Avi Resort and Casino
10000 Aha Macav Pkwy
Laughlin, NV 89029

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We stayed there 8/2 - 8/4. Noticed some type of bug bites the morning of the 3rd then more bites on the 4th. Found out later they were bed bugs! This was a our favorite summer vacation spot - but not after this. Called management, left a message about the bed bugs and my number for a return call, NO RESPONSE.

We were there July 22nd-July 26th. Both my wife and I got numerous bites on our legs mostly by our ankles. The bites are extremely itchy and are taking long to go away. We too thought it must be mosquito bites because bedbugs didn't cross our minds. I'm never going back to that place. Nothing good about it

The first week of July 2013 while at avi I had a good dozen bites. Thought they were mesquotes at first. These lasted for 2 weeks and friend saw them and researched it and they were bed bug bites. OMG I have stayed there hundreds of times for years and this was the first time. Talked to my host in person to make her aware of the problem and to have her tell upper management asp! Now I'm affraid to stay there anymore and its such a shame because its a beautiful place. Sure glad there are other pl

aces to stay and gamble close by.

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On June 28th & 29th I took the wife and kids to the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin NV, I left covered with bed bug bites. I called to let them know what happened and was treated like a criminal by security. I was not trying to get anything out of it because even had they given me a free room to make up for it, I would have declined. I will never stay there again because of bed bugs and the way I was treated after that. Those people are aware of the bed bug problem but will not do anythin

g about it. They just want your money, they don't care about their customers at all apperently. I'm disgusted by the way they acted when I told them about the issue. I hope someone sues the pants off them, because they are aware of this problem and have no intention of fixing it. Do yourself a favor and go across the river to the many choices on the other side.

Sincerely, pissed off and itchy in arizona.

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On Thursday, August 9, 2012, my friend and I checked-in to the hotel and, like we always do, we stripped our beds to make sure the sheets and bed were okay. We found two bugs, on on the fitted sheet and another on the mattress at the head of the bed. Wish we could attach photos to show what we found.

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