Thehotel at Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed at Thehotel September 1st thru the 5th 2013. Had bites on my feet but didn't think it was bed bugs. Have been home 3 1/2 weeks and have bed bugs in our home. We have not been anywhere else. Pest control confirmed it has only been here less then 4 weeks. I called the management at Thehotel they were rude and asked for the room number and informed me that an exterminator would check and determine if I was telling the truth. So now they have really made me mad (really stupid!) I will be lett

ing anyone and everyone know about their wonderful bug ridden hotel!!! Thanks

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I checked into the a Room on 37th Floor on 9/17-9/19. I awoke on 9/18 with a single bit on stomach (where I sleep). The next day I checked out and flew home. By Saturday, I had six more bites (exactly like the first one) on my right side where I slept. I called to complain. They sent me to Security to make a report, I was disconnected twice and had to call the next day. Didn't get to talk to Risk Management until Monday. I believe the other patron when he stated that they are trained to make the

process time consuming. After all that, they sent a bioteam into the suite to check for bugs. That sounded nice, especially when it came back negative. However, what about my bug bites? Why are they not considered evidence? Risk Management sends the bioteam in so that they have "proof" of the room being clean. They were not concerned about me, but rather about limiting their own exposure to liability. They do not care about their guests. I was absolutely upset, horrified and BITTEN BY BUGS. They said they would send me a letter stating that their report is negative and that I have no claim. I would like to send them pictures of my bug bits and tell them their report is wrong! Dirty Rooms, Dirty Business Practices. Consumer Beware! If you get bugs here, they will spit on you as well.

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We checked into the Hotel at Mandalay Bay on August 14th. The hotel is huge and the staff is insufficient---long lines everywhere. We had a room on the 17th floor---a lovely suite. During the night I was awakened----feeling as though I was being bitten repeatedly along my upper arms. At first I thought I might be dreaming----I moved to the sofa for the remainder of the night. When I got up the next morning I noticed bites in groups of three---generally in a straight line---precisely where I expe

rienced the biting sensation. I took pictures and called the main desk. The hotel is so big that I was transferred to three different departments. Finally I went down to the front desk---said the words "bed bugs" and was ushered to a private corner to speak with a manager. My room was emptied---we were moved to a lesser quality room, and I was told that a company would be checking for infestation. The bell boy who transferred us explained that the hotel had just conducted a large seminar on bed bugs and that the policy was to never confirm findings----and make the reporting extremely time-consuming and complicated for the guest. That's precisely what happened. I had to contact risk management and then security in order to file a report. Beware!!

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