Four Queens Casino and Hotel
202 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV

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We just left the Four Queens after staying all week for the CES Convention. Between the three of us, we had 3 rooms during our stay on the 14th and 15th floor for 5 nights and never had a problem. The rooms, 1 suite, 1 single-two double beds and a single-king bed were clean and well taken care of. We plan to stay there on our next visit.

Just stayed at the Four Queens 1-21-2014to 1-24-2014. Had a very good experience as always. The room was very clean. No bed bugs present. We will stay there again as this is our hotel and casino of preference.

We stayed in Room 833 from December 9 through December 13. The room was clean with no little critters running around.
The Four Queens has been our annual December trip for the last 4 years and we have not encountered or been bitten by any creatures during any of our stays.

I stayed in room 1427 on 11-28-12 and was bitten over 50 times causing me to have flu like symptoms for a week and massive sores on my body. Have not received any calls from mgt. I will call this hotel until Im dead to recieve compensation for my medical bills. Be very cautious. I will be filing complaints with the BBB and health department.

Ma husband and I stayed in Room 1530, nov 16,17,18,2012 felt a bug crawl on my neck, after my pillow hit the floor. When we got back home, my husband and I both had bites on face neck, arms back and stomach A few on legs and feet. We have been staying at Four Queens for 5yrs,twice a year, without problems. We will never stay there again called hotel, they said someone would call us back, Never Happened

I stay at the Four Queens at least a few times a year and so does my entire family for the past 7 years.We have never, not once, had an incident and enjoy the hotel.

i have been staying at the hotel from the end 2009 till end of 2011 probably every month ones for 3 days never had any problems with bugs of any kind

It's infested they don't change the mattress when they heat the room to kill the bugs. The eggs are in the mattress fools!!!!!

Stayed 2/16/12-2/19/12 for our sons 21st birthday in two rooms, two different floors. I kept getting bit and when I spoke with my sons on the other floor, they also were getting bit. I called security and they sent a male guard up to look at my bites. I was extremely uncomfortable with showing any body parts besides my ankles. He stated there were no bugs and I was probably allergic to the soap. Really?

We stayed on the 9th floor on Feb. 7-10, 2012 and had a most enjoyable time. The room was clean, service great and good food. We will definitely stay there again.

Stayed in room 709 on Nov 24-25, bitten both nights, reported to front desk. Security took our report and pictures, moved to different room. Had to disinfect everything before coming home.

I was in the hotel from 12/13/10 to 12/16/10 on the 3rd floor. My stay was very satisfactory and will stay there again this December when I take my annual trip

Just completed a three-night stay (August 24-27). My suite was pristine and there was absolutely NO sign of bedbugs! Spoke with ahotel spokesperson about the supposed problem, and he did admit that sometimes people bring the bugs in (especially Europeans where bedbugs are rampant and ignored) and when they are reported they go to great lengths to sanitize the room. They close the whole floor, then heat the problem room to a temp that kills the bugs. Linens are changed daily and dust ruffles h

ave been removed. I was impressed with their efforts (many hotels ignore the problem) and with my beautiful, bug-free environment.

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We stayed there July 31, 2011 - August 3, 2011 in suite 631. I woke up on August 2nd with a dozen bites on the back of my calf. I suspected bed bug bites but they were so itchy I told myself I was paranoid and they were mosquito bites. We looked online when we got home and sure enough, bed bug bites. I've contacted the 4 Queens and am waiting for management to get back to me.

We really didn't like the hotel as it was dirty, not well maintained and overall disappointing. We won't ever go back


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Stayed at the Four Queens July 16/2011 in room 932. Woke up with red welts all over my arms and torso. Went down to the front desk and showed them. I didn't know what it was. They sent me to security who took pictures and documented it. I still didn't know what it was. I asked both the front desk and security if they had seen anything like it before. Was told it could be an allergic reaction to the soap used on the bedding. Was only there the one night. Got home and welts were painful so I went

to the doctor. Confirmed they were bedbug bites. Then I search the internet and find out the Four Queens has has numerous cases yet the staff didn't know? Now I may have brought the infestation home. Great. Kudos to the staff of the Four Queens; they've obviously been trained on how to react and played it perfect.

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Stayed in room 1009, woke up early to catch our flight home. While finishing packing saw an adult bed bug crawl across the sheets. Smashed it to reveal it had recently fed on one of us as it was full of bright red blood. Searched more and found a nymph full of blood under the pillow and a colony under the mattress. I am absolutely disgusted. They sent security to check out our claim. "Exterminators" told us to just bag stuff for 2 days when we get home. Heck no am I spreading a potential infesta

tion to my home too! Bagged everything in the garage and waiting to wash and dry it in hot water at the laundromat tomorrow. Still deciding if I can salvage the luggage or not.... ugh so frustrating and disgusting.

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I stayed in Room 804 in the North Tower from March 22 - March 25, 2011 & had no problems. Beautiful room, clean, bright, fresh, & very comfortable. I never saw any bugs of any kind. Was my first time in Vegas & would stay there again.

we stayed in room 943 the nights of May 9 and 10. Tuesday woke up and accidentally found a bedbug under a pillow. Did not know what it was. Later looked up pictures of bed bugs, and guess what? Yes it was one. Since getting home my wife has broken out with numerous small red welts, I have only a few. We have gone to extreme pains to cleanse all out clothes since getting home. We hope we have not infested our home.

I stayed at the Four Queens the weekend of May 5-8, 2011. I have stayed at the Four Queens numerous times and have never had any problems. Very clean and enjoyable.

I stayed in room 832 for 4 nights from april 1 to april 4 2011 slept in long sleeves first 2 nights on the 3rd night slept in tank top woke up with bites on the back of my neck and on my arms and face and shoulders. left without knowing they were bed bugs bites til I went to the doctor when I got back home.

Stayed at the Four Queens Hotel for first visit to Las Vegas from March 7 to March 11 2011. First night jumped straight out of bed because felt something crawling on hand. Looked under covers but couldn't find anything. Next morning found dead bedbug on sheet. That night sitting on bed, saw one crawl across sheet. Didn't know what to do, so just slept paranoid next couple nights. Started checking bed before sleep every night, even lifted mattress to find outer shells of dead bugs. Last ni

ght there once again felt something crawl and found another dead bedbug on sheet in morning. Never stay there again!!!! Now left suitcases in garage and have to wash everthing repeatedly in hot water.

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We also stayed @ the hotel 2/16 to 2/20 on 2nd floor. I believe this whole floor needs to be looked at Rush Tower Area my cousin had them and her room. They did move her right away but then on the floor they moved her next to my other cousins room they had code 300 placed for the bugs also. We are just getting home from our visit I will never stay there again.


Follow up to previous post.

Hotel staff took it pretty seriously. I reported it to front desk. Security came down immediately and took a statement from me and hotel moved me to a new room and said the infected room would be treated.

Just saw a bed-bug crawling across my sheets in my room on the 2nd floor. Will report to front desk.

Date of stay: Dec 11 2009 thru Dec 14 2009
I just got back from Fremont Street stay in Las Vegas Four Queens Hotel. The stay was the worse experience of over 30 years of visiting Las Vegas. Got a room on the ninth floor room # 942. My first night sleeping was irritable; trouble sleeping, had white tee shirt and long pants. Got up around noon and discovered bedbug bites hurting on right and left arm. Got worse as day and evening went on. By night end found that I was bitten 16 times, on two

arms, the face and the neck.
Complained to front desk, signed a report and was given a new room with upgrade down to the sixth floor.
The lady at the front desk said the new room would be clean. I said that I would not sleep on the ninth floor again. She gave me the upgrade to the sixth floor room # 631. Second night sleep, slept with a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Woke up and found that I was bitten 4 more times on face . Just could not believe this, so I just let it go. Third night sleeping and got bitten another 2 more bites on left hand and they were very bad bites. Now I know why both Binion's and Four Queens Hotel Casino; owned by TLC Casino Enterprises Inc., needs to be closed down and both building demolished.
Got home with some lose of vision. Will have to go to the emergency clinic in the morning and see if I do not have any permanent damage to the hands, arms, face and neck with 20 severe bites.

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