Riviera Hotel & Casino Riviera Comedy Club
2901 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1933

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There are bed bugs in this hotel. I found 4 in the bed, and some in my hair. I had them move me to another room where I checked to see if there were bugs. The next morning I took a shower and husks were coming out of me hair when I combed it in the shower. I made them clean everything I owned but they didn't do a good job sealing the bags like I had asked. When I get home I am taking everything directly to a dry cleaners, and putting my shoes in alcohol. I am dying my hair just in case, that ki

lls bugs.

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We stayed at the Riviera on February 15th and 16th of 2014 in the south tower on the seventh floor. I woke up the second day there with the classic breakfast lunch and dinner pattern of three bites on my upper arm ( the only part that was unclothed while I slept.) My arm was swollen itchy and red. The security people called it a code green, whatever that means. Anyway, they took a picture and refused to refund any of the room fee until risk management reviewed our case. It's been over

2 weeks now and they have completely blown us off, in spite of numerous calls to their people. We had to come home, strip down, wash all our clothes, shower, spray all of our luggage with rubbing alcohol and hope that we don't get them. Horrible customer service and we were treated like criminals for complaining. Don't go to the Riviera! The slightly cheaper room isn't worth it!!

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