Hampton Inn Albany
10 Ulenski Dr
Albany, NY 12205-1104

Found 2 reports:

A co-worker and I were staying at this hotel for a work conference. Thankfully I was up late doing charting when I saw two bed bugs in my bed and inside of the pillow case!! I woke my co-worker up and there were bed bugs in her bed too! So the guy at the front desk at the Hampton got us a room at the days inn and told the girl they ran out of rooms! He also said they've never had any issues with bed bugs in th past which I find hard to believe

Stay here on November 1/11. Woke up with a itchy back, thought I was allergic to the sheets/detergent. Didn't figure out until I got home and looked in the mirror that I had numerous big red bites on my back - about 10. My wife always bags our luggage in a garbage bag until she can inspect it, so happily I had done this. We tossed the luggage!Sent an email to the Inn warning them - never heard back. I didn't bring them home. From now on luggage stays in bathtub.

No nearby bug reports