Mandalay Bay Convention Center
3925 Giles St
Las Vegas, NV

Found 2 reports:

On 10/17 through 10/19 I stayed at THE HOTEL at Mandalay Bay. On 10/20 I noticed six bed bug bites (red welts) on my skin. I made the report to Management. They told me that guests were currently in the room and that they had to wait until they checked out to check the room for the bugs. What in the world is wrong with this picture?

Arrived on 11/29, stayed in room 13811, woke up with several bites on my right shoulder but didn't suspect bug bites. On 12/1 I had several more running down my left side, left thigh and leg, probably 20 or 30. Hotel management claims the room is "clean" but don't know how it could be if only got bitten overnight.

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