Stratosphere Hotel and Casino
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I stayed in room 8139 November9-12,2019. The morning of November 10th, I felt like something was sticking me on my back throughout the day and didn't think much of it. We were headed to dinner on the Nov 11 and I noticed a bug crawling in between the pillowcase folds. I immediately took a picture and started recording on my phone the bed bug that kept crawling. The hotel decided to move me into upgraded room and was non-chalant about the situation. Compensated by giving me a one night reimbursem

ent of a resort fee and a drink ticket. We had to move everything on our own. I never recieved a follow up call about the room they were supposed to be inspecting. Neither did I recieve the one one night stay reimbursement from Expedia. Instead of talking to me on the phone, the hotel insisted on sending text messages. I think it is important that travelers know that there bedbugs in the hotel and stay at your own risk.

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I stayed in room 8139 November9-12,2019. The morning of November 10th, I felt like something was sticking me on my back throughout the day and didn't think much of it. We were headed to dinner on the Nov 11 and I noticed a bug crawling in between the pillowcase folds. I immediately took a picture and started recording on my phone the bed bug that kept crawling. The hotel decided to move me into upgraded room and was non-chalant about the situation. Compensated by giving me a one night reimbursem

ent of a resort fee and a drink ticket. We had to move everything on our own. I never recieved a follow up call about the room they were supposed to be inspecting. Neither did I recieve the one one night stay reimbursement from Expedia. Instead of talking to me on the phone, the hotel insisted on sending text messages. I think it is important that travelers know that there bedbugs in the hotel and stay at your own risk.

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I stayed at the Stratosphere Saturday 1/9/15. I woke up the next morning to find a BED BUG on the bed! I now have bug bites on my arms and forehead! I left a note for housekeeping and told front desk when I checked out. I was nonchalantly told, "I'll take care of it." I left a bad review on their Facebook page. They said they would investigate the matter & get back with me. No one apologised except for the hotel operator when I called to make a complaint.

Recently stayed at the stratosphere in and found a bed bug in my bed. When I was complaining to management a woman overheard me and said she had them in her room too. Then she showed me her daughter's leg, it was covered in bites. She said they offered her $30 as compensation "for her trouble". They switched our rooms. I bagged our luggage and then washed, vacuumed, steamed, dry cleaned and even poured boiling water over my suitcase. I really hope I don't get them and hope you don't either!

I stayed here from August 18 2014 till August 26th. I searched my room really well and even put a bedbug monitor down under the mattress.all seemed well at first, except the room wasn't very clean. But on the 24th I woke up with bites on my inner ankle. I freaked out and went and had them change my room immediately. I asked if I could have my laundry done, but they said I would have to pay for the laundry service, which I thought was not accommodating at all. I stayed in room 22012 in the select

towers. I will never stay here AGAIN. Now I have to do all my laundry as soon as I get home and throw out my brand new luggage.

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I stayed at this hotel from march 27th through march 30th. Room 0934 central tower. First night I was bit on my knee second night my husband woke up in the middle of the night with bites and a bug crawling on him. I went to the front desk and spoke with Megan St. VINCENT. What a poor manager she is. No customer service no one cared to her we was just another couple that had bedbugs in there room. I asked her to give me my money she said no call I will talk to them, so I did I got no h

elp she got all scared while on phone with the customer service operator and changed story to I have to do an investigation ummm I have the dead bedbug. I took all my stuff to laundry matt to wear in vegas as I had to each money for cloths worst vacation ever. And not one person cared. My husband works for a big company always going to vegas no more stratosphere for that company. Sad to know we are all just a $ in vegas.

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Just check out from room 08100 where we stay 2 nights.
After first night my hand got 6bits. But I didnt pay atention to that.
I always checking matteresses. This time I releay on.. Well I dont know what?!
Second nights, another few bites.
I check the sheets and there was a lot o old brownish marks. And few bloody spots (probably mine).

stayed in room 10120. at check in i asked if any bed bugs had been reported and I was told "absolutely not". I proceeded to my room and i literally tore this room apart, checked the mattress, the box spring, lamps, chairs, head board etc. Absolutely clean!! I am in the Pest Control field, I know what to look for, I also did my homework and read the reviews of bed bug reports on this hotel, Knowing the reviews I still can not believe that the check in desk told me there were no reports of be

d bugs. When I mentioned this site, she did not know what to say.
Other than room was clean, staff were exceptionally friendly, service was exceptional! the only down fall can hear the door closing in the next room, check out is at 11 am, I had the housekeeping wake me up shortly after 9am.

I would recommend this hotel, upper level shopping and food was great!!

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Checked in August 31, 2012. It had not even been five minutes that we walked in our room and I wanted to lay down when there it was...a big black bed bug crawling on the pillow!! Gross!! too bad I cant download the picture I took of it. Called management took them 20minutes to show up. As if to them its not a big deal and they had the nerve to offer us another room. NEVER STAY HERE!!! now I know why its so cheap, because you are sharing the room with bed bugs.

I am currently staying at this hotel until Aug 9th and woke up this morning with bites all over me. We didn't think to check the beds before we slept either. It's so gross, I have freaked out to the management and all they could offer me is 3 rounds at the bar and the annoyance of changing my rooms again. NEVER RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL.

I posted below last night.. I wanted to say please excuse all the 'typos' my 'auto correct' was blowing up last night. :) don't stay at this hotel, ever! But DO jump off the tower. Stratosphere= bed bugs!!!

Nightmare!! A friend and I stayed May18-21st, room 19-109. I wasn't aware that I should check.. First mistake. Second day there, I pull the sheet out b/c I don't like the sheet ticked when I sleep.. Brown spots all over one side of sheet. None on my friends bed.. She said maybe it was chocolate... Ugh:/ .. Forgot about it, although I did have a passing thought about the hegiene of the hotel. Enjoyed the rest of my stay, jumped off the tower, twice( was awesome), last day of stay I notice 3 bite

s on my wrist. Thought rash or spider... I get home, about 4 days later notice a bug, freak out big time b/c I finally put it all together.. OVER 3000$ later we are completely rid of the bed bugs that hitched a ride from the stratosphere.. But we are not rid of the PTSD that follows... Not at all... We inspect every spec of lint , every spot that is nothing.. Stay up all hours of the night . The stratosphere should be held accountable for this.. But we tried to talk to them.. And we were 100% lied too. I don't care about the $, I feel blessed we could pay for the heat treatment..but we are still cleaning our house, bringing in bags from outside, moving furniture.. It's been one if the worst experiences of my life, physically and emotionally draining.. And looking at ALL the other reports.. This hotel is obviously NOT doing anything to remedy this!! We had a trained bug dog come thru to verify the bugs, as well as verify they are gone after we did the heat, I suggest anyone else that had to go thru this, have a dog inspect, not a human, and defintaly defintaly do the heat treatment!! I pray pray my report helps anyone else from going through this ordeal. DON'T STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!! Jump off the towet tho:) just stay done where else. Horrible management. Wishing I could remain calm and not do angry, but Im mad. Very. This hotel had NO IDEA what they just put my family thru!!!!!!!!!

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We stayed in two rooms at the Stratosphere on the 10th floor of the North tower from 5/31/12 to 6/3/12. We walked in and put the luggage into the bathroom and then inspected the beds in both rooms. The mattresses and box springs looked brand new and there was no evidence of bed bugs. We found this hotel to be very clean and I only saw one insect of any kind the entire time we were there and that was near the doors in the lobby. The staff were quick about removing the insect and looked shocke

d that it was in the building. I took that as a good sign too.

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On April 26, 2012 I spent one night in the Stratosphere Hotel. At the time it did not even occur to me to look for signs of bedbugs, but I have since learned my lesson. Five days after returning home, I developed dozens of itchy bites all over my body. Its like nothing I have ever experienced before!! My fiance has a lot of experience in pest control and management, and says they are definitely consistent with a bed bug attack, though we have no way of proving it now. Soooooo grossed out!!!


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stayed at stratosphere the night of 1st of november and started itching the same night,red painful bumps came out during the day and afterward,on my arms.did not check sheets or matress because left hotel the same morning,but had horrible time scratching and trying to make my luggage and clothes safe to bring back home,

October 25 - 28, 2011

I stayed at the stratosphere in the select tower (24015) for 3 nights. This was my first time in Las Vegas. I left my bags in the bathtub upon entering the room. I checked the room (both beds, sheets, mattresses, headboards, carpet, chairs) and found no signs of bedbugs. I had a great stay. I checked this sight before my trip. Knowledge is power but no hotel is perfect. Remember guests can bring bedbugs with them from home too...

Stayed October, 2011. On the final morning, woke up at 4am to catch a flight. Saw a bedbug crawling across the bed. (Did not see any others during our stay). Front desk reported the room (21071) and claimed that they would have it closed until exterminators came in. Front desk said this happens occasionally.... Bagged up all of our bags and 'decontaminated' them with heat. I hope and pray that that is the end of it... Wish I had looked on here before coming.

We arrived September 9, 2011 and left September 12, 2011. It wasn't till 9 days after we returned home that bumps/bites started appearing on my arms, hands, neck and feet. I researched and discovered it was bedbugs (I have never had it before) and symptoms don't appear right away it takes up to 9 days so I went to the doctor the following day to get medicine. I would tell everyone to never stay there!!! I am miserable. My roommate and her mother were also in the same room but a different bed and

they too got bites all over. Since then we have had to set off foggers in our home, wash everything and deal with the itching and ugly bumps everywhere. I contacted them and they didn’t seem like it was a big surprise. If I had known about this website beforehand I wouldn’t have stayed there.

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stayed here august 29-sept 2. i had a room in the recently renovated central tower on the 16th floor. we found no signs of bed bugs.

My husband and I went for a 3 day weekend on the first night I noticed something black drop next to my face I immediaty jumped up to Check what it was I toldmy husband I thought it was a bedbug he didn't believe me so I squished it and blood came out I went down to talk to the manager he didn't act very concerned said he would call security (so I figured he knew) he blamed the international. Guests security in the mean time had up to my room I heard them talking on their walkie talkies

saying they could not find the room with the bedbugs I toldthem they were in my room they said my husband told them he didn't call security. I said well he didn't who would what they gonna do arrest the bedbugs so they went in I showed them the squished bloody bedbug and in the meantime my husband had found more so they moved us to a better room and told me to talk to the. Claims department which I was not able to do right away as they were closed when I did talk to her I god her they were buying new luggageand paying for my clothes to be dry cleaned as I was not talking a chance of anybugs going into my house she agreed and she gave me a check I now call the stratesphere the bedbug motel

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I wish I had known about this website earlier! We stayed at the Stratosphere about 3 years ago and found bedbugs in our bed the night we got there are we were laying there with the lights on talking before bed. I saw a tiny bug crawling across my pillow and immediately freaked out. I pulled back the covers and found several in the sheets. We called the front desk and they moved us to another room. However, the next day the hotel security (or whoever he was) questioned us about if we had any

pictures or why no one came up to the room to verify there were bedbugs. He acted like we were making it up! Whether or not the front desk comes up to the room to verify is THEIR decision, but I'm guessing they didn't bother because they knew it was true! Front desk was cool about it, security was not. Whatever! I will never stay there again!

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June 24-30, 2011 Select Towers-23rd Floor
We have stayed at the Strat several times without any issues. After reading these reports we started freaking out about staying here, so we read up on how to check for bugs & brought flashlights. When we got to the room we put our suitcases in the bathtub (bugs can't crawl slippery surfaces) & thoroughly checked the bed, sheets, mattress, etc. Everything was clean, & there were no bedbugs. We also made sure we stayed in the newly remodeled (since Dec. 2

010) tower where all the beds are new & the headboards are vinyl instead of material. They also have tile in the entryway of the room instead of all carpeting.
We had a great stay & feel if you're proactive-as bedbugs are everywhere now, you won't have any issues.

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I stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino from February 2-5 2011 with 4 friends and we were all severely bitten by bed bugs. I was given a Claim # and told to contact the General Liability Claims Manager who advised us that after an independent report, no bed bugs were found in the room. However, all my friends and I were bitten. Coincidence....I don't think so. Does anyone know a good LAWYER who handles these types of cases?

My husband and I checked into the Strat on Thursday, November 11, 2010.
The maids found bed bugs and left us a note about it while we were out on Sunday, 11/14/2010.
It's a long story but I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone!!! The management was rude and acted like it was no big deal. They offered us tickets to the topless show they have there and moved us to another room.
I don't want to post too much because my lawyer informed me not to.

of our bags and clothes are potentially infected with bed bugs and my husband has bites on the side of his face.

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Please this space is for talk about bugs, no illegal immigrants Or people who doesn't speak English don't be stupid and racist

Checked into the Stratosphere Hotel November 2,2010 had luggage checked and checked into room to checked out room before having luggage brought to room, pulled bed linens down and found a few traces of bedbugs,then wife and I remove the headboard to look behind it and there was bedbugs running in all directions, replaced the headboard and went to the front desk and refused to stay in that room and told them why, room was replaced with a free upgrade and better room, don't believe that I'd want t

o take a chance on them ever again

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Bed Bugs in our Room 31957

We checked into the hotel on 3rd July early morning, we started having irritations on skin, but never imagined Stratosphere would carry bed bugs, but on 5th July we realized we were wrong, when we saw them with our own eyes, we informed the housekeeping, the lobby assistant and the security personnel showed up, took pictures, got a comprehensive report and told us we would get a call next day, but its been two days now and we haven't received the call yet. We all st

ill are recovering from the bug bites, we had to discard all of our clothes and bags in order to avoid carrying them back home.

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My mom and I stayed here from 5/7/10 to 5/10/10. Our room was on the 21st floor of the Premier Tower. Everything seemed fine in the room and it looked/smelled clean. We did not do a scan of the beds when we checked in because the thought of BEDBUGS never crossed our minds. (I have stayed at this hotel several times and never had a problem.) Neither one of us showed signs of bites during our stay but I broke out in a nasty, itchy, red bump rash 5 days after we got home. The bites were all over my

arms, hands, neck, a few places on my face, legs and back. Most of them are in threes, either in a line or triangle. My mom’s bites started to show 2 days after we got home. This just shows you how different people can react to BEDBUG bites. My bites are just starting to heal and go away. This is the worst hotel experience I have ever had. From now on I will always look for signs of BEDBUGS in a hotel room before I sleep in it.

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Stayed there Dec. 27-29. Found a few bed bugs in our room but didn't realize they were actually bed bugs until the last day. When I got home, I found one or two bed bugs in my clothes and had to wash everything with hot water and sprayed my luggage to make sure nothing was infected. Will never stay here again. Once a room in a hotel has a bed bug problem, it spreads easily.

I checked into hotel on Nov 20, 2009.

There are tons of bed bugs in this hotel. I also carried some (of course without my knowledge) to my house and I had a hard time getting rid of them

Booked a room at Stratosphere Hotel Oct 08 for my brothers wedding, my cousin and i shared a room with two bed and we slept one night in the room and the next morning I noticed on my cousins pillow were little bugs crawling and told her she has bugs on her pillow and she immediately jump off the bed. We examined the bugs and killed two of them on the night stand and were very bloody. We didn't think of "bed bugs till I remember a televised problem they had on new in the New York hotels, I quick

ly googled "bed bugs" on my palm treo and sure enough they looked just like what was showing on the screen. We immideately called the desk and they moved up to different room, again in our case and all the other cases that I have read on this page that the staff wasn't slightly surprised about it. I think the place if infested, wouldn't recomend it to anyone if you do examine the room really well. Fortunately, we did not suffer any bites "Thank God"...

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my wife and i arrived to statosphere hotel at approx 2 am on sunday april 26. we went up to our room and sprayed lysol like we usually do when we stay at hotel we placed our sheets and blankets over the beds we didn't unpack and decided to take a short break before starting to play. i laid on bed closest to restroom approx 10 minutes later i felt a sting on my left hand middle finger i got up and showed my wife an insect had stung me had white blood sucked 0ut spot with hole in the middle i chec

ked the bed and observed a reddish dot size like insect on bed and crushed it with my finger. we then shook off the blankets again but didn't think nothing of it. I decided to take a shower and go out and play. i continued to be itchy but again thought it was nothing. I thought about reporting it to hotel but thought it would be stupid. (what an ?) i should have report it. on the third day of the sting My hand started swelling the sting was eye looking scar with hole in the middle. my hand got so swollen i couldn't take the pain any longer i felt like it was going to blow up and the pain was already up my two arms felt numb with lots of pain. i was already home and decided to go to emergency i thought i was going to die the way i felt. I am usually pretty tolerant to pain and hate going to hospital especially emergency. i was given IV and antibiotics was also instructed to soak hand in hot water with soap as hot as i could take it for about 20 minutes several times a day.after two days it is finally releasing blood with yellow discharge it looks yukky and scar does to. my hand swelling is going down little by little but hurts and feels like hell. the scarring will probably be permanent and so will the experience. i emailed the hotel but havent received a response. have never experienced this type of insect byte or pain from sting this serious and i had military training in the field where you would think something like this would happen and not in a hotel that you pay over $100.00 bucks a night. i do want to mention that hotel staff was very polite, curtious, and helpful when needed. in my email i asked hotel if they would take action in the room i stayed just in case someone else happens to go through the same. very painfull and scarry experience my hand looks blown up, scarred, and deformed.

thank you
guest at room number 04 17 01

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09/2008 - 10/2008 International Villas Apt. Complex 4630 Koval Ln Las Vegas NV
Was Recently Employed as Security for International Villas Apt. Complex, and noticed about 36 Apts with multiple occupants all hispanic, do not speak english and live like pigs, several units had garbage and other trash built up around the front of there units for over a month, when reported to Phyllis the property manager, she chose to do nothing about it

On May 23rd 2008 my family and I checked into the Stratosphere for a little R&R. After about an hour of my children being tucked into bed they started to complain of itching. To our surprise the were both covered with bites! We tried itch relief cream and nothing worked. We contacted front desk and told them we wanted to check out asap. They tried to get us to "room switch" but if one bed has bugs, they all do. Sercurity came and took a report, but did not act surprised at out accusations, they

said the hotel would probably call in terminx. What ever you do, do not stay at this place, the bed bugs are just the tip of the iceburge!!!!!

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I have lived at International Villas for 9-1/2 years. About 6 months ago the property mgr allowed a group of young men (non english speaking and most likely illegal immigrants) to rent the apartment across from mine. A couple of months later myself and my daughters started experiencing bug bites on our ankles and arms. The owners were relandscaping the grounds and stirred up alot of ant hills so ants were pouring into my apartment upstairs. These tenants were obnoxious, loud, destroyed my pa

tio plants, alcoholic, etc and when reported the property mgr refused to take action. One night I saw them packing and later found out they skipped town without paying rent. Two nights ago I received between 50-75 bites and when I called the property mgr to report the incident I received no reply. I then notified the Southern Nevada Health District and an inspector found a couple of dead bed bugs in my apartment. When the property mgr was called she claimed it was the tenants responsibility to exterminate. The health inspector explained that with multiple dwellings it's the owners responsibility because the bed bugs travel from apt to apt. The health inspector was only doing her job. I was embarrassed by the property mgr's unprofessional demeanor toward the inspector by going as far as hanging up the phone on her while she was explaining instructions concerning her findings. Finally the property mgr called an exterminator and it was discovered that the bed bugs originated in the apartment occupied by the "juvenile delinquents". The exterminator explained to me that it is the property mgr responsibility to notify future tenants that bed bugs were found in the apartment before renting. So, if you are apartment/house hunting do some research on the internet so you know what to look for evidence of previous bed bug infestations or you might be sorry. Alot of my personal belongings are destroyed and my renter's insurance does not cover this sort of incident. I was told that treatments are not always successful and it was suggested I find another residence. I hate being a victim.

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On February 8, 2008 we checked into Stratosphere and did not notice the bed bugs until the next day. We called the front desk and they moved us to the executive suite. They did not seem terribly surprised at the news that we found bed bugs in the bed. I hope they fumigated that room. I would not recommend the Stratosphere until they get this problem resolved.

I stayed at the Stratosphere Casino Hotel in late August of 2007. I was in bed sleeping. After a couple of hours, I felt something tickling the back of my neck, I scratched it and it felt wet. I woke up and looked at my fingers and there was blood. Apparently, I had killed a bed bug. I got off the bed and looked around, and saw about 3 other bed bugs on the bed sheet. My wife immediately called front desk and ask for a new room. Hotel security came up right away and took a report and some

pictures. They said that room was gonna be taped off for cleaning. They even offered to take me to the hospital for a check up.

Although this was a bad experience, I must say Stratosphere's hotel management handled the situation in a very professional manner.

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