Circus Circus Reno
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Reno, NV

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Checked into our room #2554 for our Anniversary on 9/14/15. Thursday morning 9/17/15 I was making up the bed and there was a bed bug on the pillow I had been sleeping on! I killed it and my husband called the front desk, they sent security to the room to take a picture but instead he put it in his pocket. My husband filed a report and we shook out our clothing a couple of times and didn't find any others. We immediately checked out a day early and headed towards home. The lady at the front

desk acted like it was NO big deal and her solution was why not switch rooms. My husband said if you have one you have many others!!! I was traumatized by the fact 1. I have never encountered a bed bug ever and have stayed in plenty of hotels over the years 2. They did not care! We were 8 hours for home and ended up driving as far away from Reno as we could, slept on the side of the road for a few hours freezing cold but there was no way I was staying in another hotel after that. Nice compensation from Circus Circus for the incident NOT, they could care less! From talking with others I will always tear a room up from now on checking for bugs!!!

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My husband and I stayed in room 1883 2/14/14 - 2/17/14. I checked the pillows, blankets, mattress and boxspring thoroughly and found no signs of bedbugs. We received no bites.

Room seemed clean and pleasant to us.

Just stayed there last weekend I had no problems.
Stay there once a month and never had a problem

Circus Circus...9-21-2012 My family and I (three adults two kids)stayed here in room 1543 and we had a really bad experience we were bitten by bedbugs, my wife and I and also my youngest son are the ones that got bit really bad we had to go to the doctors. I am very dissapointed, I don't recommend this place thats all i have to say..

We were here at Circus Circus for my cousins Wedding (9/15/12). ROOM# 1544 the three people that slept on the bed woke up to bites on the back, neck and legs. We confronted the desk about this in the morning, and they could care less, didn't offer anything, and pretty much blew us off. Definitely something i wasn't expecting to have to research on before getting a hotel .... lesson learned. should have went to the peppermill

ON August 11, 2012 we found two bugs in the sheets and I took picture with my camera phone and headhouse keeper came up and took the bug
I was moved and had my daughter room checked due to we had joining rooms the whole process took over 2hours plus.. I am still waiting for full report on what kind of bug it was. what ever it was it was not nice to find it..

August 9 2012 Stayed the night and woke up about 4am itching on my legs any back. I got up took a shower checked on tis registry to find there were complaints, then tore the bed apart looking for proof to take to the manager. I was unable to find a hint of bed bugs, unless they are in the carpet or its fleas I don't know what bit me.

waste of time... none of the reports are investigated

stayed there last week and had 30-40 bites on legs in the morning. horrible itchy. management no help

stayed there last week and had 30-40 bites on legs in the morning. horrible itchy. management no help

stayed there last week and had 30-40 bites on legs in the morning. horrible itchy. management no help

stayed there last week and had 30-40 bites on legs in the morning. horrible itchy. management no help

stayed there last week and had 30-40 bites on legs in the morning. horrible itchy. management no helo

Circus circus Reno 8/26-27 2011 room 2583 couldn't sleep both nights. Searched for bugs, couldn't find any visible. When in bed, it felt like I was getting bitten like crazy. I showered again around 2:30 am.. Wound up sleeping in my clothes and putting bath towels on the bed. I still feel itchy. I did notice quite few people that had brought their own sheets, blankets and pillows. Now I know why. Since I didn't see any bugs, I wonder if my skin itch is due to harsher chemicals during washing o

f laundry at the hotel. Will not stay at circus circus again. I feel miserable.

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I will share just the facts. We were staying on the 16th floor and just before we checked out there was a bed bug crawling on the bed.I killed it and was disgusted to see all of the blood spill out. It had bitten one of us, but we just didn't know whom. We called the front desk and they sent in security to take pictures. We asked if this was a frequent thing, and they said no. Our room was then locked and to get in we needed to call security to unlock the it so we could get our st

uff and check out. I have mixed feelings about this event because we had a great time, the room was cheap, and I don't really want to ruin it by thinking of one bed bug we found. We did get our breakfast paid for because of this incident, though my friends argued we should have gotten the room for free. If you do see a bedbug, ask for plastic bags, and make sure you isolate all the baggage and clothing of the trip.

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On July 7th, bedbugs bite were found on one of us (21st floor). After examination of the bed, a bed bug was found in the pillow case of the concerned girl. They upgraded the two girls in a better room, and called the exterminators.

My cousin and her friends stay at this hotel for a weekend. She fell asleep and woke up itching and covered in red bumps. Only to find out a few days later that she brought the bed bugs home with her in her luggage. She had to throw out her bed, bed frame, and everything in her room. She contacted Circus circus and they didnt even care. They sent her a check but not even enough to buy a bed coverings. CIRCUS CIRCUS HAS BED BUGS!!! I WILL NEVER STAY THERE!

Have stayed here about 6 times a year for the last 5 years, and have NEVER had any problems with bed bugs. We always go with large groups and we have multiple rooms, no one has ever had bed bugs in their rooms. NONE.


Circus Circus . Room 1047. My husband's legs were literally covered in small bites in the morning. I had a dense pattern of small bites on the back of my neck, under my hair that morning too. They have bed bugs.

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