Eureka Casino Hotel
275 Mesa Blvd
Mesquite, NV

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My friend and I were traveling to Utah from Caifornia, he wanted to stop in Mesquite to gamble and have a drink and I really wanted to just drive through but I was like whatever. He has stayed at the Eureka a few times and never had a problem so I didn't think anything of it. I always check hotels because I'm extremely paranoid about bed bugs so I went to one of the beds and started doing my check and they had very deep mattress covers on the beds which I've never seen at a hotel before, usually

they're very easy to get up. This cover also had some stains on it like they had tried to get blood out but it didn't work which was a red flag already! Then as I was trying to get it up a bed bug came out from under the pillow or something and I immediately grabbed my stuff and got out of the room. The most disturbing part was not the bed bug I had found but how the staff reacted when we told them we had found one. They just looked at eachother like they knew and it was awkward. They ended up refunding the money but still don't stay there! When we finally made it to Utah I took extra precaution and had my luggage and clothes heat treated before I even brought them into my moms house. Even though we were in there for three minutes max, better safe than sorry!

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