Harrah's Las Vegas
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Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed in carnival towers second day I moticed bites all over sept 17 -20 2015

stayed at harrahs las vegas,room 1840 in carnival tower oct 22 23 24th 2014, stayed in room with 2 beds I woke up with bites on my back and stomack thought it was flea bites as it is a pet friendley hotel, bites were so bad went to doctor and he told me they are bedbug bites Iam freaking out, they are really bad and sore not like other bug bites. thankfulely we do not unpack our bags and never put them on tne beds, I dont see any signs of them in our bags,sent our cothing out to be cleaned, call

ed harrahs and they really dont take this seriously, they said they would alert housekeeping,This makes me sick as we vist harrahs las vegas every year, not anymore!they have no concern for the people who stayand spend money at their hotel.

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I check in the room on november 2013 , for a couple of days, a weekend, harrahs, left sunday night, monday something itchyon my stomach i found out ,I had a bite like red on my stomach like 3 spots and 2 on my necks it become itchy and after a few days it get big red and like swollen and go to the doctor to get medicine, they said I went to hotel harrah las vegas, dr said it was a bite bedbug,, never report to the harrahs, but letting you know harrahs check the room for bed bug,, I dont want t

his to happen again or to anyone , pls destroy bed bug there, that will grw if you dont stop them

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Stayed here from 09/23-09/27 in the Mardi Gras tower. Tore the linens off the bed, quarantined my luggage, etc. Didn't find bugs of any kind. Room was super-dated, but clean and functional.


Stayed here our last night in Vegas. 5/13/13 while laying down watching TV, my friends noticed a bug crawling on her bed. When we looked it was Indeed a bed bug. We complained to the front desk and the manger didnt really know what to do and could not answer the questions we had. The security how ever was very nice and tried to be very helpful. We filled out reports and took pictures but we were told that we have to wait 3-5 days to contact the people that would be able to reimburse us.....

Feb 25 to March 1, 2013 When we booked into the hotel I did a search for bed bug in our room and in my sisters room, found NO bed bug. We had a great stay with this hotel. They were great.

May 2 2012-May 7th room 341... First morning woke up with a few bites. Next morning both inner legs all bit up. 4th morning husband had a few bites. When I Complained to the Harrah's hotel manager she asked me to wait for filing a report. But after waiting 45 minutes I told her I would come back. She never offered at the time to change us into a different room. Although at the day of check out they offered to change us to a different room when a official report was filed. Why in the hec

k did she not move us into a different room the first day I complained. Pretty bad service. They did nothing to help...

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I and my husband check in at the Harrah’s Las Vegas February 7th 2012 checked out February 10th 2012
We were in a room with double queen beds my husband was complaining about itching but we never thought much into. When we arrived home that evening of the 10th we both had skin irritation on our bodies, my husband had an abundance of BED BUG BITES and rash that covered upper part of his body and some now on the lower part. His first visit to the doctor the doctor said that he had allergic

reaction to the bites and gave in medication, that didn’t bring any ease so he went back a second time and the doctor’s report is that it looks more like BED MITES!!! This is disgusting. We came to the hotel for business purposes while my husband worked I hung out in our room if I left it was to go get something to eat, out of the 4 days we stayed 2 of those days I was in my room when housekeeping came in I watched her clean she never changed the linen and that should be done daily. People shouldn’t have to deal with this type of pain and suffering and yes the hotels should be held liable, they bring in too much money for rooms to be infested with Bedbugs or mites.
Our visit at this hotel has been the worse ever, we'll never stay or recommend this hotel to anyone not even an enemy.

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February 2nd, 2012
I had a patient come into facility for treatment
of multiple bites. He was miserable. He asked me
if Harrah's was known for having bedbug problems.
I told him any hotel can have bugs because of the high turnover of guests from all over the world.
The best he could do would be complain loudly and
maybe Harrahs would comp him a night, a meal, something.

Stayed here from January 4th-6th. Checked the Mattress, baseboards, curtains, etc. and I did not see any bugs, but woke up the next day with bites all along my mid-back. They did not go away after a few weeks and are probably scarred. It is inevitable that no matter where you stay, you will end up getting bit.

Stayed here from January 4th-6th. Checked the Mattress, baseboards, curtains, etc. and I did not see any bugs, but woke up the next day with bites all along my mid-back. They did not go away after a few weeks and are probably scarred. It is inevitable that no matter where you stay, you will end up getting bit.

Had to leave our stuff behind!

We went last weekend with an over night bag each...first night got into town late and partied, crashed hard...both my boyfriend and I woke up itching and had what looked like bites or a rash, took a shower and woke more up to realize the place was infested, checked the curtins, beds, and our clothes...bugs everywhere!!!!

Hotel did not care, did not come up and check, they knew and did nothing!

We took our wallets and shook the crap out of pants and Tshirt,

flip flops, went to the mall, bought new clothes, changed and tossed the old ones.

I still feel itchy, kept checking the car all the way home, freaked us out! We have bites, we used lysol in the car and on our body in the changing room... I'm still so pissed! The manager would not talk to us, just the front desk supervisior, who refused a refund or even a f'in discount.


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Me and my 3 friends stayed in Harrah's in Las Vegas over the labor Day weekend(Sept.3-7th 2011). Woke up with bites and rashes all over our arms and faces. We checked the bed and found bed bugs behind the bed and on the curtains. My friends found the same in there room too.The hotel staff did NOTHING to help and pretended it wasn't a big deal. Didn't offer any kind of compensation. Don't ever stay at Harrah's!!!!

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