Desmond Hotel
660 Albany Shaker Rd
Albany, NY
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i'll be sure to tell everybody i know not to stay in this hotel, thanks in part to Joanne and her obvious lying out of her ass; to say that a hotel, even if it were $2000 a night in the richest area in the world, has NEVER had bed bugs is a total and complete LIE

My Question to Joanne DiMarco is; how can you say you never had a positive case of bed bugs if you never contacted the customer who complained about the bugs to discuss the situation? I guess by ignoring the situation and not addressing the complaints, makes your comment about never having a positive case, true. Had I been contacted by your GM or you after you received the comment card, I would have had a more positive response regarding this situation and not one that was so negative about the

Desmond Hotel. I've stayed at the Desmond many times, and last February will most likely be the last time.

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On February 1st & 2nd, 2010 I stayed at the Desmond Hotel for a New York State Association of Realtors convention. The first night of my stay, I woke up in the morning with bug bites all over my lower legs. I scratched so hard that I actually was bleeding. I showered and went down to the desk to let the desk clerk know I had bed bugs during the night. His first response was to me, then why didn't you contact us earlier if there was a problem. I told him because I did not realize it until I wo

rk up this morning. He did apoligized and had change my room. I had this feeling he did not believe me regarding the bugs. I was very upset as I was grossed out by this "bug" situation and found the desk clerk not really caring or concerned about the bugs. I was late for one of my meetings as I had to switch to another room. When I came home, I filled out one of the comment cards from the Desmond Hotel. I wrote what had happened and how I was inconvenieced and grossed out by the bugs. To this date, 9 months later, I have yet to hear from any one at the Desmond regarding this situation. They did not comp my room or give a discount or give my any type of "I'm very sorry", etc. I'm not even sure the desk clerk reported the incident. Unfortunately, the NY State Association of Realtors meet there at least once a year and spend a lot of money at the Desmond. I've requested the NYSAR find a cleaner, better hotel for our business meetings in the future; especially considerting the cost of the rooms! Unfortunately we have to go there in February 2011 as everything is already arranged. I will most likely stay at a hotel close to the Desmond where the meetings take place. Hopefully the NY State Associate of Realtors will be able to conduct our meetings in another hotel with actually superb customer service and bug free rooms in 2012. I have stayed in many hotels across the country and this has never happened to me. I have a very poor opinion about the Desmond and will not recommend the hotel to anyone. I made sure I spread the word to everyone I knew about the lack of consern the Desmond gave and the bug situation I experienced.

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My name is Joanne DiMarco. I am the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at The Desmond Hotel. We take cleanliness and preventative maintenance very seriously. Our entire property is inspected thoroughly and routinely for bed bugs as well as other common pests. Our General Manager has been at this hotel for 3 years and we have never had a positive case of bed bugs in that time.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this important issue.

Nice hotel, but we woke up covered in what we found out were BED BUG bites!!! I don't want to blame the hotel too much because I know there's only so much they can do about it aside from covering the mattress in plastic. However, I for what I paid for a stay there, there should be NO bed bugs!

We stayed there about a month ago.

We checked in and thought everything was OK.

There was a small desk in the room and I stayed up working while my wife slept.

At about 1:30 am I finshed my work and went to bed.

During the night I felt my feet itch and thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.

At about 4:00 my wife woke me up and she was itching like crazy, I looked at the back of her right leg and she had what we thought at first were hives or welts. I then looked at my leg

s and noticed the same thing on my left foot. I was sleeping on the right and her on the left.

Once we figured out they were bites we jumped away from the bed and at 4:00AM we were really in need of sleep.

We called the front desk and thay said no one could help us until 6:00am. If we wanted to move to another room thay would do so.

We were so upset we didn't even want to be in the hotel. We left the place early and headed into Albany for our meeting.

We stayed on the 2nd floor with a view of the parking lot. Don't remember the room number nor do I want to.

I will say that the front desk manager when we checked was nice and did not charge us for the room. First time we EVER had bedbugs in all our travels. Pretty GROSS if you ask me. REAL GROSS

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