Silver Legacy Resort Casino
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I stayed at the Silver Legacy on 10/2/15 in room 2068.
My son and I were bitten by some kind of bug. I woke up at 3:00 am and went to the front desk to complain. I was told they could not move me until later that day. My son was bitten so bad that he had to have a shot. The hotel denied that there was any bugs in their rooms and that we must have been bitten somewhere else.

My husband was in room 1968 when he stayed in the silver legacy on feb 17. The first night was okay, the 2nd night he stayed, he woke up with dime sized raised red bumps all over his torso, which are definitely bed bug bites. He filed a report with security and security gave him the number to operations. He called and filed a report and moved him to a different room, a few doors away. He got a call from operations, Tracy Harris, and apparently pest control did an "investigation" in room 1968 an

d turns out that it isn't bed bugs and that he has an allergic reaction instead. My husband has tried calling her a few times and she has not called back. We are really disappointed with the lack of customer service this hotel has about this issue and apparently it IS an issue that they refuse to take care of. this hotel is disgusting and dirty and the people who work here are rude. Go pay the extra money to stay at the peppermill, they don't have bed bugs and it is a much nicer hotel.

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I stayed in room 1874 and my son in room 714. After the first night we notice red itchy bumps on our bodies. After reading these reports-i am certain they are bed bug bites. We did not file any reports with the hotel and they seem to be going away. I just hope I didnt bring them home with us!

My husband found a bug and got a bite on his shoulder. When he contacted the front desk they didn't seem surprised and moved us to another room. They didn't seem concerned at all about the bugs. I'm very disappointed and disgusted.

We got a room on Friday 1/20/2013. Within 1 hour of getting a room, my friends decided to lie down in the bed. As one of my friends asked me to trow them a pillow, I noticed something fall from the pillow. Upon looking closely, I noticed it was a bed bug. I am 100% sure it was a bed bug. I have seen plenty of pictures and videos, so we took a picture and called the front desk. The front's desk quickly changed our room, and then we never heard back from them. As the hours passed by, we decided to

talk to security, and they had us fill out an incident report. Today is Monday and Silver Legacy has not followed up.

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I checked into room 3001 on 12/25/13.
There were 2 doors leading into this magnificent suite. When i sat down and opened my mac 15 minutes later i saw something on the keyboard. I quickly got a tissue and caught it. I called housekepping and i asked them to move me to a different room. They said, " We only have king beds available sir, if you would like to change rooms we will downgrade your room. I said, ' I don't care. They brought me into room 3303 close to my original room. This room had a

smaller bathroom and window but i enjoyed it because they had upgraded me to a suite on the next day.

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I stayed at the Silver Legacy on June 19 thru the 22nd. I saw 2 bugs in the bathroom (which later I discovered were bedbugs). I have red bumps from my neck down to my ankles. The customer affairs person (TH) never returned my call. I finally was directed to talk to security to make a report. I did. Security informed me that the best hotels have bedbugs. I told them that when I googled bedbugs at the silver legacy that several reports came up. The security person said "it probably will say that f

or every hotel, because you take a chance when you stay at a hotel of getting bit by bedbugs. I informed the security person that it didn't say that when I typed in Eldorado. I felt like the Silver Legacy knows that they have bedbugs and don't care. Why would they, there rooms were all booked. Someone is in my bedbug infested room right now getting eaten alive. I know cause I called.

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I was at Silver Legacy for two nights while attending continuing education classes. I was in room 1721. I awoke in the night with itchy bites on my arms, abdomen and neck. The bites continued the second night I was bitten on my arms, abdomen and back. It was very alarming and now I am concerned about whether any of them or their eggs came home with me. I still haven't brought my suitcase in the house.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Silver Legacy from March 15-24, 2013 in room 2569. After the first night we were itchy and I noticed red bumps on his back and arms. I had red bumps on my back and legs. I thought it was just dry skin from the change in environment (we're from Hawaii} and when it got worse I thought we were allergic to the soap they used on the sheets. It wsn't till we got home that someone mentioned bed bugs and we went to a Dr. I filed an incident report with the hotel and ca

lled the guest relations lady. I'm waiting to see what they do about this.....

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18th Floor, May 2012.

Stayed for 2 nights. The day we left, I woke up with 16-20 bites across my arms and on the side of my face/back of my neck. My sister had a slow reaction. 20 bites appeared on her arms, two days later.

I am NOT HAPPY with Silver Legacy's handle of this situation. They took pictures of bites on my body in an open public area. They told me they would call me in 3 days after an inspection. They didn't. I called them two weeks later. The staff wasn't sure if th

ey could cover costs of prevention/inspection of my house. Then I received a letter stating that I, the customer, believes there were bedbugs in the room and they did find bedbugs. Here's my biggest anger - the words they used in that letter seemed to finger point that it's not them, it could've been me who brought the bedbugs in. I am deeply insulted.

Anyways, when I got home, I treated all my clothes in heat. Now, it's been half a year and it seems like I am safe. I don't have any other bites.

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Update - Hotel stay + 2 days, I have left lugguage in trunk with plastic bugs till I am ready for thoroughall cleaning & disinffecting (dryer for 5-10 minutes on high heat) Me and my wife have bite marks on legs and arms ichy ichy and icky...

Room 1440 May 12 - at airport and found bed bugs on carry on luggage confirmed was bed bugs. Have not filled report as we have left hotel.

Important! Date of previous my report should be entered as 1/07, not 1/30. Thanks!

Room 1479. Bitten at 2:00 am and captured the culprit. Hotel changed room
graciously, and next day were very helpful with my allergic reaction. Convinced us that they were taking appropriate action immediately. Hope they can solve this, as it is a lovely hotel!

Upon arriving in my room after dinner and Black Jack I sat down at the desk and noticed something moving on it.

Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a bug. I crushed it and proceeded to look up pictures of Bed Bugs as I had a bad feeling that's what I was looking at. Sure enough - that's what it was. I called the front desk and they moved me to another room for the night.

In the morning, I did more research and determined that calling security and filing a report was the correct m

ethod of documenting the issue. I also brought the dead bug with me to the new room as evidence.

Security came and I filled out a report. Very polite and friendly. I mentioned that no one had offered to comp my room or provide any other compensation for the issue and he said he would inquire about it with his boss.

I took a photo of the report with a daily log number and all names and signatures for reference.

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Came in October 22, 2011 for a bachelor party - group of 9. I was on the 17 floor - the next day came home with itching - the next couple of day bumps and welts and more itching. I went to my Dr. and he game me Rx cream steroid shot and recommended another over the counter med to take for the allergic reaction. I have since washed everything in very hot water, put covers on my mattress to protect against bed bugs and mites just in case. Totally grossed me out and the itching is terrible the crea

m helps. I will never stay at the Silver Legacy again - that is it.

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My friends and I stayed at the Silver legacy in reno for a bachlorette party on September 10, 2011. The next morning we woke up and found a bug crawling on our bed, so we killed it. Then found a blood spot on the comforter as well. When we told the front counter, they dismissed it at first offering a $25.00 refund off a $150 room. We then went to breakfast and thought more about having a bug let alone two on the 17th floor, and were more and more grossed out. We went back to the front counter an

d complained again. They inspected the room with us in the room, and picked many bugs off the mattress as they were crawling around in front of us. So disgusting! They did comp our rooms and offer to pay for a cleaning bill but I am still thouroughly disgusted that this even happened in a hotel where we were paying so much per night. I also found the woman who deals with the insurance very rude and condesending. She treated me as if it was my fault and that I was putting her out.(She treated me like I shouldn't have thrown out my luggage and purse which had been on the bed all night and in the am) but i disagree. I will not chance these nasty things to get into my home! I hope that this doesnt happen to anybody else! We were in room 1764/1763

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On Oct. 5 I awoke itching and changed my neck position to awake again with various bites on my shoulder and could not see any bugs on pillow or under bedding. I then changed to the other side of the bed. In the morning, I had 12 large red swollen, very burning/itching bites. I called the staff to change the beds, pillows, all bedding and mattresses, which they did. I showed all of them my bites. The next night, upon advice of my group, I showed my bites to security at which time he photogra

phed them. Upon checkout the front desk said they would investigate the claim. On Oct. 23 I got aletter from Silver Legacy stating that skin irritations are not a good enough reason to eliminate the charge of my stay with them. This was room 2105.

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We were in room on 22nd floor and awoke April 20,2010 to find two bedbugs in our bed. We noticed blood spots on the sheets. We had checked into the room April 18th so we were in the bed for two nights before noticing. We notified the front desk (appropriate official to notify is Security) and were immediately moved to the 10th floor with no more problems.Spent two hrs filing out incident reports with Security. Bites weren't evident until 10 days after. Luckily no itching problem. I washed eve

rything the minute we got home. The clothing we thought could have been infected was put in plastic bags and frozen for two weeks. We left suitcases outside for a week and then vacuumed them. It has been 4 weeks since we got home and so far so good! Mgmt gave us two nights free and have comped us for two more nights in the future. We have stayed here many times before and this was our first problem.

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Stayed in Room 1445 on Jan 1-3, 2010. My son and I each received one bed-bug bite. I didn't realize it until after we got home. Itchy as hell, and gross thinking about it.

Checked into room 2239 on Friday December 5th, 2009. At 3am I was awakened by something and turned on the light and there were many bed bugs in the bed that were engorged with my blood so they were moving slowly. We were moved to another room 2258, where I found one smashed bug the next morning on the sheets. My bites were many and they got very inflamed and infected. I had to go to the Dr. and get medicine. It was horrifying and miserable.

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