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My husband and I stayed at the Riveria on 5/23-26/14 for our 5th anniversary and woke up on the 2nd night with bug bites in 4 different locations. We contacted the hotel manager and security came up and took pictures and filed a report and got a claim #. They moved us to a different room which is always an inconvenience and the room was smaller than the original room. I have been trying to contact Riveria Risk Management dept for 2 weeks and only a answering machine comes on, so I have left s

everal messages for them to call back which they have not. This is bad business. This is very upsetting and now I read a bunch of posting that this is a on-going problem.

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I checked into the riviera hotel and casino on october 17th. I found a black bugs crawling across the bed wasn't sure what it was took a video and alerted management. they gave me a new room which was nicer however I woke up with several bites upanddown my forearms. the bites are larger than mosquito bites and linear and very itchy I will most certainly be taking this up with hotel management. after researching the bugs and watching the video I am certain they are bed bugs.

I think we picked up bedbugs from the Rivera Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas. We didn't have any bites before, didn't stay anywhere else, and I work from home. It is summer, so my daughter stays at home as well. A few days after we came back, she had the "bites in a line" characteristics of bed bugs. To be sure, I looked at the suspicious specs we found under a microscope. They match the website pictures for the early stages of the bed bug life cycle. We bought encasements, diat

omaceous earth, lots of denatured alcohol, and lavender essential oil. I threw out most of the furniture and toys, sprayed lavender and alcohol over everything, and dusted diatomaceous when it dried. For now the problem seems to be solved, but I'm staying vigilant because they're supposed to be very hard to get rid of.

I have emailed the hotel to let them know. It's been a few weeks, and I haven't heard from them. If you look at their reviews on tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g45963-d97735-Reviews-Riviera_Hotel_Casino-Las_Vegas_Nevada.htm

It's not a very clean or well managed place. I'm not sure they have the capability to deal with the problem.

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I stayed at Riviera March 17 2010 in room 545 . I received several bug bites on my foot There were around a 50 dead bugs in the throw of the bed Called security and they took pictures and scraped up all the dead bugs. Hotel management wouldn't change our room and said we should call risk management Monday. The swelling was so bad that I couldn't put a shoe on to go to airport. I went to hospital when I came home and they told me the bugs caused cellulitis ,which is a rapid infection of skin cel

ls. The pain and suffering was terrible from these bugs. No compensation of any kind was offered. Stay away from the Riviera or wrap yourself in plastic if you go there

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waiting for husband to get ready sitting on bed saw bed bug on sheet was crawling. called front desk. sent securty and house keeping put bug in cup checked mattress found dead on put in cup took pictures made report changed rooms

My husband and I stayed at the Riveria from December 25 until January 1 Room 865). About two days after arriving, I noticed two red, raised bumps on the back of my neck that looked like pimples. Each day after, I would notice another small bump some even 3 or 4 in a row. NEVER did I think that these could be bed bugs. I had not even heard of the infestations occuring throughout the U.S. We had two beds and my husband did not have any "bites" yet he can be in a room full of mosquiitos and not

have any bites. I, on the other hand, get mosquito bites very easily. After arriving home on the 1st, the bites got really itchy. I called on Monday, January 3rd and informed the manager(s) and also made a report to Risk Management. I also sent pictures of the bites throughout my body (about 15 bites) to Risk Management. In speaking to the managers (2 of them), though, they did not seem to be overly concerned or offered any kind of "reimbursement." I also went to the doctor on January 4 and confirmed that they were insect bites and she suspects they were probably bed bugs.

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I stayed at the Rivera in 2004. We found the bed bugs because we would wake up with ichy ankles and blood on the sheets near our feet. We finally saw several of the bugs at multiple locations on the bed.

The hotel moved us to a jr. suite and then made some big deal about how they upgraded us and we should be grateful. Our contention was that we didn't need an upgrade, we just needed a room that wasn't infested with bed bugs.

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