed to fit the pattern of bedbug bites. Ugh!

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I was there from 08/15/10-08/26/10. I was in room 806. The first few nights I woke up with a few bites and then notice little trials of blood on the sheets and pillows. On Monday 8/23/10, I woke up to 3 crawling on me, I caught them. i looked for more and ending finding 3 more. The hotel took all my clothes to be washed. Bought me 2 new suitcases and changed rooms.

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