The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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Aug 19th 2015
Venetian Tower - 24th floor
Bedbug found on sheet - rcvd bites
Hotel Managers confirmed the suite had a bedbug infestation
Will never stay here again and found the attitude of the hotel very disappointing.

Stayed on Venetian, 32nd floor, week of Nov. 19,2012. Developed bites on inside of arms and on buttocks during stay. Went to doctor, who confirmed it was bedbugs.

Yes, they do have a problem. I stayed on the 10th floor of the tower first week of November 2012. . Beautiful room, loved the hotel, but I have bites. They will never come out and admit it. All you can hope is that they acknowledge it internally and do something about it.

Perhaps I didn’t operate this website correctly (??), but the contamination actually happened at:
The Palazzo Resort - Hotel - Casino
3325 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

My boyfriend stayed there in mid-November 2011 for a business trip. He noticed some small bugs and didn’t think much of it until about a month later when we were both itchy and dealing with bumps all over our bodies. [Now we know] by then, a month later, it was way too late. The infestation spread to my home and

to his son’s mom’s home. WE ARE ALL MISERABLE.

He called the hotel; and they denied responsibility, stating there have been no other complaints about the particular room assigned to him. They stated he could have contracted the bedbugs anywhere and it is nearly impossible to know (prove) his bedbug problem originated from their hotel room. We know, however, beyond any doubt, that our bedbug infestation can be directly attributed to his stay at The Palazzo.

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