Peppermill Resort Hotel Casino
2707 S Virginia St
Reno, NV

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We stayed in the Tuscany Tower in a suite with 2 beds. We were to stay 3 nights but only stayed 2. After the first night, my 12 yo daughter noticed itchy red bites on her arm, but didn’t say anything. After the second night, she woke up with them on her face and more on her arm. Immediately I inspected the bed and found a large adult bed bug. I called the manager and security came to make a report. They offered to change rooms but we chose to leave and get out of that hotel! We’ve stayed se

veral times in the past with no incidents, but this made us choose not never return! BEWARE! We did make a report with the health department. Also, someone from the hotel contacted me and stated they had the room inspected and had found it to be infested. Luckily no one else was bitten.

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July 12 2015 stayed in a very poorly furnished suite that set us back several hundred. It was for my daughters first birthday. Left there with an infested suit case unknowingly. Pillows had a sweet mildewy scent (common for bed bugs, we didn't know that at that time) and now our entire bedroom at home is infested. Exterminator we had clean it said he has personally had to do bed bug removal at the pepper mill. We've stayed there several times and it was always pleasant but the horrors in our m

attress means we will never stay again.

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Stayed in West Wing Room 2090 for one night. I checked the bed and it was bagged. I am very sensitive to bed bug bites so I always check. I'm happy to report that there were no bed bugs here.

After a single night at the Peppermill, I woke up covered with bed bug bites. I was in the Tuscany Tower, July 9, 2012.

Any hotel can end up with bed bugs, but the worst part was that instead of owning the problem, they blamed me! I hadn't traveled or been in any other hotel in months. They had "security" call me and they said they had an exterminator check and the room was negative for bed bugs. Disappointing because it means that they are still there!

I had set my two bags on the c

arpet. Big mistake as those little buggers came home with me, in both bags. Fortunately, since I was on the lookout I was able to spot them in my luggage and take action immediately upon return from the trip. (Freezer in sealed plastic bags and hot water laundry, look it up on the internet. Multiple week long freeze and thaw cycles at zero degrees F, which no living thing can survive.)

Too bad as the Peppermill was not only my favorite Reno hotel, but my favorite hotel nationwide. I had stayed a half dozen times before. Five great restaurants, but they will not have my business any more.

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After reading the previous reports on the Peppermill, I called them and found out they made a complete renovation in 2011. My family stayed there in July 2012 on the 8th floor (4 different rooms). We had no problems with bed bugs. Very nice rooms, great stay.

We stayed at the Peppermill on January 14th and 15th in room 81027 (that is on the tenth floor in the new tuscan towers). I started itching on the 15th and upon returning home, I had bed bug bites on my lower right side.

Tower room 1014 had bed bugs in mid Dec 2010. I looked in the bed board and there was one adult the size of a grain or rice and he looked at me, as if I was dinner.

From all accounts, avoid the 10th floor. I asked for a different room and floor and they were quite gracious, but incredulous that there were bed bugs in their hotel. Check the sheets, mattresses, head board and around the bed and nightstand for bed bugs or evidence of bedbugs. Turn on the lights so you can see and a small flashl

ight helps to see in crevices where they can hide.

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