Rio Suite Hotel & Casino
3732 Scripps Dr
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed at rio 5/10/2014-5/13/2014 messed up our rooms 1st night moved us 24 hours later to room13th floor the birthday girl was attacked and bit by bed bugs took all our clothes to wash and moved us again they payed our dry-clean bill as they should have still have not heard from rio after numerous run arounds and calls!! Don't risk your health

Look up Lawsuit filed against Caesar's Entertainment which is the company that owns the Rio Hotel on 2/15/13 in Clark County, which is where Las Vegas is located. Someone had over 400 bites on her body and The Rio Manager Kicked her and her brother out instead of following protocal. DO NOT STAY HERE

Bed bugs on 5th floor room 11/08/12

stay was from 9-13-12 to 9-17-2012--on 9-15-12 me and my family awoke to bed bug bites 3 of us were african americans and one was caucasian ( which she was biten over 60% of her body)--went to the front desk n they told us theyd move us and send a security guard to our rm to take a report, i asked about a compensation of our rm they said they couldnt--we went to the rm where the security guard said looking at my arm for sure they were bed bug bites--he asked did we want to travel in ambulance wh

ere we would have to pay almost a thousand dollars per person for the ride to the hospital--when ambulance drivers came they tried to convince us to take a cab instead of them cause it would be cheaper!!!!! we all went to the hospital and the doctor who acted like she was in with the hotel said she cant say what kind of bite it was(lol) but they were insect bites---we spent an entire day of our firsdt time experience in vegas in the hospital for bed bug bites--now itching for days very painful and one of us is taking steroids because she was biten up so badly--i think they should pay out the ass--- our vacation was destroyed by this situation--lady calls us on 9-20-12 n offer me 250.00 for the inconvenience and she acknowledged the rm had bed bugs R U SERIOUS!!!! i told her im seeking legal representation

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Bed bug bites all over body in room 1465 06-04-2012, reported to front desk, Moved to another room. Haven't heard from RIO as of 06-09-2012.

Dirty room, filthy couch, carpet, bed and bolsters. Came home with bedbugs.

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