Monte Carlo Resort
3770 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, 89109
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed 03/01/2013 - 03/03/2013, floor 31, room 106. Room is a double queen setup. No bed bugs found, no bites, no complaints.

Stayed on the 26th floor and got eaten alive. I had 15 bites at least. They concluded the room had no bed bugs and was an allergic reaction to their detergent. When I stated I had no problems in the next room I got the dumbfounded "we'll,uh...". Calling health department...

Stayed here Sept 16-20,2012. our room was 30-223, there were no bedbugs. Yes the room was a bit dated, but we had a wonderful view of the pools. Hotel staff were very friendly and I would recommend this hotel.

Never saw any bugs but got bitten on our ankles, maybe they were in the carpets which were old and a bit grubby looking.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo Nov 23 - 30. Had a room on the 7th floor the first night, then at our request, got moved to a strip-view room on the 15th floor. We checked things over in both rooms carefully and found no signs of any type of insect at all. The rooms were clean and we had not problems what so ever. The hotel is a bit dated, but still in good condition. I would recommend this hotel.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo on 08/06/11-08/09/11. The first room we checked in was on the 22nd floor. I don't remember the exact room #, middle hallway, down on the right about 4 rooms deep.
Anyway as soon as we got in I decided to unpack everything. Something I usually don't do. But since we were staying three nights I decided too. Dumb!! We then decided to order room service, it was almost 10pm and we had our 3 yr old son, didn't want to go out. So I opened the menu for room service.

The menu itself fell out of the folder it was in. It wasn't until after I ordered when I tried to put the menu back in the folder , that I saw the dead bed bug. There was an adhesive strip that had previously held the menu in tact, the bed bug had crawled on there, and got stuck!!! Gross! Something in my gut told me right away what it was. To make sure I looked it up online on my phone. Sure enough the pic I found online of an adult bed bug was EXACTLY what I found in our room! We called down to front desk immediately. They moved us to a different room. I didn't even think to look around myself and see if I could find live ones. We just packed everything up as fast as we could. We wanted out!! They said the had strict protocol to follow, and would have an exterminator come out to investigate. They said they would let us know the results so we could take proper precautions before we went home. After we called them back the next day they admitted it was in fact a bed bug on the menu folder(which I already knew), but that the room tested negative. I sure hope they were being honest . Would they really tell us if it turned out positive. Makes me think that room really was, or had been infested before. Why wouldn't the menu that wouldn't even stick to the folder be thrown out? Better yet, how did the maid not catch that?? I took pictures of the bed bug. I have evidence it was there. If we do get infested at home, I will insist they pay to have them removed!! I am praying to God none stowed away in our luggage! So far no bites or signs of them here at home. But just saw The TV special Bed Bug Apocolypse and now I am freaked out again now more than ever!! I will definitely investigate thoroughly any hotel room we stay in from now on, and never unpack anything!!

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Stayed @ the Monte Carlo on the 19th floor June 7-9, 2011. No bed bugs in our room. We checked very carefully before settling in. The mattresses looked new.

I'm at the Monte Carlo right now. Stayed in room 11-128. No sign of bedbugs.

My dick got bitten

Stayed two nights. No problems.

My European friends stayed in room 20001 2/20/11 - 2/24/11 and inspected the beds and surrounding areas upon their arrival without any bedbug findings. They were very pleased to find that most of the room was tiled and only a small section was carpeted. They also took extra precautions by using jumbo zip lock bags to keep their clothing in, when not in use. When they arrived back to LA, before bringing their luggage into the house, I vacumed their suitcases and steamed them and immediately washe

d their cloting. God willing, the bugs did not come back as stow-aways.

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My dick got bitten

Stayed at the monte carlo 1/28-1/29 2011 started gettin bit a week after I got home. Went to the dr. 3 times before they figured it out which means I've spent a couple hundred dollars on stuff I didn't even need to treat it now we have to get an exterminator that's gonna cost a fortune. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and never been so miserable I'm extremely itchy and every night its gettin worse. Weve inspected our house over n over still haven't seen one they are tricky. We've wrapped out mattress n bo

x springs in vinyl covers still not working. Uggghh never been so irritated and grossed out. Makes me never want to stay in a hotel ever again!

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We stayed at Monte Carlo 3rd floor on Jan 24-25, 2011. I discovered bed bug bites on my leg when I returned home. We are hopeful we didn't bring any bugs home--haven't found any yet.

We stayed in room 29-107 on Jan. 23 & 24, 2011 and there wasn't ANY signs of insect activity! NO PROBLEMS whatsoever!

I stayed at the Monte Carlo from Jan 23 - Jan 26, 2011 in room 20-104. The room was clean and bed bug free. I took the precaution of using large ziploc bags for my clothes but it really wasn't necessary.

We very recently stayed at the Monte Carlo Resort (over Christmas) and had no issues at all with bedbugs. We have stayed at this hotel 5 times over the last 4 years and have never come across any bedbugs. The hotel is very clean and I definitely question some of the reports on this hotel.

I recently spent 4 nights at the Monte Carlo and it was wonderful. I was scared to death because of some of the recent complaints but they have changed all of their mattresses out and we had no issues of bed bugs. this was in mid december 2010

Stayed at the Monte Carlo, from Nov. 7 - 11 2010. Was very nervous about staying here, because of the reports. Got to the room, and inspected the bedding, under the matress, on the bed skirt, the headboard, took a flashlight and checked in the seams of the mattress. Everything was good. I suggest just doing a thorough chek before you get settled. Don't leave your sitcase on the floor , or bed, and we got huge ziploc bags, and kept everything in them. When we got home, threw everything in t

he dryer, even the ziploc, for 30 min. Left my suitcase outside for a few months. Did all this just to be cautious. Never saw any bed bugs.

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My family and I stayed at this hotel between 10/7/2010 and 10/12/2010 on the 17th floor and we did not have any bed bugs in our room. We checked our bed sheets and our pillows. We even checked in the bed skirt and under the mattress. This was the fourth time we stayed at this hotel and we were pleased as usual.

I stayed at the Monte Carlo mid-September. I saw a bug on my bed when I was there but had thought that bed bugs were not visible to the human eye (I am Canadian and we dont have the same degree of BB issue here). When I returned home I googled bed bugs and realized that is what I had seen on my hotel room bed. I started getting a lot of bites about a week after I returned home. I called an exterminator and spent an entire weekend disassembling and reassembling my bedroom and washing clean lau

ndry for hours.

Other than this BB issue I had a good experience with the Monte Carlo and would have returned again. However, they have only offered to reimburse my direct costs of the exterminator and dry cleaning. I expected to be reimbured for my hotel room or comped a free stay as compensation for the weekend I lost lost, and the anxiety and stress, of having to deal with this issue upon returning home. I am still going to try to argue this point with them later this week and insure that the case is not closed should the BB re-appear in my home within the next year.

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Stayed there two nights 9/6 and 9/7/2010.
First night woke up with two small bites.
2nd night woke up with 5 or 6 bites
on my face and neck. Did not see any bugs
in the bed, even looked under the sheets at
the mattress seams. I suspect the bugs were
in the pillow, didn't think to look there.
After, checkout, the bites continued to swell up,
ooze and looked really gross for a few days.
Took a week to go away.

I stayed at the Monte Carlo the week of June 14, 2010. I did not encouter any bed bugs or bugs of any kind at this hotel. I have stayed at this hotel several times in the past and have always been very pleased. I'm sorry to hear that others have had problems. I find it very curious.

went for a vacation on 8/21-8/23. Started getting bites afterwards. Thought it was fleas from my dog. But when I came home, i started getting them all over my body. Even on my face. I saw a few on my floor and bed. It's so nasty. I think I got it there because I was fine before my trip. Now it's so gross!!! Stayed on the 7th floor. I definitely think they have bed bugs. Now my apt has them. Gross!!!!

Stayed at the Monte Carlo for 2 nights. Came home, and the first night home, got bit on my neck and hands. Next night got bit on my face. I had taken my own pillow with me, and I think they got into my pillow. I stayed on the 20th floor. I don't know what to do now! it was 8/17/10-8/19/10

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