Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Las Vegas Hilton
455 Karen Ave
Las Vegas, NV
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Stayed in room 1729 on 17th floor, between 4/20-4/22. Never noticed anything unusual in the room or that weekend ..... But on Tuesday (2 days after checking out), I started discovering red itchy bumps on my abdomen and neck ... Within hours I had hundreds all over my torso (neck, chest, abdomen, back). I researched online what it could possibly be, as this has never happened to me before. Being a registered nurse, I started thinking like a nurse and wondered what have I recently been exposed to

that could've caused this. After much research, the only thing it was boiling down to was bed bug bites, being that I had just checked out from a hotel. I called the Hilton about my concern, and they referred me to their security manager who ended up sending me forms to complete. In the meantime ive consulted with my primary physician and dermatologist who have confirmed my rash is consistent with an insect bite, most likely bed bugs being hat i just stayed in a hotel. So far the rash has started to also appear on my arms and upper thighs. Those things totally feasted on me! I'm on medications (steroids) to calm down the rash because it's extremely itchy and red. Now that it's confirmed what these are (I had my dermatology appt this morning), I will complete the forms and file some type of complaint. I've spent quite a bit of money on doctors appts and prescriptions. I honestly hope I haven't brought any of these bugs home. Don't stay at the Hilton! And wherever you stay, make sure you check the room first before you settle into the room (check the mattress for blood stains, bugs, or even bug feces stains on the mattress) .. I wish I had done that, but was totally naive to bed bugs and hotels. Good luck!

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Stayed Feb 26th-March 1, 2012 and never say a bedbug or signs of bedbugs. Great room and a fantastic stay.

I stayed at this hotel from Dec. 11 - 16 and had not troubles at all. The room and bed was perfectly clean from any pests.

Two friends and I stayed at this location from Sept. 16th-19th. No bed bug stories to report.

I am a bedbug victim and am well aware of the horrors of the dreaded bed bugs. I was staying at this hotel recently and my girlfriend woke up with a couple big bites near her foot.

Being paranoid from my previous experiences, I immediately tore the room apart and noticed a new blood spots on the white sheets, on the side she was sleeping.

I can't recall the exact room number, and this was not a confirmed encounter. But I've seen them before and I'm pretty sure it was bed bugs!

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