Sands Regency Hotel and Casino
345 N Arlington Ave
Reno, NV

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if you are bitten by bed bugs at the Sands or any Reno area hotel, it is very important to call, Washoe County Health: Hotel related - (775) 328-2434.
It is the best way to get you situation resolved.

Stayed one night. As a pilot friend taught me to ALWAYS check for bed bugs no matter what level hotel I did so here. Unfortunately I missed seeing the signs and woke up in the morning with bite tracks in a row. At least my bag was put directly on the dresser and never touched the floor. Upon returning home, all of our clothes went into a hot water wash, and our bags are still in plastic bags out in the garage. We escaped our home being infested this time...Take bed bug infestations seriously as

it costs over $1,000 to rid them from your home.

Stay far away from the Sands Regency! There is far more wrong with this place than just bed bugs. It is a dirty hotel.

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Horrible!! Bed bug infested and WE were treated very poorly. They will NOT refund your money. We have contacted the Health Dept to report them. Expedia is taking them off their website. I have never seen anything like this. It's dirty and gross!

November 2014 stayed in room 503 last night I stayed noticed a bite on my arm when I arrived home I would get a new bite every night as when I came home I set my luggage down on the bed(wonderful) about a week after arriving home. My pet that I had taken with me started losing tufts of hair and found out that she had contracted mange also causing me to itch/ looking finding that it was a scabie we infestation and now I'm having to treat my entire home and animals

Jan 16th 2013 (room 534)
i used to joke with my friends about this place, for example they invited me to stay at the sands for santa pub crawl and i would say "no thanks, no bedbugs for me" i knew of the reputation of the sands.
regardless, my girlfriend talked me into staying there and slumming it on a friday night.
bottom line i woke up at 2:30am to take a piss and felt something crawling on my neck, i pinched it between my fingers, carried it to the bathroom and sure as shit, BEDBUG! it

was huge, (a little smaller than the size of a bb gun bb.) i thought these things were supposed to be microscopic. i got her up, and we sat in misery waiting for the dawn. i left a note in both english and spanish, for the housekeeping asking them to report it to a supervisor. once dawn hit we strolled down to the little nugget for pancakes to complete our downtown experience.

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Room 608 September 3rd and 4th. I did a bug search when I first arrived, not finding any signs of bugs but noting the brand new mattress and box spring.

The first morning after my stay I found one distinctively bed-buggy type welt on my leg. I was extremely tired from my desert adventure to take issue with the hotel. After the second night my inner thighs had about four new bites. Since leaving there they have ballooned into big huge itchy welts, and now appear to be many dozens of small bi

tes in four areas. I can only pray that I haven't brought them home with me. I informed the hotel by note when I checked out.

Too bad, I like the hotel, the price was great!

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I had stayed at the Sands in August 2009 and ended up with enough bites to visit the hospital ER. I had to have introvenus antibiotic treatments for several days. I can only say stay away from this place. Management and staff were impossible to deal with. I also had to deal with security. I was taken to a small room in the back of the casino to give a written statement. Great customer relations. To cut it short I left the hotel without even a kind word of regret or sorry.

Just stayed here 31st March 2012 for one night, came home and noticed welts/bites all over my arms and neck. Did some googling and pretty much figured out it was bed bugs, went to the doc to make sure and he confirmed. Didn't report it to the casino but instead went to the Washoe County Health District, they said they would send an inspector. I did notice spots of blood on the sheet and pillow in the morning but thought I'd scratched myself as I was unaware of the habits and signs of bed bugs

. I'm really irritated. I am now back at home, I have cleaned my bed etc top to tail, my suitcase is outside and now I am nervously going to bed in the hopes that I don't wake up with spots of blood on the sheet/pillow again, which would confirm that I have bought them back with me. I would not recommend staying here.

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I have stayed at the Sands many of times and never had a problem, until today. 12/30/11 As I was on my computer sitting at the make-up mirror area near the door I saw something crawl out of the curtain fold. I thought it was a brown spider and shrugged it off. It then came a little closer and I noticed that it had a flat body. I immediately looked up bed bugs and there it was a picture of what was in front of me. I called the front desk, put me on hold forever then said they would call me ba

ck. They called back and told me to come to the front desk and they would change my room and send security up to look. I told them to send security up and I would show them exactly where it was hiding. Security can up and was very nice about the situation, he said sorry. He had a very hard time trying to get the bug into the glass from the bathroom. When I went down to the front office they told me they have to investigate the room and then see if I will get my money back and then gave me a $20 comp... Oh wow! They have proof, I better get my money back! Now that I'm in a new room I can't relax, got the shakes and paranoid I'll find more. Ugh!

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I've stayed here various times over the past couple of years. My longest stay was one week. My last stay was about 3 weeks ago. I have never stopped one single bed bug in any of the 3 different towers and I'm very familiar with the entire bldg. I don't work here. I'm just a person that frequently stays here because it's very inexpensive if you use .
Just wanted to share my experience that I have happily never seen any here and I know what they look like from a hotel I stayed at in a

nother city.

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12-11-10, found a bed bug crawling on my bed at the Sands. Wasn't sure it really was a bed bug at first because I didn't know what they looked like. But then I went home and looked them up on the Web and it was definitely a bed bug. Didn't inform the casino about it. Probably not going back there again.

I stayed there from 3/12/10 to 3/14/10. I woke up with bed bugs all over the bed and myself. I was so digusted that I immediately called the front desk. They sent a house keeper to the room and she was just going to change the sheets. I insisted that I be moved to another room and she called the house keeper manager. Then two security guards came to the room and collected the bugs. While the security guards were in the room I called the front desk mamager for another room and told them tha

t I should not be required to pay for my stay and they refused. When I told the person on the phone that I will contact the helth department, the guard turned to me and said in a threatning tone that they will need to take me in to interview and make a infomal statement if I decide to contact the health department. I asked them if there are other complaints of bed bugs and they said no. They said this was the first case and most likely the previous person who stayed in the room brought the bugs in. I read on a yelp review that on around 2/26/10 another guest found bed bugs at Sands Regency so the hotel staff bascially flat out lied.

They knew they have a bed bug problem but instead of dealing with the issue they decided to lie to the customers.

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I just stayed at this hotel, Sands Regency in Reno, NV, for the weekend of 03/13/10. I woke up in the middle of the night to something crawling on me. To my surprise it was a bed bug. I turned the light on to find several of them crawling on the bed. Needless to say I reported it to the front desk and decided to leave instead of getting another room. I am just hoping that I cleaned everything well enough that they will not show up in my home.

We changed rooms here not once but TWICE. Ok, so the first room change was not for bed bugs but for a sopping wet floor (from a window being left open during storms the week before) and the smell of mildew/mold, but just when we got comfortable in the second room, we found bedbugs. We weren't even looking for them. We had stripped the bedspreads off the beds because we heard those don't get washed, and were lounging in the white sheets when I looked over to the other bed (we had a room with two

queen beds) and noticed a reddish-brown speck moving ever so slightly. I stared at it for a long time because I really did not want to believe that it could be a bed bug (and was too tired to, after a day of skiing in Tahoe), but there it was. We caught it in a glass from the bathroom, and then my husband looked at the bed we were lounging on, and crawling from the flipside of the pillow to the front, where we had been just minutes before, was another bedbug! We called the front desk and asked for a manager, who came on the line and laughed it off, explaining that it just happens. They sent two housekeeping staffers to see the bedbugs for themselves and while they were there, they found another one; the headboard was made of fabric with a wooden frame and that bedbug was wedged where the fabric met the wood. We were moved to a third room, but of course got no sleep because everytime we felt an itch, we'd jump up and turn on the light. I have very little confidence that the management of this place takes these issues seriously. It was the most unhospitable hotel I've ever stayed in, and I say this after having stayed in 50+ hotels in 18 countries, from the backpacker hostels to luxury resorts. Honestly, I understand that bedbugs hide well so housekeeping can't always find them, so I hold the management accountable for not understanding the gravity or urgency of the situation, or caring about the public health nuisance that people are having to deal with while VACATIONING at their hotel. I wanted to forget that place, so all I remember was that our room was in the tower closest to the registration area, on the 7th floor.

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