Las Vegas Hilton
3000 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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05/06/2014: Came to this hotel for a getaway weekend. We arrived at about 11:30 pm, checked in and went to our room. After settling in we turned lights out and an hour into our sleep my husband started scratching like crazy, he assumed he was allergic to the soap used in the sheets and noticed some sort of rash on his arm. He ran out the the local cvs and bought allergy pills and went back to sleep, but.. To no avail. He couldn't sleep all night. Next morning he had these huge bumps on his legs,

arms, behind his neck and face. I called front desk and as I was doing so, I noticed a weird looking dust around the edge of the headboard. They were bed bugs!!!.. As soon as front desk picked up I told them about the bed bugs. they sent security and he took pics, made a report, changed is rooms, and requested all our clothes be washed and got complimentary breakfast. Not coming back though.

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Stayed here, checked in and the room while looking old and somewhat dirty seemed typical of the rooms I saw while looking down the hall while getting to my room. I felt something poking my leg. thought it was the cheap feather pillows. tried adjusting the pillow, then i felt a pinch. it was a cockroach- i didnt even know they bit!. Security came & took a report. Asked how i knew it was even a bug. Luckily i kept it....Changed room. to the east tower. higher floor. fell asleep finally. When i wo

ke up my feet had bumps on them. As did my friend in another bed. yep bed bugs. let shift manager know what happened. got an apology and room change. thats all. told I could change rooms, or leave property but lose the balance of my paid reservation. Not even a free buffet as a sorry for the inconvenience of moving you . The place is a worn out dump with overpriced BAD food. Moved to the Rennaisance. MUCH nicer, newer hotel with better food and location. got it for same price on priceline. NO reason to ever stay at LVH

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Stayed at the LVH for 3 days (Jan 2012) and did not see any trace of bed bugs. I must say that I have been on high alert the whole time though after reading all these reports of bed bugs. I even got up in the middle of the night to check the bed etc.
Actually, the room 1749 was quite nice, very clean and got it for a pretty good price through hotwire.
The monorail that comes to the hotel was quite convenient too. I would definitely book again.

I Stayed in room 1107 from 11/11/12 thru 11/13/12 for a trade show.

On that last night of my stay I was awoken at 5:00 am feeling a short sharp pain in my hand.
I turned the light on the night stand on, turns out I had 2 bites on my hand and I found a bed bug crawling across the headboard. I ended up catching it in a cup and took some pictures for proof. I immediately called the front desk who in turn sent security up to my room.
First thing security did was take pictures of my bites and t

hen take my ID, not asking what type of bug or anything, then finally asking me "how do you even know it was a bed bug?" I pointed to the cup and told him "look for yourself". Security took the bug with him and said "So, what you want us to do?". I just requested they shut the room down so no one else has to go through that.
2 weeks later, I had bite marks flare up on my face, ear, head, hand, and elbow. Not to mention I am now overly paranoid, checking my house muliple times a day and having trouble sleeping and scratching for no reason.


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Stay at this hotel LVH check in on the 10/05/2012-10/07/20/12.Yes found bed bugs.Staff Denied it.

Stayed in this hotel 6/2 and 6/3/12. I spent one night in room 1320. It was a short duration as I was there to work the tea expo trade show with my mother and sister.

I woke up itching on my back slightly but was admittedly hung over and foggy. The itching progressed with the day and my suspicion was ignited. I didn't have a chance to check the room as we had checked out that morning, but I didn't bring my luggage inside upon arriving home. I looked at my back and it was covered in red, itchy

welts. I was also bit on my face, behind my ears, and on my heel.

I shared a hotel room with my mom and sister, I immediately informed them once I saw my bites. We are all filing separate claims in case any of us brought home any bugs. The hotel seems to be taking our claim seriously and we shall see how everything pans out. Even if they agree to cover cost should we need to hire pest control, I don't believe I will stay here again. I will also never bring my luggage into a hotel until I am satisfied I have no roommates ever again.

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Room was infested!!!!!!!!

My wife and I stayed at this property on Dec 9th 2011 for a Christmas party. The room was not great to begin with, but that was not the main problem. About three days later, my wife and I started getting welts on our inner thighs. Mine got progressively worse with one area infected. My infection grew quickly and became very painful. I went to the doctor and he said that they were definately bed bug bites, so he gave me antibiotics for a week. The nasty infection is gone, but I have an ugly

1 inch dark scar from the bite. I later come to find out that most of this hotel is infected!

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I stayed at the Hilton from December 1,2011 thru the 4th and encountered no bed bugs. The beds were very comfortable but the carpet should be replaced.

Stay Away! I spent 1 night at the Hilton, then 4 nights in the hospital!

I stayed at the LV Hilton in October for a business convention. After being in my room for only a couple of hours I took a nap and got a spider bite. The next day the bite was so bad I ended up in Urgent Care, ER, and then a 5 day hospital stay. I was on heavy pain killers (dilaudin) and antibiotic drip for the entire time. When I notified the hotel they took no responsibility and said their hotel is clean. They didn't e

ven comp my 3 night stay, that I was never there for. I am also out a $2,500 hospital co-pay. Not even an apology. I have been a Hilton chain customer for about 13 years. I will never stay in one of their properties again!

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Checked in 10/21/11 on 5th floor. Stripped off top sheet and found blood spots on the sheets and box spring cover. I was changed to a room on 12th floor and did not have any evidence of bed bugs in that room.

I stayed her September 25th- 29th. No issues the room was very clean.

I stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton on Paradise Road from 9/19 through 9/22/2011. I was on the 13th floor of the Central Tower. I was very concerned about staying here after all the reports I had read. I was even more concerned when at check in I was asked if I wanted to upgrade my room for $20. I asked what that would give me and it was basically the same but in the East Tower which was recently rennovated. I declined.
However, I am very pleased to state I had NO PROBLEMS with any bedbugs i

n any way. I have been home several days and have not had any bites or indications of bites show up.
When I arrived I placed luggage on the bathroom counter while I immediately checked the beds. I pulled back all covers, all mattress covers, checked the seams and headboard for ANY signs of bugs...nothing.
I kept my luggage on the luggage rack in the bathroom just to be sure.
I was with a conference of of 1000 attendees. Of those in my immediate group no had any complaints regarding bedbugs and we all were on the lookout for them.

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I stayed from 9/19/11 to 9/22/11 for a conference. I initially stayed on the 8th floor room 826 of the central tower. After the 1st night, I noticed bites all over my back. I called the desk and was transferred three times before someone sent up security to take photos of my bites. They moved me and then paid to have my clothes dry cleaned off site. I am still concerned about taking any of my new friends home.

Room 8126 - chewed me up during the night. Reported incident and security walked us through what to do when we get home. We were in an upgraded room and they moved us to another upgraded room.. Very surprised by lack of response with management. I felt we were entitled to some compensation back on our $150 room charges...they thought differently.

Bed bug on my daugther's ludgage. Do not stay at the Hilton on Paradise. My daugther found a brownish red bug on her bag. Right away I new what it was. The rooms are dirty, carpet is nasty and soiled. Sofa and chairs are also soiled. I will never stay at this hotl again

I can confirm that Room 2167 EAST Tower of the Las Vegas Hilton was infested with bed bugs August 5-9, 2011. I killed what I now believe was a bed bug on the shower stall wall. I have insect bites on my face, hand, arms and back, which doctor confirms are consistent bed bug bitse (typical breakfast, lunch dinner 3 in a row pattern). I began to notice the bites on Saturday evening, 4 days after checking out, 8 days after my check in. I did not notice the bites before Saturday and I am not expe

riencing itching at this point. The bite welts are getting larger and hopefully will away in about a week or so. I'm most concerned about bringing the bed bugs back into my home. I thrown away my luggage and back back and taking other eradication measures. This is the most troubling part. I called the LVH today and spoke to someone in the office. I was soon transferred to security and it went into voice mail. I not received a call back at this time. Apparently, exterminating bed bugs are not a priority at the the LVH, which is being stripped of "Hilton" status next year. Room 2167 of the East Tower is probably even more infested now, since the Hotel has the second highest number of bed bug reports in Las Vegas. No wonder the rates are so low on weekends!

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Returned 5 days ago from Staying on the 21st floor of the East Tower of Las Vegas Hilton for 4 nights. Today noticed red welts over my arm, back, face in 3's (typical breakfast, lunch, dinner trade mark pattern of bed bug bites). My wife thought they were mosquito bites. But looking at photographs and information on the internet, I think they are bed bug bites, appearing in the 7-9 day window. Will be going to doctor this week to confirm that these are bed bug bites. I do recall one night I dis

covered a small bug crawling on wall of shower that I thought was a small tick. I grabbed it with toilet paper and flushed in down the toilet. Now looking at photographs on internet, I am confident this was a bed bug. But I was very naive about bed bugs and did not even think about that when staying in the hotel.

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Stayed at this hotel on July 2-4, 2011 (this past weekend). On the first night, arrived early, checked in. Went out. Returned to the room to go to bed at rougly 2 am. Was removing the decorative pillows from the bed, and a bug was under the tootsie roll shaped pillow. I yelled to my cousin who was sharing the room with me "bug!" I then took a tissue and grabbed and killed it and threw it in the trash, still unsure it was a bed bug. We were so tired, we just wanted to go to bed. We looked

through the mattress to be sure we didn't see anything, and we didn't. The next morning, we called housekeeping to request new bedding, and when they asked why, we said because we found a bug. They immediately sent up security. He asked to see the bug but I had already gotten rid of it, or so i thought. I ended up having throwed it in the trash, not in the toilet. So i got the tissue out fo the trash. I showed it to him, he took it in a plastic ziploc. It was still alive! I had not killed it like I thought! He said he thought it probably was a bed bug. He made us move to another room, and we had to use the service elevator (I wonder why! to avoid people noticing!). The other room was decent. So fast forward a couple days, we are now home. My other friend who went on this trip and paid for the rooms got a call from the hotel saying they could not say it was a bed bug on the phone, but that the room had to be "quarantined." You do the math.

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I just stayed at this hotel from 6/25 - 6/29 and I was in the North Tower on the 6th floor. NO SIGN OF BED BUGS!!!

I read the reviews the night before we arrived and was very nervous about staying at the hotel. I brought my concerns to the attention of the manager upon checking in and they assured me that they would handle if any were found. We throughly checked the room by inspecting the mattress and sheets and couches, etc.

So happy to report that we were fine and had a very nice s

tay at this hotel.

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I stayed at this hotel for Business in April 2009...clearly much early than some of these reports. I woke two mornings in a row with blood in my bed with no bite marks evident on my body. A week later woke up with an allergic reaction to "something" which was confirmed by my docter as numberous attacks of bed bugs. The hotel itself was not clean and has a moth infestation as well. I called the hotel and complained and they did nothing for me and didn't bother to even call me back. I will never

stay at this hotel again. I have been back to Vegas since this incident and stayed at the Paris in April of this year; however, that stay was perfectly fine.

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I stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton during April 24th ~ 29th, 2011. I intially checked in to room #1542. Upon waking-up in the first morning, I noticed something crawling along the edge of one of the decorative pillows on the bed. Upon closer inspection, I found a nice, fat bed bug! Totally freaked-out by then, I began to tear off the bed sheets and inspected the mattress -- I found two more bed bugs in the crease between the base of the mattress and the pillow-top section. Feeling the need to scru

b my body clean, I jumped in to the shower only to find yet another bed bug in the fold of the shower curtain. I complained and was relocated to another room. Hotel management wasn't very sympathetic and but did essentially acknowledge that I wasn't the first guest to experience bed bugs at their hotel. I was at the hotel for business and our company booked around 40 rooms -- Many of our personel complained about the cleanliness of their rooms, but fortunately they did not have the same encounter with bed bugs. We'll never stay at this hotel again.

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terrible, terrible, terrible!

worst stay at a hotel i´ve ever had.

i got such a bad rash,incredibly itchy and swollen and red. i found countless bedbugs behind the bed.

since i am european, "bedbugs" didn´t say anything to me at first and the staff denied that these buggers could be bedbugs... yeah, right.

thanks a lot for ruining my birthday!

Carmella - Costa Mesa - Stayed at the Hilton 4/4/11 to 4/9/11 - Rooms 1063 and 1060 East Tower - Thank God with No Bed Bugs! Upon arrival thoroughly inspected pillows, sheets, mattress, headboards. No bugs or blood marked streaks on linens. My stay was wonderful: large flat screen TV, safe in room, small refrigerator, large oval soak tub, lots of clean towels & bath supplies. Mark Curry show was GREAT, coffee shop, buffet and Benihana restaurants were GREAT! When we arrived, we asked the front

desk to check the registry for bed bug reports so that we would be put in a bug free room. It worked...

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My stay at the Hilton was from March 31 to April 4th, in which i stayed in the Central Tower. Friday i woke up with a red bite mark on one side of my body, didnt think anything of it.
Saturday morning i woke up to my entire scalp, right hand, back and buttock bitten up my these dirty critters.
The Hotel Manager did comp most of my expenses with the exception of my hotel costs, which in my opinoin is BULLSHIT! because i booked through
I just wish i could post the pictures i took fro

m this incident.
My recommendations are do not stay in old Central Tower and yes pull your sheets and the edges of the head board before you sleep.

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Stayed in the Hilton for 3 nights December 1-4, 2010, Room 1344. First night--small red spots on my back. Second night--more red spots and started severe itching. Knew it was bed bugs. Could not sleep third night and checked out at 4am to return home. Notified staff before leaving. Came home and had to call to file a security report about the bites. 2-3 days later the Hilton called and I asked that I be refunded for the stay--they agreed and refunded the entire amount plus doctor visits t

o confirm bed bugs.

When arrived at home all clothes went directly into a hot wash and luggage was left outside in sub-freezing temps for a month. Must have killed anything that was brought home--no problems since.

Might want to avoid the 13th floor!

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our visit was from 2/11/11-2/14. When we arrived i checked everything and didnt seem to find any traces of bedbugs. The second day we had to switch rooms bc ours flooded and I didnt check the bed. No one was bitten during our stay but we did find some on our luggage and our bed at home 2 days after.
There was other family members that stayed there that weekend and told us they were biten 3 different times during their stay. i wouldnt recommend staying there period. Worst trip I've ever had at

a hotel.

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Stayed one night 1/28/11 and two nights 2/6 and 2/7... called the hotel prior to arriving to ask about bed bugs... they had two floors out of service that they were totally reviewing for any problem. I was assured that I could change the room if there was any problem.
I checked the beds (headboard is bolted to wall) ripped off sheets and mattress cover, check walls and around floor area... nothing found. Did upgrade to higher floors in hopes of avoiding a problem... No incidents with

bed bugs... however, we are keeping everything in airtight plastic bags and putting everything in the dryer when we get home.

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We stayed in the North Tower, Room 13-105, January 30-February 2,and had NO problem with bedbugs. We took the advice of a previous visitor and asked to be upgraded ($20/night). I also asked the registration agent to check the bedbug history of our room when we checked in. She was able to review the last 6 months and found no problem. My husband kept the bags in the hall while I pulled the sheets back on each bed. No tracks. No problems.

I stayed at the Hilton on paradise road for 4 nights during the World of Concrete convention. I did'nt made the search around the bed at my arival the first night since I was tired of the trip at 11:30pm. Then, during the 3rd night I've been wake up at around 3am by a bedbug walking on me or biting me, can't remember. I killed it on a post-it to keep evidence. It was full of blood. Then I did a full check of the matress to find another one full of blood between the matress and the bed head. 2nd

kill. I founded another one on the bed skirt. I then call the front desk to advise that I had bed bugs in my room and I want another room. I had to repack all my stuff taking care of not putting bugs in my luggages and computer case. Then I've moved to another Room, but sleeped badly even after doing a Full search of the matress and sheets. The next night (before my plane in the morning) I spend it at the casino because I could'nt get in my bed to sleep. The hotel manager then told me that this situation was exeptionnal and he was'nt aware of bedbug case in the hotel, bla bla bla.....He was covering the situation, liar.
He then remove 100$ of one night and gave me a virtual 20$ to play at "their" casino + a free breakfast. I just hope that I didn't brought some home. Beside, it was a room on the 4th floor.

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I was very worried before arriving. My husband and I left our luggages in our car when arrived. We went to our room and did some inspection first. We looked over the room, like bed sheet, head board, mattress, closets and couches.

Thank goodness! No bedbugs!!!! The room was clean!

We had a great 5-nights stay!

I stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton on Paradise Dr for 5 days. The first night I checked in and did a look over of my room. My sheets had black and dark red lines and dots all over them. Pillow cases too. I looked online for pictured of bed bugs traces, and sure enough what I saw in my bed was identical! I looked at the mattress and head board in the day light but didn't see any actually bugs. I called the front desk and was moved into another floor. This room seemed clean, I did a bed bug check an

d no signs. Until the next morning when I had bit marks on my shoulds and upper legs. I called room service and the attended was very rude. Telling me all the room were books because the hotel and convention center were hosting several events this weekend! I demanded a change of sheet and checked out the next day. I was in room 6-101 and 7-101. Both are "premier rooms". yeah right!

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The only bed bug from this hotel I caught was sleeping with Paris Hiltion!Jokes aside,
this place was very clean.No bedbugs here.

My stay there was September 28 - Oct 2 2010
They do have bed bugs and sadly I brought them home. So far I'm out about $3,000.00 trying to get rid of these nasty buggers.

I read these reports before I arrived at the Vegas Hilton and believe me...I was prepared to rip my bed apart to try and find them. I stayed on the 27th floor (after paying the $20.00 upgrade fee for the new "renovated room!") and stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. I looked EVERYwhere and could not find one bug. I lifted the bed, the sheets, looked in the crease of the pillow mattress and bed...found nothing. I must say, it was by FAR the best $60.00 (3 x $20 upgrade) ever spent at a hotel. Thank y

ou Vegas Hilton for TRULY renovating. Anyone looking to stay at the the extra 20 bucks a night to stay on the higher floors and you'll hopefully have the same experience as I...which was nothing! Thank GOD, because I was freakin'....;)

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Stayed at the Hilton from 9/3/10 thru 9/6/10 and my friend had countless itching spots on her neck and shoulder after spending the first night in a room on the 15th floor. Late the following night we actually found and killed four bugs that kept emerging from behind my bed whenever the lights were out for more than a few seconds (at the time we thought they were ticks). We called front desk and were moved at about 3 a.m. But the first thing we saw upon entering our new room on the 16th floor was

another bug sitting just a few inches above the bed. After complaining again we were moved to a much nicer room where we stayed two nights without any more bug encounters. But all through our stay in Vegas my friend had these uncomfortable spots on her skin and we weren’t sure if it was indeed the bugs that caused them because I didn’t have any reaction. We are from Europe and had never heard of bed bugs. Unfortunately the hotel staff failed to explain to us these alarming events even though the bug situation was obviously not news to them.

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I stayed 3 nights at the Hilton- what a nightmare! Bedbugs were EVERYWHERE and I got a really bad rash.
Staff at the hotel denied that bedbugs could cause such a horribly itching rash!
whatever you do - don´t go to the Hilton!

Stayed for 6 nights 8/21/10 thru 8/26/10 on the 4th floor. Saw a bedbug on the bed as we were packing to leave. The delayed reaction to the bites on my arms, neck, and shoulders started up then and bites continued to show up during the next 6 days at home. I never know anything could itch so badly.

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