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I stayed at the Mirage Hotel from August 23 to August 26, 2019, in room number 20101. About two weeks after my return, I had bumps and a rash on my arms and legs. I went to the doctor thinking maybe I had some sort of allergic reaction. No, the doctor told me it was BED BUGS! and most likely this is from the hotel room. Now, I have had to pay for heat treatment and dispose of my furniture. This has caused not only a rash but psychological and financial stress. I contacted the hotel and they

informed me an investigation would be done and they would call me back. I have not heard back from them. I want to make sure all guests are informed of this bed bug issue!!

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I stayed at the Mirage Hotel from August 23 to August 26, 2019, in room number 20101. About two weeks after my return, I had bumps and a rash on my arms and legs. I went to the doctor thinking maybe I had some sort of allergic reaction. No, the doctor told me it was BED BUGS! and most likely this is from the hotel room. Now, I have had to pay for heat treatment and dispose of my furniture. This has caused not only a rash but psychological and financial stress. I contacted the hotel and they

informed me an investigation would be done and they would call me back. I have not heard back from them. I want to make sure all guests are informed of this bed bug issue!!

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My girlfriend and I stayed at the Mirage from March 29 to April 1, 2015. We were on the 10th floor facing the strip in room 26. I let my guard down on his trip and had not kept my suite case closed on the luggage rack. Nor had I put all my clothes in Ziplock bags which I always do for business trips when I travel. Vegas was my first trip away since November 2013. I have travelled all around the world and never have I encounter this.
I was home only 1-2 weeks when my Husband complained he

was getting bites and I must have brought bed bugs back. I couldn't find any evidence. Until about 1.5 weeks ago. I have had to pay dearly for the house to be fumigated, I have not contacted the hotel yet, but they will be hearing from me. Word of mouth is powerful, with hope they will smarten up and get their little hotel guests under control.

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Stayed at the Mirage Aug. 26 - 29. We were in room E-54. Thats the penthouse suite. The second day I started itching on the lower part of my legs. Small bumps arouse that looked like bug bites. I didn't think much about it while I was there but the bites started to really itch. I showed a friend that mentioned they looked like bed bug bites. After an internet search of info and photos it sure looks like bed bug bites to me. I saw a Doctor that verified they were insect bites. Everywhere was gro

ups of three. I called the hotel and a report was filed with risk management. They called a week later to inform me that it never happened. Despite my sending them clear photos and a Doctors report. And I was a VIP guest too.

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My 2 sons and I just came back from 6 days at the Mirage in Las Vegas.
We stayed in rooms 21096 and 21094. My oldest and I stayed in 21096 and he has the worst case of bedbug bites that the dermatologist had ever seen.
All over his chest, arms, back, and even his face.
Called the Mirage and they are looking into it, but we had our bags on the floor and I had remarked how the floors didn't look very clean.
Our bags were also in the bell captains storage as we weren't sure we were going to s

tay there or another hotel.
We had a wonderful time until now.

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My husband and I stayed at the Mirage hotel from Aug 22, 2013 to August 29th. Toward the end of our stay one night I felt like I was being pricked. I though it was my dry skin from sunburn. The next morning I saw a small bug on the bed but thought it was a tick that I may have picked it up at the pool and burned it and gave it no thought. A few weeks later in the third week of September my husband kept noticing things on our sheets that looked like blood and black dots, and I kept complaining

that I felt itchy and felt like I was being bitten. We wash our sheets every week but kept finding spots. He tried to hide the fact that he was seeing bugs. He treated our room but he still did not know that we were looking at bed bugs. I am totally grossed out. He finally came clean with me last week and had been using something that he ordered off the internet to clean everyrthing. They were in my box springs when we checked. We threw everything away after we treated. Box springs, pillows, comforter, blankets, sheets, etc. Our mattress was very expensive so we thought it was okay since it had a mattress cover on it. We waited two days after we treated our entire bedroom and put all the new stuff in the room. I was afraid to go to bed that night and I still felt like I was being bit(They like women with no hair better then men). My husband thought it was my imagination. I pulled back the covers and there were four near me. I am having mental issues because of this and am afraid to be in my own home. We have Orkin coming out to bomb two rooms but you only get a 30 day warranty and these bugs can lie dormant without feeding for one year. This has been a huge expense and an entire two days of prep time. We had to empty out all of our drawers and closets and clean every piece of clothing and put them in 19 bags and now we have to clean all of them. I have been at this hotel and it was always a good experience. There were other issues as well that were reported while we were there. I just wish that seeing this bug was one of them

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My husband, sister-in-law and I stayed at the Mirage during the week of August 19, 2013, for 5 days. We absolutely loved Vegas and the Mirage but we will be much more careful next time we stay in a hotel ANYWHERE. First off, Mosquitos love me, and I was getting eaten alive, so my first thought was Mosquitos, I never even thought bed bugs could be a problem. When we can home, it died down for about a week and I started getting bitten again. Then last week (2 weeks after our return) I was changing

the sheets in my guest bedroom (we keep our suit cases in that closet) and I noticed little black marks and blood on the sheets. We have guest quite often so I thought it may have been the last person that stayed in that room (which was before we went to Vegas), but I blew it off. When I was putting the new sheets on I noticed what I thought was a cockroach on the tuft of the bed, so I picked it up and put it in a bag for further examination. To my disgust, it was a bed bug. My sister in law also has them, and were both in the process of getting rid of them, but its not easy and it's not an overnight process. Please check your beds and the areas around you, don't put your suitcases on the floor in the hotel and when you come home, stick everything in the wash. If you are getting bitten up, be alarmed. This is serious, it's not a joke and most exterminators have no idea how to fix this problem. Dry your clothes on high heat, spray with Demand CS and lay comet on the floor and between your mattress and box spring. We are seeing dead bugs left and right now that I have done this, and sadly it's exciting. Please be careful, bed bugs are becoming an epidemic and they are spread most frequently by travelers staying in hotels.

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We stayed June 16- June 22, 2013 and had no problems. Although we did put our suitcases in the tub when we got there, took a flash light with us to check while the lights were off. Do your due diligents and just don't bring them home with you. Took precautions after we got home etc just because you never know. We stayed on the 7th floor.

We stay at mirage romm 21-064, may 2013 for one nignt. In the morning, i had reds spots on my legs. I'm a doctor and i'am sur that i was bitten by beds bugs. Do you really want a room in this place?

Séjour d'une nuit au mirage en mai 2013, chambre 21-064. Au matin j'avais des piqûres sur les jambes. Je suis sûre que j'ai été pique par des punaises de lit. Je suis médecin et je connais ce type de lésions.

De plus la direction de l'hôtel connaissais le problème ( voir report ci-ba

s)et il loue quand même la chambre!!!! Voulez-vous vraiment louer une chambre dans cet hotel ?

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The Mirage and most hotels have them. I was there in May of 2013 and reported it and the manager just seemed to be uninterested in assisting. These reports rarely get to housekeeping management / directors due to the volume of maids and floor supervisors that are too busy just making quota for the days work load. I asked for another room and was told the hotel was sold out and there was nothing they could do but thanks for staying here!! I checked with a friend that works for a national pest c

ontrol company and he says they spray for them when reported but it only chases the bugs to other floors and rooms. The Mirage is an old and worn property but once the bugs are in the building it's almost impossible to eliminate them. Check your mattress and box spring when you check in before you settle also check the luggage area and head boards. Good luck.

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I stayed at the Mirage in room 21-064 from 5/5/13 to 5/9/13.
On 5/9, I noticed 2 small bugs on the second queen bed and took a picture and then called housekeeping. I waited and a manager, JT Terwilliger, came up with the sole purpose of discrediting me.

"That's a beetle, not a bedbug. Too big for a bedbug. "
Its pretty small, less than 1/8th inch.
"Yeah, but bedbugs are translucent, not brown. "
I am not so sure.
"I've been in the industry 10 years, it's a beetle. You're fine. "

Needless to say, I checked out and will not go back. Primarily I didn't like the condescending attitude of JT. I don't believe he could spell customer service.

I reviewed the picture with images from the CDC and no question, it was bedbugs!


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I stayed at the Mirage for 4 nights starting Oct 5th. Our room was on the 6th floor and I'm happy to report - no bedbugs. The hotel was very clean. Everything was wonderful.

NO bed bugs.
We stayed on 20th floor in a regular room for a few nights and another 4 nights in a suite the last week of August 2012. Very clean and sanitary conditions. I of course checked for bedbugs before bringing in my luggage.

Stayed at the Mirage the first weekend of May 2012 (10th floor, North wing). Searched for bedbug evidence before even taking our bags in; found no signs of bedbugs, and don't appear to have brought any home either.

stay 3/30/12
my family and I stayed at the Mirage on the top floor, a suite. we had two rollaways and the queen in the bedroom. great stay. no bedbugs. excellent service all around. pool area was awesome. everything was clean. not much smoke even in the casinos.
went to the cirque love show. wasn't stupid like the person below to take out a camera...she deserved what she got. amazing show.

we recently stayed at the Mirage in Vegas. the pool was very slimey & indead we saw one guy fall on the steps into the pool, he was really hurt. So many poeple had stories of slipping in the pool. Is there anyone with a similar experience.

Stayed in mid August 2011. Checked the bed, no signs of the bugs. Comfortable bed, clean room. NO BUGS AT ALL!! Great service, and nice staff.
My only complaint was that the Casino and pool area was too smokey.

I've heard they have bed bugs so I stayed at the Golden Nugget No bed bugs there! I did attend the Love show and was treated so badly for getting out a flip cam that had it not have been for the price I paid for the tickets (almost $400.00) for 2 people, I wasn't about to leave. I just took the abuse. The rudeness was incredible. It actually disturbed the people trying to watch the show, not my flip cam but the woman screaming at me even after she had taken my flip cam from me! I sure hope I did

n't get bed bugs from the seats I was sitting in, because I am itching all over. Good grief do they not know they are no longer a big deal on the strip? They are nothing compared to the newer hotel/casinos. There are thousands of videos taken at the Love Show posted on you tube, but they deleted mine and 2 of my personal videos while they were at it! I will NOT be going back there!

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Stayed four nights starting April 14th. Did a very thorough inspection upon arrival and found no evidence of bugs or stains. We have been home for a week now with no signs of bedbugs. Rooms were spotless and that is a good sign. Stayed on 5th floor

I also stayed in the Mirage first week of March 2011 (23rd floor). When there I contracted what I thought was "prickly heat" and have been taking anti histamines and anti itch cream ever since. However my daughter has now also gone down with it and this morning my doctor told me its bed bug bites. So the pest control come round tomorrow. Of course I am challenging both the hotel and the tour operator. This sounds expensive !

My wife and I traveled to Las Vegas last week for a convention and stayed in the Mirage hotel. On Monday night one of the other attendees in our party said that they had been bitten by bed bugs and after reporting the incident to hotel management was reassigned to another room. We were staying 6 floors above him and hadn't had any problems ourselves until the last day of our stay. On the day of our departure my wife began scratching from an itch located in her lower back area and on her legs. S

he was misreable on the plane trip back home. After returning home we called the hotel and got the normal run around. I explained my wifes condition (bite marks and rash).I asked if there were any other recent complaints about bed bug bites, I was consistently told no by the managers that I spoke with even after I had referrenced my associates recent experience last week. I asked if they were aware of any reported problems on the internet ...again the hotels representatives played dumb ..... The biggest problem that I have is that the Mirage hotel (likely other Vegas hotels as well) take a reactive instead of a proactive approach to solving health and safety issues.They knew of the problem well before my wife was bitten and never let any one know that there might be a problem .... I wonder why? $$$$$$$

I will never recommend nor stay in the Mirage hotel again and I suggest readers heed my warning.Stay at your own risk.

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On March 3rd-6th 2011 a group of us stayed at the mirage. The rooms were clean, but by the 2nd night 2 people in our party were complaining of itching on thier arms and legs. It never dawned on us that this could be a bed bug incident. Two weeks later they still have the symptoms. Sounds like we will be checking for bed bugs before our next stay.

My husband and I stayed at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV May 1-5, 2010. I stayed for two nights, and then my husband stayed for an additional two nights to attend a conference before returning home. On the third day, my husband began experiencing what we thought was an allergic reaction on his legs. He initially thought it was a bad reaction to some new suntan lotion he had used over the weekend or possibly to chemicals in the pool as he has sensitive skin. Once home, he continued to hav

e this small reaction on mainly his legs (looked like hives) every couple of days. We couldn't figure out what was causing it and changed laundry detergents still thinking he was experiencing some sort of allergic reaction. We were both sleeping in the same bed, but I was having no reaction myself, so it never dawned on us that bed bugs could be the cause of his discomfort (or that I was also being bitten and just didn't know it).

It wasn't until early July 2010, that I spotted a weird looking bug crawling on the back of our mattress one day while making our bed. To my horror, I looked it up on the internet to confirm that it was in fact a bed bug, and suddenly I realized that that had been the cause of my husband's itchy discomfort for the past few months. I immediately called our pest control company and an exterminator was able to come that afternoon and treat our bed as well as our entire house. The bugs were not visible anywhere on the mattress, but living underneath in our box spring and under the bedskirt, which is why it took us a while to figure it out. It was a horrible experience to say the least, but it's been almost 40 days since we last spotted one in our room so I am finally starting to feel a little better.

Between extermination, buying a new bed & bedding, protect-a-bed mattress and pillowcase covers for the entire family, along with the time and effort of washing and drying everything we could on high heat, I estimate that that one trip to Vegas cost us around $2500. And we were lucky -- the infestation was only in our master bedroom and had not spread to any other parts of the house, including my two daughter's rooms, which would have increased our overall expenses considerably more. Needless to say we will not be vacationing in Las Vegas again.

Thank you for creating this website. My husband travels often for work, and it's given me peace of mind to know that I have at least checked your registry before he makes his hotel reservations. Although now he is very careful to check for signs of bed bugs in every hotel he stays in.

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