Hooters Casino Hotel
115 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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I'm staying at Hooters Hotel August 4, 2015, not only the service is terrible but I am cover in bed bug bites, my back and shoulders, my arms and legs. They moved us to a suite but the very uncomfortable feeling is still here. Not worth the money!! Do not recommend to stay here!

Also got bitten just the other night August 28th please check everything before you get comfortable the amount of reports on this are ridiculous

No Bed Bugs just lots of Boobs!

Boobies in your face at Da Hoots!

My kids were surrounded by them. Just left! Discusting! Found 2 dead ones in bathroom and one on wall. Killed 2 large ones near my oldest daughter which were full of blood.

stayed at 1230, was bitten by bedbugs on my neck, about 10 bites. this hotel is as clean as a mexican jail! la cucaracha! never again!

Stayed at hooters 2/10 to 2/13...there were 4 of us sharing a room. A week later I had bites all over both my arms. One of the girls has them on her back and stomach and another has them all over her legs. Guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Went to Hooter's for my friends 21st birthday. Everything went well until I was having pain from bites on my chest and back. I was there from January fri(27th)- sun(29th). Went home only to find out there were bed bugs. Not exactly a great way to end a great weekend.

We stayed here over the weekend Jan 27th-29th 2012 (fri-sun)and by the time we got home sunday we both had bites all over. Looked up the pics and the look like bed bug bites. Complained to the hotel waiting to see if they are going to do anything about it. That and are sheet had a blood stain on it.

Hooters hooters I love hooters... Boobies in my face ya!

We found multiple bed bugs on our bed. Luckily we found them before we actually slept in it! From what I have read, the presence of one means there are almost certainly more to be found. Housekeeping was spraying and "taking care" of the problem, but I wouldn't recommend staying there for a while until the issue is under control and all rooms are completely bug free.

My husband and I stayed at this Hooters February of this year and we enjoyed our stay. Our room was clean and bedbug free.

I'm staying at the Hooter's hotel right now, and due to the fact that I am paranoid I did a thorough check of the hotel room. I was pleasantly surprised! NO signs of bedbugs anywhere! As a matter of fact, the mattress looked new. The rooms are clean.

Two weeks ago I stayed here and left with welts from being bitten the night before. Management would not help and refused to listen, thinking we all would return for T & A despite the bed bugs. They are wrong. We can see that anywhere in Vegas, which we will do the next time. Stay away !!

I stayed at the Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas on May 29, 2010 and when I went to turn down the bed to go to sleep, I fould blood on the linens. Disturbed by this, I called down to the front desk, where the clerk offered me free wings. I didn't believe that wings would make me feel better about having blood on the linens and when I went down the next day to talk to the manager, she was dismissive and told me that she couldn't do anything besides the food comp. I will never stay there again and recom

mend people spend the extra money to make sure they get a room that is not a bio-hazard. The kicker to all of this was that I spent 300 dollars on the room so I really got cheated.

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I stayed at Hooter's from January 7 - 9.
After the first night, I was covered with
Red Itchy Bumps all over my face, back and arms.

I looked up on the internet and realize they were bed bug bites.

I tried contacting Hooter's management while I was there (no help)and numerous times to contact them once I returned home and have yet to hear a response.

I will NEVER stay at this hotel again (I can understand getting bed bugs, but to not address the problem with your paying customer throug

h management or customer service is unforgivable).

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I stayed in the Hooters hotel in LV, NV from oct,9,2009, to oct 12,2009. I started getting itchy bumps, and i didn't know what they were until i found one of the bedbugs. It was disgusting! when we checked out i told the manager at the front desk about it, and she offered me 20$ off. The bites got worse, like i had an allergic reaction. Also, i am very scared i might have brought them back.The work experience of my life! I have already called the hotel and left a message with the main manager, a

nd am hoping to be re compensated for my stay!

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I stayed in the Hooters Casino Hotel with my daughter on June 3rd, 2009. We drove down to fly out of the airport. On June 4th, 2009 I noticed a small bug on the bed. My first throught was "bed bug". I tried not to gross myself out since we were leaving. The next day I started noticing the bites on my daughter. The bites on her legs started to get infected, forming blisters. I took her to the doctor (while we were on vacation) and the doctor asked if we had stayed in a hotel recently. I t

old him yes and he says that they looked distinctly like bed bug bites.

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