Hampton Inn Tropicana
4975 Industrial Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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Me and my husband were on our honeymoon to Cali decided to stop over at the Hampton inn tropicanna in Las Vegas on 06-07-15 was nice room, friendly service, only problem was bedbug. Around 1:30am I noticed I was itching and an hour later my husband started as well, we thought it was the sheets but the itching became persistent and began to feel biting, we thought it was bed bugs from the bites on our skin, I myself have never experienced bed bugs so this was a shock, considering the standard of

the hotel. Immediately got up and left got a full refund and will stay elsewhere. Nothing wrong with the hotel just bed bugs we don't tolerate. :)

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My son and I stayed one night late October, 2012, at this Hampton Inn. Although it appeared very clean and a helpful staff, I awoke covered in bites. My son did not have bites then, but has reported several after unpacking at home a few days later. I reported the bites and my room was comped and someone was sent to check the bed.

I stayed here on July 8th and woke up to 50 – 100 bedbug bites all over my body.

I complained to the hotel, they contacted their exterminator, and a couple days later reported back that there were no signs of bedbugs in the room. Oh really? I compared my bites to online photos and am quite sure they were bedbug bites. They either have an incompetent exterminator (I doubt it) or are liars in order to avoid liability, since it can be quite disruptive and expensive if the bugs hitch a ride

home in your clothing or luggage and need to be cleared from your residence. A manager offered me a free single night’s stay right back in the same infested hotel. Obviously I turned down such an exciting offer.

I complained to Hilton Corporate and after a month long run around they gave me a single night’s stay at any property. It’s quite underwhelming considering the number of HOURS it took to quarantine and clean my clothes and luggage to ensure that no bedbugs entered my home. Not to mention the bites hurt and itch.

In case you care, aside from the bedbugs and horrible customer service, it was a pretty standard Hampton Inn, which I consider to be nice for the money.

The only reason I was at the hotel was because my Southwest flight was cancelled. For my trouble Southwest gave me $300 in travel vouchers. So, will I fly Southwest in the future? Absolutely, because their only fault was selecting the hotel, yet they at least seemed to care that my experience was pretty miserable. Will I ever pay to stay at a Hampton Inn or Hilton in the future? Very highly unlikely due to very questionable integrity and horrible customer service.

NOTE: Google – this property and bedbugs. This is NOT an isolated incident. Beware – it’s not worth the risk!

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My husband and I stayed there for the Vegas Marathon in December 2010. We found one bed bug (positively ID'ed) and informed the management staff. The first manager acted like it wasn't a big deal while the rest of the staff was freaking out (as they should). We tore our room apart and did not find another one. Just as an aside, we DID check our room thoroughly before we settled in. The second manager--the one we talked to after the race--was much better because, by that time, we were very irate.

We had to ask to have the night comp'ed with the bed bug and were moved to another room, which we tore apart. No bed bugs were found in the second room. It appears a bug wandered into the first room, but where there's one bug....

I would not stay here again.

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Just got home from a Vegas vacation. Our flight was delayed one night so we were comp'ed the night of Nov 7th, 2010 at the Hampton Inn Tropicana. Upon arrival, immediately checked the bed for bedbugs. Found no evidence of bedbugs and had no issues during the night or since then. The Hampton Inn Tropicana (located just off the strip about 1 block from Excalibur and New Yory New York) was a very nice hotel ... nice, tropical decor, new, clean, super comfy beds. Positive experience.

Read on trip advisor a visitor encountered multiple bugs in the 1dt room they were given...OCT 15, 2010. They claim the 2nd room was bug-free, but they checked out next morning.

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