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Feb. 2013 room 215. Woke up early. Black something on the next pillow. Went to brush it off and it moved. Captured the bed bug. 7 bites on my right arm.
After the Front Desk moving me, the only other contact was from Security, covering the hotels interest. No one else ever contacted me. It was like nobody really cared. Probably a common occurance and they have seen it too often.

My husband and I stayed in Room 105 on June 30th, 2012 and woke up to bed bugs. There were blood stains on sheet and pillow case that caused my husband to investigate further. He moved the pillow and found a group of bed bugs in the nymph stage and red from recent feeding. As we started to move the sheets around the larger bed bugs emerged. I found a bed bug nymph on my stomach and one on my husband's leg which prompted us to immediately get into a hot shower. The hotel staff confirmed the

bed bugs by visiting our room at 5:30 in the morning and viewing the bugs which were still crawling around on the bed. The staff apologized and did not charge us for the room. They brought us bags to put our stuff in, but we threw everything away. Although it cost us more than 300 dollars to replace the toiletries and clothes we threw away, this was better than bringing the bed bugs home. If you decide to stay here, please check the mattress, bed platform, headboard, wallpaper, and dresser for bugs. You do not want to have the experience of waking up at 4 in the morning to a bed full of bugs. This was the worst hotel experience I have ever had. I'm only sharing this information so that others can avoid this awful experience.

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This is one of the oldest and dirtiest motels I have ever stayed at. People told us not to stay there but we could find no other vacancy. We were there in late Jan. of 2012 and will never stay again. Reports of bed bugs might be rumors but what a breeding ground!

We check in 11/18/11 in the evening...dropped our luggage off in the room and went out for the evening....approxinately 7am I awoke for some wierd reason and looked under my pillow. There were beetle like bugs under my pillow. I jumped out of bed to see that there was more... all different sizes, clear ones, brown ones. I scooped them from my side of the bed into a cup to take to the front desk. There was atleast 18 to 20 in the cup. I was trying not wake my boyfriend, and have him roll over so

I could see if there were any on his side of the bed and sure enough, I went to grab the cup and it slipped and spilt on the floor. A couple remained inside and I continued to scoop up atleast 12 more bugs. We were freaking out. I had never seen this before. Just so happened the maid knocks on the door and asked if we need anything. I told her we had a problem and showed her my cup of bugs. The look on her face told me that this was the first she heard of such a think.
Went to the front desk, quietly put the cup on the counter and told the gal, "We have a problem." She called security, he took down my information. He came to our room, he could see the blood spots on the sheets. He knew we were for real.
They moved us to a different room. I stripped the bed...I was still so grossed out.
It wasn't until the next day when I took the key to the lobby that I asked what they were going to do for us. They refunded me for my first nights stay...and that was all.
Here today I am still freaked out, I have bites that are itchy, and now after reading other peoples stories have to be inredibly careful how I wash my belongings that I brought home from that hotel, because they spread like wildfire. Just takes one to contaminate my home.
Just great....won't be going there again - EVER!!!
I suggest no matter where you go, inspect the bed! Pull the sheets, move the mattresses. Be on alert!

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