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Stayed at the Paris hotel Friday the 12 of june 2015 , we upgraded the room and had to beds . I slept on the right one my husband on the left . I took a nap and woke up with 10 bites on my arm . I was swollen itchy and unconfortable for 3 days thanks PARIS! For such a terrible experience it killed our anniversary trip!!! We will never go back and make sure none of our family and friend go as well . I did file a complain all they did is give me a cream . Im back home and I have to take a day off

work to go to the doctor after 3 days they still itch and burn !

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Stayed at the Paris hotel Friday the 12 of june 2015 , we upgraded the room and had to beds . I slept on the right one my husband on the left . I took a nap and woke up with 10 bites on my arm . I was swollen itchy and unconfortable for 3 days thanks PARIS! For such a terrible experience it killed our anniversary trip!!! We will never go back and make sure none of our family and friend go as well . I did file a complain all they did is give me a cream . Im back home and I have to take a day off

work to go to the doctor after 3 days they still itch and burn !

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Checked in on 5-14-14... In one of the "recently renovated" Red Rooms... Room had a musty odor upon check-in. That should have been a major red-flag. I always travel with Lysol, so I sprayed the entire room and bedding. I noticed the top pillows and covers were soiled - GROSS. So, I called housekeeping and requested they change pillows and covers. Housekeeper said he didn't have any replacement pillows (I have photos). Checked out on the 18th. Last week I woke up with bites on my back and neck.

I have NEVER... in 40+ years of life experienced a bed-bug bite... none that I recall. I am now enduring the nightmare of trying to ensure my home is safe from infestation. Also have to decide whether to toss my TUMI luggage that was in the room with me! I want redress!

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My husband took a business trip to Vegas the first week of April. A couple weeks after he returned home I started waking up with bug bites. These things have now gotten into our feather bed and our mattresses! I had to dispose of the feather bed...I cleaned vacuumed and hoped by getting rid of the feather bed they would be gone. Nope! I have new bites every morning! Thanks for keeping your place bug free! Won't visit your hotel again! This is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to d

eal with. We will be shopping for a new mattress!! I wish I could charge you for our feather bed and mattress set!!!!

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I thought we were the only ones! Did not know about this site till now. My husband and I stayed here in 2010, we had bites all over, reported it to manager and we were offered an upgrade next time we stay there! Hellooo, they think we go back?

I stayed at Paris from Feb.25,2013 to Feb. 27, 2013. I paid for a upgraded suite. Though I enjoyed my stay I started having welts show up the day after I got home. I wound up with fifteen bites down my left side it was concluded I had bed bug bites.I contacted Paris and they had a third party investigate and concluded they were not responsible. I knew this was how it would turn out as I read other incidents and they do not admit responsiblity. Very disappointed as I go to Vegas a few times a yea

r and this is the first time staying at Paris then get bed bug bites a first also !

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UGH PARIS HOTEL!! NEVER AGAIN. Me and my best friend have always wanted to go to Paris, so I got her this hotel to go to Vegas for her birthday. When we got in the hotel, we thought it was amazing. BIG mistake. We open the covers a few minutes after we got in , ( It was about 11:30 pm ) 9 BED BUGS . ALIVE. Luckly our stuff wasn't on the floor. We told the front desk, but they said there rooms were clean. We took photos of the bed bugs, they said it was photoshoped. Wow. Thank you. We grabbed our

stuff and demanded a refund. They gave us a refund, and we took a taxi to a different hotel. The hotel was called the M resort. It is in Henderson, NV. Amazing. My mother always stays there and she loves it. We won't be coming to Paris hotel and will going to The M resort from now on.

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We just came back from the Paris LV - I stayed at the hotel last October (same room ...) and no bed bugs. We stayed the week of September 17 in room 459 and no bed bugs when we inspected the room upon our arrival and none during the week just 3 dirty socks found by my sister from the previous guest and left behind by housekeeping ...

We stayed at this hotel from 6/27/12 to 6/29/12 in room 1462. We inspected the room upon entry. It was extremely clean. No sign of bed bugs anywhere. And we didn't get any bites. There were no bedbugs. We were very pleased with the room. Everything in the hotel is expensive of course. But, that's another subject. I stayed there many times, never had any bed bugs.

We stayed at the Paris May 9-16, 2012 in room 2991 and my sister was in the adjoining room. My sister awoke with bites on her stomach and places on her legs and hips on the first day. On the third day, I discovered a bedbug on the sheer curtains in my room. I photographed and videoed the bug and feces stains then captured the bug in a ziploc bag. I reported it quietly to the VIP services and was told security would file a report and we would be relocated to another room. A security guard came t

o our room and took a statement and saw the bedbug in the bag. We offered to show him the bites - he refused! He left WITHOUT THE BEDBUG AS WELL! Several hours later, we still were waiting to be relocated. Finally, we were moved to 2835. Three times, I sought out and spoke with a "Manager" and was told an independent lab would test the room. On May 13th, I was told the report said the room was 'clean'! I still had the bedbug in the bag and upon checkout, insisted that manager "Stephen" keep it for evidence. He refused to acknowledge receipt for it but assured me I would be contacted within the day by upper management. To date, I have yet to be contacted by him or any other "manager". I sent the video and pics to a pest control company and it was confirmed a bedbug. The desk clerk said it was definitely not a bedbug - the lab reported the room clean, the manager said the bedbug ("if that is what it is") obviously did not 'catch the elevator' on his own, suggesting we could have carried it in! He told my sister the bites on her were dry itchy patches from the change in the climate. They all said they take reports of bedbugs seriously, but obviously, they do not! All I wanted was to quietly report a problem so they could address it without alarming everyone in the hotel and prevent potential infestation - instead I wasted two days of my vacation and Paris is still in denial. I have stayed several times at the Paris and love the hotel but was very disappointed with the way this was handled.

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Stayed at the Paris from 5/30/12 to 6/4/12. We were on the 30th floor. No bed bugs. The problem I had with the Paris was that on 6/2/12 they had a band playing in the casino that was way too loud. I'm all for having a good time but when we went to our room around 1 a.m., you could still hear the band in our room. At 3:30 am I called the front desk and couldn't get through -- put on hold. I never did get to talk with someone. The band finally quit playing at 3:50 am. They were only suppos

e to play until 2 am. I told my boyfriend I would never stay there again because of the noise. I didn't spend another dime in that place because of that band playing too loud. Really -- 30 floors up!!!

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My husband and I stayed at the Paris Hotel & Casino 12/23/2011 thru 12/25/2011. ROOM 1504 with 2 queen beds & each slept in separate bed. 3 days after leaving I had a bite on my face, neck and low back. Then a red, prickly and terrible itchy rash appeared all over my body. Went to a Dermatologist & had 2 biopsies which came back bedbug bites. The rash was a severe allergic reaction to the bites. Been to Dr. x4 for terrible itching rash and many more bites. Taken lots of meds. and had to do washi

ng of all clothes and belongings. 3 mos. later I am still treating bites but rash finally gone. I did contact mgmt. & was told they checked room and found no bugs (that's the posture I expected them to take). We are extremely disappointed that no offer to reimburse me was made nor have they contacted us again. I have pictures, biopsies and Dr. report to verify. We will never stay at the Paris again. A nightmare to say the least.

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We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas Jan 6-9, 2012 and had no problems whatsoever. I brought a flashlight with me and searched under the mattress cover and between the mattress and box spring, and behind the bed board, and nothing. Very nice stay. Now if they could do something about the smokey casinos :)

We stayed there last week Wife woke up with bites all over her legs..

My husband and I stayed here from 12/29-1/6 2012. Everything was wonderful and perfect until 1/5/2012. I found many suspicious bugs in my towels (tiny little ones). I immediately called the management with concerns and they moved us to another beautiful room, sent security to take pics, and said they would have a 3rd party test the room and the samples (I left 4 dead bugs for them). I have pics of the bugs, I think with all of my heart are baby bed bugs. I have compared them to pics online and h

ave bites on my back and side. The manager called me the afternoon of 1/5 saying he had been assured, these were not bed bugs. There was "no activity" reported. As I take every precaution now at home to launder, throw out, heat treat etc. I am finding more bites popping up as the days pass. I am just sick about this and pray they did not somehow get into my home. I kept asking the manager what the bugs were then, if not bed bugs? He said that I would need to call risk management on Monday. I believe he was lied to from this 3rd party. I am not sure what to do other than try to warn people here of a "possible bed bug" issue. I'm 99% sure. I've got the pics and the bites. We stayed in room 2741. Again, the stay was perfect until this happened. I hope this helps someone else.

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We stayed at the Paris October 3rd for 4 nights on the 4th Floor. We did not win money at the casino nor bed bugs in the room ... Just lucky ???

First time in Vegas..stayed at the Paris on the Seventh floor...guess what...brought bed bugs home with my luggage...getting bit while I sleep...Orkin is on their way to my house as we speak...What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas obviously....Thanks Paris now it will cost me over a gran to get rid of the little pest..
Stayed there from October 16th 2011 til October 21st...

Stayed at the Paris for three nights last week with double queen beds. My husband has bites all over his legs and arms. I slept in a separate bed and have none. room 469.

First off you all should know Orkin does no work at The Paris..second if you see a "sprayer" as the lady put it you shouldn't assume the worse. I work there and the "sprayer" is there for preventative actions...they're a good thing to see on the property and this also lets you know the hotel cares and is willing to pay big bucks for this service. With all the hype about bedbugs most people are paranoid as we all should be, myself included. When a guest complains of bedbugs we don't "test" the r

oom we come in and inspect the rooms including every piece of furniture, drapery and tear about the beds (mattress, box springs and headboards)to inspect. We don't just look for bugs we also are looking for casings (molts) and fecal matter. The hotels do not have to give out copies of inspection reports to guest, not required. Truth is most doctors have never seen a bedbug or a bite so before, something to keep in mind. Also we call bedbugs hitchhikers, so next time your trying on clothes in the dressing room or out to dinner sitting in a booth, seats at the movie theater, public transportation etc..these are the places you should check for bedbugs as well.

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I have followed this site since getting bitten at Boardwalk Hilton June 8-12th in Atlantic City NJ. I posted about an incident my family and I experienced in Wall South Dakota a few days later. The report was dead on from what others had experienced yet relatively minor in comparison. I consulted this site before booking a sweet with my girlfriend from July 5th till July 8th and luckily the management assured us the reports on your site prompted them to take extermination to the extreme. We then

returned to Paris from Friday the 26th of August till Sunday the 28th for one last party before back to school and we again had a great experience at this hotel. No bites whatsoever. I figure everyone posts when things go wrong so I had to also post when management does right by the customers due to sites like this raising awareness. Where the hell did these bed bugs come from so fast? I used to live in hotels when traveling and relocating to Ohio. God bless Orkin!!!

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I stayed at Paris Las Vegas on the 17th floor. Woke up with itchy bites on my legs night one, thought maybe it was fleas. Got progressively worse. I checked the sheets and mattress and there were no visible signs. I saw a sprayer with housekeeping on the floor the day I checked in- should have left then. Dozens of tiny itchy bumps.

We stayed in Paris on July 31- August 3, 2011. We were in room 1434. The room was beautiful and even smelled clean. After reading this site, I was paranoid to the point of losing sleep. I checked everything and everywhere. Even though I checked and found NOTHING, I still didn't sleep well. After being exhausted, we came home with bugs, no bites...I am not saying not to check and be careful, just don't let it ruin your vacation. Paris has over 2900 rooms...the odds are kind of s


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Went for a conference for 9 days and did not have any trouble. I always keep my luggage off the floor regardless of where I stay.

Stayed at the Paris July 29 & 30, 2011 in room 1995. My husband woke up with itchy red welts all over his back & stomach. After some research we just determined that they are bed bug bites.

Will NEVER stay at the Paris again!

I am happy to report back that are stay at the Paris was bed bug free. I scoured the room armed with spray and a magnifying glass. Our room was located on the 20th floor. I believe no motel or hotel are safe. We all must become pro-active.

Be Safe,

Creeped Out

My husband and I are checking into the Paris tonight. I have read all the complaints and we are still going. I have a can of "Bed Rest",a non toxic bed bug spray. I called and asked the front desk if they had resolved the bed bug problem, she denied ever hearing of any reports. When I confronted her with the fact that so many pepole on the internet had problems she said "all hotels have them". She knew and she lied. Red flags are waving everywhere, too late to change our reservations. I wi

ll report back. I am almost to creeped out to go. July 2, 2011

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March 5-8th, 2011 stayed in room 2107. Woke up with massive amounts of bites on my neck, back and chest. While I couldn't find any on my bed, the doctor had two biopsies performed and both came back positive for bed bug bites. Reported it to management with documentation....still have not heard back.

Stayed in room 3056 6/13 thru 6/16/11. Several clusters of bedbugs bites on legs, back and shoulder. Reported incident to hotel management. Documented with photos and filed complaint. Very itchy and swollen..... Worried about luggage and clothes. Anxious about contaminating my home.

Have stayed at Paris each year for the last 6 years. Nov 2010 I came home with a bad case of bed bugs. Never got them at the regular rack rooms but when they "upgraded" me for the view rooms I received a bad case. Doctor said it was a bad case knowing I was there 5 nights.

We stayed in room 922 on 5/7-5/10/11. No sign of bed bugs and and no bites.

I stayed at Paris Hotel last week. I asked at the front desk and they said no guest had ever complained of any bed bugs ever. When I left three nights later both my friend in another bed and I had weird red rashes on our necks and legs. When I tried to let the hotel know, they poopood the notion and said it was probably from some sort of STD or skin condition and to never come back and stay there.

Stayed at the Paris The weekend of may 7 -9 2011, woke up with red welps on my neck in a row. I didn't know it until we got home and researched it and it was bed bug bites. My daughter slept in the other bed and had none. Thanks Paris for ruining my 1st time to Vegas.

Stayed at Paris Hotel rm 1229 on 4/11 - 4/14. After first night woke up with red bites all over my legs, arms and back. Had no idea, but started considering that it was bed bugs...have NEVER experienced this before. I slept in the other double bed IN SAME ROOM the next two nights and did not seem to have any additional bites. But now am horrified after returning back and researching this. I pray they did not return back with me!! I did tell hotel desk when I checked out.

Stayed at the Paris Las Vegas early April 2011. Stayed on the 18th floor, and I did not encounter any bed bugs. I check the bed area as thoroughly as possible and try to keep my suitcase on the tile and/or luggage rack when possible.

March 30, 2011: Just returned. Spent 5 nites and no bites!

1/28/11 to 2/2/11
Stayed in room 2052, there were 6 more rooms for other members of our group. NO BED BUGS. Went completely prepared to find bedbugs after the heads-up from the registry, was pleasantly surprised to find none.

November 27, 28, 29, 2010.
Paris hotel Red room king bed. Room facing the strip. We travel with another couple and she got bed bug bites on her legs.
We were in another room but got no bites. I do not remenber their room number.
Not fun.

My husband & I stayed in Paris for a company sales trip in September 2010 (Vz); I thought that I had an allergic reaction to a shellfish cross-contamination, but it eneded-up that I had bed bug bites all over me after the 1st night there!

Luckily, they were not in our luggage; this was a nightmatre trip for me. The thing is that the 1st 4 nights we were there, we stayed at Bally's, but we couldn't turn down a free room at Paris.

I don't want to back to LV NV for a long time, and we had be

en going there 2-3 times per year since 12/2004!

WTG (Way To Go) Paris Las Vegas you ruined LV for me!

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Stayed at Paris November 2010. Woke up with large red bed bug bites on my abdomen. The velour throw pillows and the carpeted luggage stand at the foot of the bed is probably a bad idea if you want to prevent bed bugs!

Came home with bed bug bites all over my stomach, back, and legs. Never stay at Paris, unless you never sleep in your bed. I think i brought them home to and have no idea how to get rid of them

woke up with bites on my left leg after sleeping in the hotel. noticed little red marks on the sheets and wondered what had happened. this was in October 2008 and I didnt realize until later that it was bed bugs

I was a guest at a conference for Dermatology nurses approximately in 2006 and got about 10 bites on my back that were swollen and painful. Sad news is I reported it and didn't get any response or follow up. It was very disturbing to me that a hotel of this stature would have these...

I reported bed bugs to this hotel back in November 2002. I woke up with bites all over. They moved me to another room.

First sign of trouble was the dirty sheets when we checked in. Asked them to change the sheets and thought nothing of it. The next morning, I woke up with bite marks all over my arms, hands, neck, legs and stomach... Was staying at room 773 of the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas between July 20 and 21. I'll never stay at that Casino again...

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