Don Laughlin's Riverside
1650 S Casino Dr Ste 2
Laughlin, NV

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Laying in bed and saw a bed bug crawl across the sheet. Called front desk, was moved rooms. Security took a report. I was told by security this was the second call he had for this issue in one night. Front desk also stated they have a problem going on.

I found two bed bugs crawling on the sheet of my bed. The first one I swatted off. After finding the second I thought it would be a good idea to take a few pictures of it and then I put it in a plastic cup and wrote a note and placed it over the cup so the maid would find it. I then hesitated and threw the cup and note in a trash can outside of the room because I was afraid I would be retaliated against financially because I used my CC to pay for several rooms ( possible made up damage charges e

tc ) of other guests that were with me. I did this after doing a search on bed bugs at Don Laughlins Riverside right after it happened and I saw this site. I knew I was going to write this report and I want to remain anonymous for that reason. I also knew that we were all checking out that morning so telling them would not have made a difference. I believe that the Riverside is already well aware of there bed bug infestation. This site is also telling me that just about all of the nearby Hotel/Casino's have the same complaints. I am writing this complaint so the last complaint will be updated to the current time and hopefully the health department will become involved and force the local hotels in the area to take ongoing action.I have read about bed bugs because I do travel and stay in hotels on occasions so I do know what they look like but this is the first time I have encountered them. Its really creeping me out and for now on I am going to inspect my bed BEFORE I sleep on it.

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Stayed in the South Tower 26th floor in February and both my husband and I experienced bed bug bites. They lasted for 3 weeks. I must be allergic to them because mine were much more intense than my husband's. I reported the bed bugs on trip advisor and Don Laughlin's never responded. That hotel is so old . . . it needs a total renovation and maybe they can focus on getting rid of the bed bugs while installing new carpet, drapes, beds, everything. This was our first encounter with bed bugs an

d it was painful enough that we will be inspecting hotel rooms in the future.

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RE: my entry 11/3

I no longer think I have bed bug bites. There are way too many, too persistent and no evidence of having brought them home. The hotel acted very concerned when I called and said my rooms were in use since I had left and they had not had other reports (for what that's worth). Another family member that was not in the hotel developed similar symptoms. Seems more likely to be a reaction to a new sunscreen. Sorry for the probably false report.

Oct 22-24, Stayed in S tower, floor 21 two nights and and either floor 6 or 8 one night. Did a cursory mattress inspection on entering both rooms, didn't see evidence but got bitten a lot. I didn't react for days so not sure what room was infested, but I have about 50 bites.

The first night my family stayed was on September 13, 2012 on the 6th floor in room 660 to be exact. We woke up the next morning opened the curtains and found a large bed bug and a couple smaller ones right on top of the sheets. We wrote a complaint and moved rooms immediately.

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