Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
3925 Giles St
Las Vegas, NV

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I stayed at the Mandalay Bay for a week and found the rooms to be exceptionally clean and the service amazing. When we complained about our Room service breakfast being cold they wiped it off the bill no questions asked. Amazing hotel, amazing beds and pillows, amazing people.NO BUGS AT ALL

8/8/ 9102. found a bug crawling on the bed. Looked just like pictures of bed bugs. Reported it to front desk. Front desk very evasive about bed bug questions. Room was changed. Live bug which I caught was taken by security. The front desk said the third party company would not be out until the day and they would get back with us. Barry, from risk management just called and said the eco lab test done on the 8th was negative. I told him that didn't sound right since the bu

g was not seen until close to 9 pm. Then he decided to change the date of the eco lab check to aug 9th at 1am. Interesting the front desk said it wouldn't be checked until during the day on the 9th. Barry was an absolute jerk on the phone. There is no doubt in my mind they are not telling the truth about the room. Of course am not allowed any copies if reports because "it is part of internal investigation". Have been itching since left room. I had only slept in the bed for an afternoon nap. Am so disgusted with the Mandalay Bay hotel. There is no doubt they are trying to brush off the problem. So far they won't even clean our clothes that had been in the room with the bug(s)!!!! Do not stay at Mandalay Bay!!!!!

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We stayed at the Mandalay bay for 3 nights. On second night I found a bug crawling in my bed and I squished it. It burst blood. I called the management thinking it was a flea. They moved us to a different room and called us later that they did not find any bugs in our room. No compensation, nothing, even acted little bit like I made it up. I got good 20 bug bites all over my body when I got back home. Was diagnosed with bug bites. Answered their survey and just received response. They advise me

to call in incident report. I think I will.

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We stayed in a suite (room 11135) at the Mandalay Bay for 4 nights arriving July 15th. On our second night I noticed 2 bugs on my pillow. I yelled and my husband came and squished them both. We then started pulling the sheets back and found another bug on my husband's pillow. My husband put the bug from his pillow in a glass of water in the bathroom. We called the front desk and told them we had to be moved to a different suite. They moved us at 12:00 am to another suite with our three sle

epy children in tow. We were scouring the new suite to see if we saw any bugs and thankfully we didn't. A customer service rep called me the next day to tell me their team did not find any bed bugs in our original suite and the bugs we saw must have been regular bugs. What?!?!? The bugs we found looked exactly like bed bugs pictures I found online when we got to our new suite. I did take a picture of the bug we found on my husband's pillow. My husband asked them to credit our room for that night's stay and they would only give a $100 credit (which doesn't even cover a third of the cost of a suite).

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I stayed at the Mandalay Bay (room 24216) for four nights. After the second night began noticing a couple of bites in the my legs but thought they were mosquito bites. After the third and fourth night, I noticed more - and in similar pattern described on the web (2 or 3 bites in the same area).

3/14/2012 - 3/16/2012
Stayed in room 12-321. By day two noticed my back was irritated in one location. Assumed it was a spider bite, possibly a ingrown hair. Very itchy. Woke on day three to smaller but clustered bites on shoulder and middle back. Did not understand what the issue was until flying back to the east coast at the end of the week. Had been diagnosed with bedbug bites.

I stayed in August 2011 they gave us a suite with 2 bedrooms little did I know it was infested !!! I didn't know much about BB back then ... Now is too late I have a bed bug infestation at home this is bad when hotels are still open with this pest!!!

I stayed in August 2011 they gave us a suite with 2 bedrooms little did I know it was infested !!! I didn't know much about BB back then ... Now is too late I have a bed bug infestation at home this is bad when hotels are still open with this pest!!!

I just returned home following a two-night stay in Room 32-331. Upon awakening each day, i found numerous bites on each side of lower torso (mostly in similarly patterned 3-bite groups). there were about 10 bites first night (all on one side of waist area) which i initially dismissed, but woke up next morning w/ apx 15-20 more new bites.

I figured it wasn't a big deal until i got home and was quarantined and forced to strip down before entering house. My entry was only permitted upon a full c

lothing change and disposal of my luggage (a backpack, an older samsonite bag, and a laptop case. Called into hotel mgmt to report (rather than complain) about bugs in room # 32-331. I was treated professionally, appreciatively and courteously. i hope, but do not expect, that they will follow up my infestation report with an offer for luggage replacement or free stay voucher.

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Stayed at Mandalay Bay in December, 2011. After one night began experiencing red rash and itching on both legs. Girlfriend arrived two days later and also began itching/redness over both legs.
Itching continued throughout the week and continues at home. I've had bed bugs before, so I believe no doubt these are bed bugs. I stayed in elevator block floors 17-34 in Mandalay Bay. Housekeeping may be lax. Look out, maybe only one or two clean sheets on bed. This hotel definetly looks like it has bed


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Stayed 1016-20 rm 11110 - very clean and nice. Ck'd sheets, bed and bedskirt. Also ck'd the drawers. Housekeeping was great too. I will stay there again. Oh, wish the wave pool requirement was not 48 inches. My 7 yr old is a 1/2 inch under, but awesome swimmer. She was not allowed in. Next trip.

7/2/11 - Stayed in room 23210 for 4 nights. Did standard mattress and drawer check before moving in. No signs of problems. Used high powered flashlight. All good.

Room was nice and clean. No complaints.

Did not use drawers for clothes. We left those things in the hard sided luggage just in case. Hung up other clothes in closets.

We had no issues.

Good view of pool from this room. I would stay here again.

I'm not sure if the address is listed correctly, this property is on L

as Vegas Blvd.

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Stayed at Mandalay Bay for 3 nights, after first night had bits on my chest-3rd night it was unbearable. I then had to travel for 2 more days, just got home and will treat was is now a very uncomfortable rash.

I stayed at Mandalay Bay (room 9325)on Feb. 16, 2011. I was only there for one night. The day after I got home I realized that I had bites all over my body. I went to the doctor and was told that I had been bitten by "Bed Bugs". When I called the Mandalay Bay they told me the room was tested and there wasn't any Bed Bugs in the room that I stayed in. I asked for a copy of that report and they wouldn't give it to me. I have stayed there numerous times but will never stay there again. If you stay

there check your bed!!!!

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