Bw Sovereign Hotel Albany
1228 Western Ave
Albany, NY

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 343 for a conference for work on Thursday night. At the meeting in the hotel the next morning my elbow began itching. On the ride home my ribs began itching as well. That evening when I got home I took off my shirt and saw I had bites on my left elbow, left bicep and several bites on my right ribs and wrist. Reported to hotel management on Monday by voicemail. Waiting or should I say itching for a call back.

On Oct. 3 2011 my wife and i stayed at the Sovereign. I had requested a differnet room becasue of noise and was placed in a differnt room upon waking in the morning my back was covered with bedbug bites, and i found 3 in the bed. My wife had stayed in the original room assigned fortuntely and wasn't bitten. I reported this to management, and took their maintenence man to the room where I showed him the bugs found. Management was very resposnive and conerned, and they credited the room back to th

e points we were using for best western. Its unfortunate that I had probelm sleeping in the orginal room and encountered the bugs. The bites were identical to the bites on your web site showing what the bites look like. This message was delayed because of the extensive travel up until this week.

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