Treasure Island
3300 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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stayed at Treasure Island 2nights 5/13/15..... on my second night I looked for BBs..... and to my shock saw like 3 bugs crawling on my bed! After calling the front dest a group of men came to my room to inspect and check. they moved us up to a mini suite but they wouldnt say what it was and they were very quiet.... very weird scene.... gross

checked into hotel late wednesday night( 4/22) around 10:30, went upstairs with husband and baby and felt itchy pretty soon after. didn't think much of it until about 1 am when i couldn't sleep at all. woke up in the am with red rashes all over myself and my baby. was furious, hotel mgt downplayed everything and was not apologetic about anything! just an overall horrible experience at this hotel and will never stay here ever again. Im unsure if bed bugs were the culprit, or just poor housekeepi

ng. just beware because another guest below stayed during the same time as us and had similar issues. we checked out of hotel on 4/24 and couldnt have felt better knowing we would NEVER be coming back here again.

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Bed bugs in room. We woke up after 1 night with bed bugs bites. The hotel sent 4 people to investigate and we changed rooms. NO apology at all!!! We asked for a copy of the report and they declined. Ruined our entire vacation!

My friend and I stayed at Treasure Island this past winter. After a few days he noticed a bunch of marks all over his body. The hotel staff were notify, they took pictures and have us bags for our clothes. In order to get reimburse my friend had to agree to a gag order and sign something saying the events described above did not happen.

I Went to TI for my wedding, and one if my girlfriends (staying in another room) started getting bites all over her body. Her boyfriend is a doctor and knew they were bed bug bites! They told the front desk, and were given $25 dollars off for some sort of confirmation fee (are you freak'n kidding me??!!). The front desk told them they had to get another doctor to check them out and send a letter diagnosing her bites as bed bug bites, THEN they would test the room. So they went to another doctor,

and YES it was bed bug bites! Hopefully they haven't let anyone else stay in the room, but who knows! I'm reading all of these accounts after I found out about her incident, and I can't believe it! I'm absolutely disgusted with Vegas! If these bugs are in the hotel rooms, they're most likely in the fabric seats at the hotel shows, in towels at pools etc... No wonder hotels deny deny deny, their entire economy would be ruined if tourists realized these things were all over the strip! I have no desire to return to Vegas now that I know some things don't "stay in Vegas!"

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We arrived at TI 06/30/13. On 7/1/13 we woke
Up and my daughter noticed a few bites.
By 7/2 her whole body covered in bites!
Funny they were receiving semi truck trailers
Of beds!

Hopefully they get the problem under control
As we had a wonderful time there
Beautiful rooms... Except for the bedbugs

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