Palace Station Hotel and Casino
2411 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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09/14/14 Stayed in the courtyard
for 1 night...

Came home with bed bugs!

Funjet and palace station are deceivers I paid for a 4 star hotel and they sent me to a worse then a motel 6 on the side of the tower, worst experience ever rooms dirty, smelly, noisy and full of bed bugs... please dont waste ur money with this people, my room number was 1214, stayed from 12/22 thru 12/27/14, my sister in law paid way less in the paris hotel

This is the second time I have stayed at the Palace Station. I sent a complaint back in September, 2014. I got a responds from the Assistant Hotel Manager "Branden Brooks". I stated that when staying at this hotel it was very noisy and they were cleaning the floor at around 6am. He in responds sent me an email telling me if I ever stayed there again they would accommodate me in which I stayed there again on November 14-17th, 2014. I was no accommodated at his email to me stated and I did se

nd him an email stating what date I would be arriving. During this stay. The housekeeping opened my door before knocking to clean my room, while I was still in the room sleeping. Then when she saw I was there she closed the door. After that she kept coming to my room banging on the door to rush me out of the room to clean the room. Which I felt was very unprofessional due to I was on vacation and wasn't ready to leave the room yet. Second of all, My friend got bite by bed bugs and when we told the first desk they sent the security office to the room and he tried to say it was a rash, but once she went to the doctor they doctor said that she had been bitten by bed bugs. When we were leaving going down the stairs, there was throw-up on the stairs. I will never stay at your hotel ever again.

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Me and my sister stayed here in September woke up to bedbugs in the bed the worst vacation of my life I had to change rooms and lost my ID

Courtyard and Tower rooms are infested with bed bugs and cockroaches.

Palace Station is dishonest and infested.

Booked reservation on for Palace Station.

Checked into Place Station late in the evening 10/21 and was informed that there would be additional daily charges of $17.00 for special service fees.

Was directed to a room in an old two story building behind the Casino... not the skyscaper shown in the Hotel add on

Found Bed Bugs in the room and went to the front desk and told them I was not going to stay as a result of t

he bed bugs and the previously non-disclosed extra charges.

They argued and finally said that I would not be charged. I then checked into the Hampdon Inn for the next two nights.

When I got home, I found that I was charged for two nights at Place Station. I called the number shown on my bank statement for a I called and asked for a refund and they told me that they were going out of business and couldn't refund the money.

I call and they told me that they wouldn't refund the money.

Palace Station already lied to me so I've been ripped off for $68.72 by Palace Station.

Don't stay there! It's a rip off. It's infested.

Because of the dishonesty in the travel industry my bank suggested that I cancel my credit card. I guess this problem is not uncommon, so my bank suggested that I get a separate travel account with a limited amount of money in it to avoid dishonest vendors from making more illegitmate charges to my account.

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My friend Kevin and I stayed there last Summer to enjoy our free stay in the older towers of Place Station on the first floor. About to unpack, my friend finds a 1 inch cocroache inside the bathroom. disgusting! So we went down stairs, told front desk, and all they can do is book me upstairs. when you drive behind the property during summer, make sure you drive around and see the AC vents below the windows. You'll notice that on the first floor, there are roaches that try to climb into the AC ve

nts. thats how they make their way into the rooms.

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My partner and I stayed in a courtyard room in June of 2011. We stayed for one night and woke to find bites on our bodies. We didn't think much of it at the time, so we packed our bags and went home. We continued to find bites on our bodies for months after returning home. We have both found bed bugs in both our homes. We have had to replace mattresses and throw away pillows. The beg bugs are very difficult to get rid of. I wish we had reported this sooner. I hope this place gets the act togethe

r and cleans up their hotel.

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no bites on my dick

Herd about the courtyard so was not going to stay there for sure. The reviews for the South Tower were good. However upon arriving we inspected our THREE rooms and they all had begbugs!!

We were smart to leave all luggage in the car. Check REALLY good on Chairs,and the beds.

We reported it to hotel managment and they would not do shit about it.They REFUSED to refund us. We also video taped them crawling around (very hard to see) for proof, had management come up to the room and still they

did nuthing.

We ended up calling the health department, they came in and as far as we know the hotel is being fined and fummigated. About a week later we had all three rooms refunded to my credit card.

Our visit was June 13-17th. We ended up staying at The Mainstreet Casino and Hotle. Now that's a place to stay.

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We stayed in a courtyard room on November 12th and both my husband and I broke out with bites, though we were ignorant at the time and did not know what we were dealing with.

Stay away from the Courtyard. Infested with bugs and smells like sewage.
Tower rooms are a good deal for the price. Worth the extra $10.

They have Roaches and bedbugs in the Courtyard rooms they may be cheap rooms but the bite from the bugs hurt stay away from the dump

stayed at a suite in the tower side; i requested feather pillows and they were brought from the courtyard side. the pillows had bedbugs in them!

security told me that the courtyard routinely has bedbugs. the bed was stripped and cleaned prior to the health department showing up the next day -- i had called them.

june 20th 2009.

comp'd the room but wouldn't reimburse for anything else. las vegas doctor (urgent care) diagnosed that the bites were from bed bugs.

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