Mgm Grand Hotel
5050 Tamarus St
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed at MGM last week (Aug 21-25 2013), my friends in the room next door to me came home to find a bug on their pillow. Looked exactly like a bed bug, contacted the hotel, submitted a report to security. Apparently they sent the bug to a lab, told us the next day that is was not bed bugs, but could not tell us what type of bug it was. I requested to have room checked since it was connected to theirs, hotel said no and changed me to a new room. I'm still paranoid that I brought them home. I've

done all I've been told to prevent them so hopefully it works.

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Stayed for a week in November of 2012 at the MGM Grand and never had a single problem with bedbugs. The cleaning staff were friendly and very diligent.


Woke up on third day of a business trip and saw it running across pillow.Dumped it into a water glass and it was an adult bed bug. Reddish brown, flattened out body, and very real.

Contacted hotel manager. They questioned me, didn't believe me (thankfully I had proof)sent me to security to open a case. Great customer service. While talking to the security representative I asked if they had bed bug problems. His exact words, "I'm not going to say we don't.


Once you open the case by filling out paperwork in some back office (to get you away from paying guests at the front desk), they officially open the case 3 days later. This is typically long enough so that you are back home. They told me they found nothing, despite having pictures of the one I caught. They also did nothing to clean my luggage and proposed I take office supply boxes to get my stuff home. Office supply boxes for business suits??

The room was clean, I would never have suspected anything. Bed Bugs can be in any 3/4/5 star hotel that has a lot of international travelers. Unfortunately, how MGM Grand handled this case was extremely poor. They never admitted they were in the room and I guarantee another guest was placed in that room right after i left.

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26th floor - Room 26-223
Bed bugs found on bed. The hotel did something, but not as much as they should have. Had to throw everything away. it was a pretty miserable vacation...

But now home, and everything is in garbage bags in the backyard for the next month... So annoyed...

I stayed at this hotel once a year for about 3-4 days each time since 2005 and never had any issues at all. i have to say before all the "hype" about bedbugs I never even checked, but have always been a little weiry of germs and things left behind from others so never used hotel pillows but did use the bed in obviously different rooms each stay and again no bites or itching or bugs. Believe me if there were bugs I would have freaked I'm really particular and funny about everything being very cle

I am going to check the registry everytime I go somewhere from now on though.

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My sister told me they were on the registry and freaked me out. I almost cancled my trip. Do not let this happen to you. just be diligent and check.

I have to tell you I stayed there and had NO problems... I checked everything as I read in your notes.. I think you have to check and then acess your surroundings.
I have stayed at this hotel since they opened and have had no problems.

I was staying in MGM during August 11, 12, & 13, 2010. During the stay, I had gotten a couple of bug bites. After coming home, the bug bites started to swell. I ending up saw the Dr. & got a Shot.

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