Residence Inn by Marriott Reno
9845 Gateway Dr
Reno, NV

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On April 6,2015, I checked into this hotel, room 206, the next morning I felt itchy in my left shoulder area. I did not realize that I was bitten by bed bugs, only thought it was caused by fleas. I saw two big dogs in the breakfast area.
After a day or two, around 25 to 30 bit marks showed up on my left shoulder, left upper back and left upper chest. I did not tell the hotel manager before I checked out since I did not realize that this was caused by bed bugs and I only stayed in that hotel fo

r one night. Later, on 26 of April, my wife told me that you should tell the hotel and let them do something about this. I am Marriott Platinum member and stayed in Marriott for 11 month in Jacksonville in 2014, never had this issue before. You can imaging what happened when I called the hotel about this. They first said why you did not tell us right away. Then they let their claim department to contact me. They gave all kinds of reason and They deny it. They said NO and refused to show me the so called "third party inspection report". I did not regret not telling them earlier because I had some co-worker that had this issue before with Residence Inn and even caught bed bugs and put into plastic bag,showed them to the hotel manager, but they deny it and blame the guest, saying that was caused by the guest who left the window or door open, the truth was no one left the window open. Anyway,if you are Marriott member, never stay in Residence Inn. This reminds me of the TV ads of Residence Inn, it showed an elephant picking banana and taking shower in the room...and some other animals,...

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