Courtyard Reno
6855 S Virginia St
Reno, NV

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I obtained bed bugs at this hotel in may/June of 2010. They traveled home with me in a suitcase and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

I was staying at the Reno Courtyard by Marriott in June 2010 during the time the reporting guest stayed in the hotel with his family. I stay weekly for business, and have always been very well taken care of and comfortable there. It is an older hotel and does have its own issues, but the staff always makes me feel like I'm staying at my 'other home'.
I had overheard the guest and staff discussing his issues. They were also discussing an extra cleaning due to the fact that the family had tra

sh and food all over the 2 rooms they occupied.
Reno is in high desert climate and ticks don't even live there. Bed bugs are only brought into the area from carriers who have had them before coming there.
A friend had told me about this website and I was appalled to see such a comment about a property that I am so familiar with and I felt compelled to respond.

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June 15-19 2010
Stayed in room 400(first 2 days)and 402(next 2 days) with my wife and two babies. Don't know which room is the culprit, or both.
On the 2nd day, wife complained of bites on her hand, neck, and torso. I dismissed this as an allergic reaction or mosquitoes. I knew nothing about bedbugs or the epidemic we are facing. When we got home four days later and did hours of online research it became quite apparent my family(including our three month old infant) had been bitten numerous ti

mes. I failed to contact the manager during the stay because I couldn't believe a hotel of this caliber (and price) could possibly allow bedbugs!
Now we have to clean everything at home and throw away numerous items - luggage, clothes, toys, etc. and hope the infestation hasn't spread throughout our home. I left a message for the manager to call, yet have not heard of any positive help from management from other bug victims in similar situations. There is no legal recourse for us because I'm sure they would say I can't prove it occurred at their property, yet we are 100% sure it did. We put our faith and trust into a highly rated hotel which makes it even more troubling. I'm now afraid to stay at any hotel. I'm pissed!

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