Travelodge Las Vegas South Strip
3735 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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We stayed at this Travelodge 6/17-6/22/2011.

I was very nervous about getting bedbugs and took a Pebble video magnifier, bedbug spray, packing tape and a (FLIR) infared camera to find bedbugs before we slept there.

Immediately, I took the bed apart, tipped the mattresses against the wall and checked all over under the mattresses, checked the mattresses and bedding and found nothing.

We could tell by smell that they used a strong insecticide daily.

We stayed there 4 nights and had n

o problems except the room air conditioner kept freezing up.

They promptly replaced the a/c unit and we had no other problems.

The staff was friendly and tried hard to make things nice. It wasn't the Hilton, but it was not bad.

I talked with other people staying there and they had no problems either.

We have been home for over a week and no bug problems.

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Great value if you like bedbugs. When I alerted the front desk about that, the reaction was "oh, we should call a specialist".

I also posted this at

with a photo of the bedbug on a pillow.

(January, 2010)

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