Treasure Island - Tangerine
3300 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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My boyfriend and I stayed on the 36 floor on 9/11/2015-9/14/2015 I'm so itchy from bed bugs it's terrible. I'm not going on vacation for a long time. Also I had to cancel all of my photoshoots for the next two weeks due to bed bug bites all over me. I have never had bed bugs before in my life I feel it's worse than chicken pox and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

stayed at treasure island on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Noticed bites on one arm upon waking on July 3rd and didn't think anything of it. Then upon waking up on July 3rd noticed bites/red marks on the other arm. We notified hotel management who came up to the room and used a UV light to look for bugs and didn't find any but gave us another room. The hotel also took pictures of my arms and the bits and I did file a QI report with the TI folks. I went out and purchased Benadryl and Cortisone cream b

ut it didn't help much. Upon leaving the very next morning, I was itching so bad that both my forearms were swollen. I followed up with Treasure Island and their QI department (two days later) and they stated 'their experts could find nothing'. I spoke with exterminators in a nearby city and just from what I described to them, they stated those bits are definitely from bed bugs. I physically did not see them in the bed, but I did see remnants in the shower at home. And tried to tell TI this when I followed up a few days later. I received no apology and would tell people who suspect they might bring the bugs home, to wash everything in your suitcase-even if not worn in the (hottest water possible and place in dryer), then take your suitcase and place in a plastic sealed bag-leave outside in the summer sun for a good month to destroy whatelse may still be in the suitcase.

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Stayed at Treasure Island January 2015. After the first night my son and daughter's leg and back covered with red bites.

Stayed at Treasure Island 28 - 29 /12/14. We caught bugs in our bed. Management very unhelpful. Offered no help with our concerns of them transferring to our luggage or clothing. We were due to check out any way, offered us another room until check out time. We just wanted out. We are still paranoid checking anything we see just in case.

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