Motel 6
195 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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The first week of October 2010 we stayed here for a quick "layover " on our way from Colorado to California. The drive was almost 12 hours so we arrived completely exhausted and tired. We travel with a Siberian Husky dog ,so it is difficult to find hotels that allow larger dogs or do not charge extra per night fees or deposits. I pulled the sheets back and saw what looked like small black drops of "something" and had I known more information about bed bugs I would have immediately requested ano

ther room. This was one of the newly remodeled rooms and it looked really cute for motel 6. I was also too tired,and the bed was completely made and the sheets were clean otherwise. BIG MISTAKE.

I woke up with 3 large wells on my right ARM that inched and BURNED very very badly and 2 small bites on the left side of my face. I asked to move rooms not sure what it was that bit me,thinking it could have been a spider.
The next few days the bites got increasing worse,the skin around it really red, hard and swollen, and 2 days later once in California I did call to complain but they seemed completely indifferent and didn't care. I asked for a refund or credit and they stated they do not offer one for bed bugs.
I had painful itchy wells for several weeks and I am now terrified to go back to this or ANY other hotel after researching all the information out there on bed bugs and how easily they can come home with you!! BE WARNED AND DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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Who are you? I had the same kind of situation.

Hello, 9/7/10
I stayed in room 1012 at this Las Vegas Motel 6 on Labor Day night, Sept. 6. Found a captured a bug on one of the room's beds. Brought the bug to an entomologist at UC Davis who confirmed my initial impression that it was a bed bug. Management at the hotel seemed both unimpressed and in denial. Then blamed it on "the bags on Asian tourists."

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