Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino
2100 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV

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Checked into the Colorado Belle on Feb, 13, 2015. Went to bed about 10pm and woke up about an hour later. Both my lower legs looked like they had hives or something in large areas. I did not see any bugs but also did not look under everything to see. Husband went to get Benadryl for me. I called hotel front desk and they sent security and hotel night manager came up. I did not see any bites so my first thought was I was allergic to the soap they used to wash the sheets. One security guy did use

a flashlight on the bed but tried to do it non obviously. Manager suggested that I sleep on a blanket and use a second one to cover myself. This I did and had no further issues. Saturday morning I noticed what looked like little blister or bumps up and down my legs. I was pretty out of it and well Benadryl knocked me out for most of the day. Husband had to have Valentines dinner by himself as I was out for the count.
When I got home today my son said looks like bed bug bites mom. I did research and dog gone it, the pictures I found could have been my legs. Definitely bed bug bite. They have reported issues before on other sites and also other Laughlin hotels. Check things out folks.

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