Riviera Hotel and Casino
2901 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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12/25-12/30 2014 Stayed in Denver for 4 nights, noticed no problems or bites, came to the Riviera for 1 night and upon arrival home 32 hours after check-in, 12 hours after check out, saw a bed bug crawling off of some luggage.

We didn't inspect anything just threw all the clothes and fabric-adjacent items into trash bas. results of examination, level of infection, and extermination to be determined.

Stayed in suite 3329 both myself and my traveling partner brought bed bugs back to Canada. Worst experience ever, our whole bodies were covered in bites. EW

Stayed in Suite 2406 on 01-06-14 thru 01-08-14.

Came home with multiple bites on ankles, arms and waist.

Decided to use google to find out if that hotel has reports of bed bugs, now I wish I checked in advance.

Luckily I haven't unpacked yet and I will wash everything now.

Checked into #1805, unpacked and went to sleep due to late nature of my incoming flight. Later, I found I ended up sharing my bed with bed bugs. Reported it to the front desk/security the next day and while my room was changed, it took arguing and being a bit of a jerk at the front desk. Later that day is when I learned the worst - I am extremely allergic to their bites. I ended up with fever like symptoms with cold chills then breaking out in massive sweats. All the bites swelled up massively t

o very painful levels and looked like blisters. As the blisters opened (on their own due to swelling), my arms, shoulders and neck began to weep and I ended up with allergy meds, band-aids and antibiotic ointment trying to contain all the open sores and keep them from getting infected.

I presented myself and pics to the hotel manager. All of my clothes and items were taken to be washed and I was told my entire stay would be comped. To this day I am still fighting with the hotel to come clean on their promises.

I was there for a work/fun trip and ended up miserable. Overall, I can't even explain my frustrations with the hotel or the fact of how much money I wasted/lost due to the week I was there for the event I was attending. To give you an idea of how sick I became, I lost 8lbs over the 6 days I was in Vegas.

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October 15-20th, came home with bites on ankles and arms, suspect bed bugs (after reading reports even greater suspicion), hoping that I didn't bring any with me.

Room 3538 Riveria, Las Vegas. Covered in bedbugs. Aug 22, 2013. Believe what you want, but why would anyone make this shit up. They did change us into a different room, different tower, our room was then fine, but friend on next floor down came home with several bites on her entire body. The swimming pool had a "slime" in it as well. The computer's were down when we arrived and we couldn't even get room keys for quite a while. 1st and Last time to stay at Riveria.

Stayed for 3days. July 2012... Me and my friends houses are now infested...thanks Riviera...what happens in Vegas is suppost to stay in Vegas...

Stayed in the Monaco Tower (don't recall exact room #) July 8-9,2012. I noticed several odd bites on my face, neck and arms while there, but assumed it was mosquito bites. About one week after returning home we began getting similar bites. After researching we definitely felt it was bed bugs but had a very difficult time finding actual evidence (larva,casts of shells, etc.)except for a couple of blood spots on our bedding. This was the beginning of a hellish journey of many sleepless nights, obs

essive bedding inspections and emotional turmoil. Finally one morning about 2 months after our trip to Vegas, we found a dead bed bug between our sheets! Since then, we have spent over $3000 having our house thermally treated and buying new beds and bedding. Please note that we did not actually see any bed bugs in our room in the Monaco Tower, but our exterminator confirms that all evidence points to that hotel as the source.We had an unwelcome freeloader come home in our luggage!
We will never travel naively again and will always use bedbugregistry.com as a resource.

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What a horrible experience!!! Monoco Tower RM# 5435 infested with bed bugs!...I have approximately 20 bed bug bites on my face and neck and even on my scalp, more than 10 on each arm, multiple bites on both hands, several bites on my legs and feet, several on my body. If you have stayed there in the past and not experienced this, you have just been one of the lucky ones! They do exist there, I know because I actually killed one on the bed sheet!! They are very small and usually stay in

the bed frames until night. They usually bite on the face, neck and arms. They will leave droppings on the sheets that will look like a small blood stain. If a room stays empty, they migrate to another room that is occupied. I was paranoid about my luggage, fearful that I would bring them home with me!! I will never stay there again and I wll not recommend this place to anyone! I travel all over the United States and have never experienced something this horrible!!

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Just got back from a weeks stay in the Adults only side (Yucatan Platinum Suite Section Deluxe Junior Suite 18+) room 310151 and I am covered in bed bug bites, trust me do not stay here the beach is shitty too.

January 18-22, 2012 NO bed bugs
I stayed for four nights. Checked the entire room with a flashlight (room 556A in the South
Tower)and found no evidence of bedbugs.

My wife checked out of this hotel (566) late last evening after finding bites on her legs and face after one night's stay. She also mentioned that her room was so poorly ligthed that she couldn't even check for bed bugs. Ended up staying at the Tropicana for $42/night thru Hotwire.

I just checked out of Room 4621 in the Monaco tower this morning. I checked the mattress and bedclothes for any sign of bedbugs and didn't see any so I thought it was alright. But today my neck and chest are covered with itchy red welts. I didn't see any bed bugs, so maybe it's something else but I don't know what else it could be.

For people posting that there are no bed bugs, i am a bed bug expert and keep in mind that when a room has bed bugs they wont be in every room, usually only in room next to the one that has bed bugs. as long as bugs have people constantly coming into a room that is infested, they have someone to bite and do not have a need to seek out other rooms. they stay very close to the bed area where they can bite at night. so just because any hotel has bed bugs does not mean all rooms. just be diligine i

n checking bed and room before you sleep in the bed, never put purse or luggage on bed. actually having a plastic garbage bag to put your purse and luggage in is a good idea when you stay at any hotel to be safe and wash all clothes as soon as you get home, leave luggage in garage. this is my advice, and pull sheets off bed and check mattress while staying at hotels

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We have been staying at the Riv, every year for 11 nights for five years now.Just got back May 11, 2011 from our most recent visit. I'm not calling the other people in these reports liars, but I do find their stories hard to believe. We have been in the Monaco, Monte Carlo, and Mediterranean towers, and have never had a problem with bed bugs or anything else. The beds and pillows are most comfortable and are very clean. The housekeepers are wonderful ladies, and not once have we encountered rude

staff anywhere else either. The Riv is the only thing keeping this end of the strip alive, and I hear the new owners are planning alot of new wonderful changes. So, if you want a friendly and affordable stay at a comfortable hotel this is your best bet.

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Stayed in the Monaco Tower mid-April. No problems, older, tired hotel but no bed bugs and staff very friendly. No coffee maker in rooms though...seems to be a trend.

No bed bugs but when we first arrived in the room before we even unpacked I went to sit on the toilet and noticed right above the toilet tissue holder there was a HUGE dried bloody booger...no lie...it was disgusting and after calling down to the front no one ever came up to clean it up...this hotel is disgusting i do not recommend it at all!

I've stayed at the Riviera 3-4 times a year for the last 5 years and have never experienced any problems with bugs or any kind. Great hotel!

I was in town from 1/4/11-1/10/11 for the CES show at the Convention Center. I had a horrible experience in this pitiful excuse for a hotel and would have left after the first night, but my company booked it for all of our conference attendees and so I had no say as to my accommodations. After my colleague and I waited at the front desk for THREE HOURS while the Riviera staff tried to fix a mistake in our reservations that they wrongly blamed our travel agent for (I've since seen the records s

ubmitted to the Riviera and it was they who created the problem), I was given a room in the Mediterranean Tower.

I am an attorney, not an exterminator, but I spent my first night of the conference killing FOUR ROACHES. Disgusted beyond belief, I slept for only three hours that night. I complained, requested another room, and was given another room in the same tower.

Two nights later, I was at a business dinner and noticed some odd bumps near my wrist and the back of my neck began itching like mad; turns out I've got several small and itchy bumps on my neck and up into my hairline and they are still driving me nuts. Checked with a physician and bedbug bites were considered to be the likely culprit.

Nobody else in our party complained about any other bugs and I did not seem to have any further pest problems in my second room, but steer clear of this hellhole for your own sanity; locals at the conference billed it as one of the worst places to stay in Vegas and even my taxi driver to the hotel made comments to us about the possible bedbug issue (I should've paid more attention to his warnings). I now have a suitcase full of suits that I need to worry about having specially cleaned to kill any possible bugs and conveniently, my company will not be reimbursing those costs...

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I stayed at the the Riviera in 2004, my last trip to Las Vegas. When I got home, I had over 90 bites. Unfortunately, it can take 3-5 days for the bites to show up, depending on your allergic level. Mine revealed themselves during the plane ride home. I was lucky that I didn't bring them home with me.

I called them to let them know which room I was in so that they could treat it. They were so rude. I wasn't asking for my money back or anything. I just wanted to warn them so others might avoid

the problem. They weren't interested in my room number because they "knew" I didn't get the bites there.

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We stayed at the Riviera from Oct. 7 - 17th. Being aware of the problems all over the country (not just in Vegas) we checked the mattress and sheets as soon as we arrived. The room was GREAT and there were no bugs.


We stayed at the Riviera September 1st - 5th in room #750. First we noticed blood on the sheets the second night we were staying there. We assumed we just received dirty sheets from housekeeping (because we had other problems: not getting any towels from them, etc). We did not think anything about bedbugs until after we left. We are now home, and have found that we carried back bedbugs from the hotel! Our bed is now infested with the bugs and we are in the process of treating them. Lesson Learne

d: We should of paid closer attention to the bed at the hotel! I am not sure if I should call the hotel....according to the stories read online, the hotel managers don't even care!

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I was in town for a conference and a colleague and I shared a room (room 644) at the Riviera Hotel on 6/9/10-6/11. My colleague woke up the second morning COVERED with bites. Security came up and did some listless looking around in the sheets. I pointed out that bed bugs usually hide in the mattress seams, tiny cracks and crevices and lifted up the bed skirt to suggest he look there. But there was no need to look any further - a big fat bedbug was hanging out right under the bed skirt I'd just l


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I arrived at the Riviera on 3/11/10, and stayed until 3/15/10 in room 646. The room was clean and tidy, but I got bites on my legs and they itched. They have progessed and gotten worse this week, now they are all over my body, and I've had to go to the doctor to get a cream. Hopefully this gets better, other members of my team also recieved bites in different rooms.

we stayed at riviera from 22-24nov'09... when we got into the room, it wasnt fully cleaned up. we stayed in while the hotel staff cleans up, my bf notices how the pillows that were on the floor was just picked up and put back onto the bed. we didnt use it and not until i have checked out from the hotel did i realise i was bitten by bed bugs.... i have rashes over my shoulders, upper arms and breast!! and it itches all the way home..
i do not recommend this hotel

we stayed at this hotel from Oct.21-24th.we were in town for the aarp convention.i woke up with multiple bedbug bites over my back,shoulders and arms.i went to a clinic and received medical attention and confirmation.the security officer took pictures and i completed the report given to me.i required further treatment from my medical doctor upon arriving back home.i am still suffering with intense itching.my husband gave the security officer two tiny black bugs he retreived from the mattress.

We stayed at the Riviera June 15th-18th, 2009. We stayed in the old building. Don't want to give you the room number because I don't want to be libel (for telling the truth). Our room had bed bugs but we didn't know it until the morning we checked out, as we didn't know the 'tell-tale' signs of blood spots and thought the bites might be from mosquitos (because the thought that we were sleeping with bugs never occurred to us). We saw the bugs the last morning and complained. They took a report,

but when we talked to the risk manager, she said bed bugs can't be that tiny. Well I have since seen pictures, and oh yes they can. I do not recommend this hotel.

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