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Stayed at the Flamingo Oct 5-7 2014. I have travelled all over the world for years, this is the first time I have been bitten by bed bugs. I always check the bed for bugs and take all precautions. Woke up the next morning to three bites, quite painful for me as I react badly to all bug bites. I was moved to another room but not offered compensation. I took an hour of time to fill out a security report. My second night in the new room I did not have any more bites, but found it very hard not to f

eel my skin crawl and slept very badly. At 7am the next morning I woke to find a stranger trying to enter my room with a key! My new room had not been properly entered into their system and they had rented the room again. Thankfully I always use the extra inner locks, but I was very upset. At that point the manager offered to credit me the night and resort fees for both days. She also offered me a late check out. I declined, saying I would rather spend time at the airport than one extra minute necessary in this hotel. I am doing all precautions to make sure I did not bring any home, but I will be very anxious until I know for certain that we are clear. I will never stay at this dirty, bug ridden cesspool again. Stay at your own risk.

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BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS!!! I have video proof! I shoved one in a glass and brought it down to the lobby! Whoever say bed bugs are no big deal need to go study bed bugs. It's not about the bites. It's about how they come home with you, infest your homes and cannot be killed with any non-extreme, highly expensive measures being taken. It's like saying "yeah our room was lice infested but no biggie cause the bites didn't bother us while we were there"
So here goes the novel that is my review. W

e booked because our friends said they had stayed there and wanted to again now that it's been redone. We arrived, took 30 minutes to find parking. Check in not realizing our luggage was in a puddle. Even though I had booked on their site and had been charged they claimed there was a rate adjustment and the room was now more expensive. Off to a bad start but who cares, I'm in vegas for a week! Up we go to our room. I tripped over the carpet in the hallway. It was threadbare in areas, covered in stains and pulling up from the ground. I said "This carpet is..." and before I could finish a passing guest said "disgusting...that's what the carpet is." We open our non smoking room to a big face slap of cigarette smell. Again, it's Vegas...oh well. Our view was a parking lot and construction. I am horrified of bed bugs and have my ritual. No luggage touches the bed and nothing happens until I do my mandatory inspection. The bed is white and there are specs of brown and tan (like sand and dirt) near the foot. There is also a dead brown bug. I try to move the bug onto something so I can look at it and it drops onto the carpet. My boyfriend tells me I am paranoid and I agree. So I pull all the sheets up off of the foot of the bed to start my check and before I can do anything...BAM bed bug just crawling around doing it's thing. If you know about bed bugs...those are all signs of a set in...well feed...long lived...full blown infestation. The poop, the completed life cycle and a bed bug so big that you can easily see it...in the middle of that day?! They normally stay out of site until around 3 am. I flipped out, video taped the bug, made him get a cup to bring the bug to the lobby in and held all my luggage while I called the lobby. Saying bed bug, video and "it's in a cup" should get you straight through to a manager yes? Not at the flamingo. I had to ask for a manager. The manager asked if we would like a cleaning lady. uh huh. I told her I was coming straight to the lobby bed bug in hand. I get there, put the cup on the counter and loudly say "we found bed bugs in our room". She offers to put us in a different room. I tell her that since the linens are cleaned together and the guests use the same towels, wear their now bed bug infested clothes around the hotel..etc that the whole place is unsafe and I want to be put in a different hotel. Remember our friends are staying there too. She tells me she will refund my money and allow me to use their phone to reserve elsewhere. I tell her that Bed Bugs are a big deal and have to make a huge scene and threaten to tell everyone waiting to check in (and show them) before she finally calls Planet Hollywood and reserves for us. She hangs up the phone and tells us that it will be more expensive. Again, I have to make her call them back and get the exact same rate that we would have been paying at the flamingo. Finally this manager says to me "You know, there are bed bugs everywhere" Which disgusted me even more...No..not every hotel has bed bugs. They use bed bugs protectors on their mattresses (unlike the Flamingo) and use high heat in their dryers. So...2 hours later we are finally in line to register at PH. The lady that checks us in is so disgusted that she immediately upgrades us to a mini-suite overlooking the bellagio water show and the pools. No bed bugs, nice clean beds and beautiful rooms. So our friends say they want to leave too and expect the same deal. Flamingo tells them to drive to PH and if they have availability that Flamingo would refund them. They get to PH, no one from Flamingo has contacted them and they see that Flamingo booked and then immediately canceled a room with PH. Thank God for PH because we went to the same lady, she got on the phone with Flamingo, which is a sister hotel of PH, and got our friends the exact same deal one floor above us. Flamingo is SICK and their customer relations are atrocious. Go look at trip adviser...everyone says the same thing. And unless you want your world to be rocked by a bed bug infestation...STAY AWAY

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Worst experience ever! My boyfriend went an stayed at the flamingo for three nights, found bed bugs on the second night. They sent him to another room, just to infest more rooms with bedbugs? Then they were willing to do NOTHING to help him deinfest his luggage! They said they have to wait 5 days for ecolab to confirm that they are bedbugs....if you found a bedbug with an LED light what more evidence do you need! If you bring these creatures home it can cost an insane amount of money to heat tre

at your home to he rid of them....I reported them to the department of health for their lak of policies an procedures....

Also, for the people claiming that the hotel is fantastic and the people with bed bugs must have bought them there....I was at home, bed bug free during this incident....you were lucky, take it for what it's worth, cut your loses, and don't go back!

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I just stayed there about a week 2 weeks ago, I noticed when ever I sat in the arm chair I was very itchy, which began what was hopfully a phycosematic fear and itching for fear of bed bugs. I checked my matress (only on the side I was sleeping on tho) and saw what looked like a very clean and comfy matress. I saw no bite marks...Perhaps I was just allergic to the chair. I've thankfuly seen no signs of bringing any home eathr. My friends who stayed in the room next to mine also had no problems

we r aware of.

The rooms were very nicly redone, and the matress was increbly comfortable (id love to know how to get one for home!) I was very happy the flamingo (aside from what ever made me itchy in that chair)

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We recently returned from staying at the Flamingo for 3 nights. Yes, our room had bed bugs and both my wife and I were bitten. But here's the thing. Bed bugs bites do not spread any diseases whatsoever. You can't let stuff like this ruin a vacation or, even worse, choose to not even go to a city like Las Vegas because you're worried about bed bugs. Every hotel likely has issues in at least some of their rooms. THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO TAKE EVERY MEASURE POSSIBLE TO NOT BRING THEM HOME WIT

H YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS TO GET RID OF (BECAUSE THEY MULTIPLY INCREDIBLY FAST) AND VERY COSTLY TO DO SO. THERE ARE SOME SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN DO IN THIS REGARD. Bed bugs ONLY feed on blood, nothing else. So when they find a blood-meal source, they tend to "nest" near that source so they don't have to constantly search for a new one. Bed bugs don't have some magical attraction to mattresses, they're just always found on mattresses because (1) it's convenient because that's where they are finding easy blood meals without having to search...and (2) the seams in a mattress give them a great place to hide in between feedings (which is about every 5 -7 days). Bed bugs are night-feeders, with their most active time usually being around 2am - 6am. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and travel place to place on people's clothing and...yes, that includes the same clothing you put in your suitcases when leaving the hotel. And where do you generally pack your suitcase when leaving?? ON THE BED. This is how you bring them home with you. So, some basic precautions are:

1) Never put your suitcase on the bed. Keep it in the bathroom. If you have a car at the hotel, I would suggest putting your empty suitcase back in the car after you've unpacked it - instead of leaving it in the hotel room.
2) Purchase some clear ziploc-type bags for travel. They come in various sizes, up to several feet long, and any store like a Target, Walmart, and even some grocery stores carry them.
3) For the clothes you're not going to hang in the closet, try to use these bags in the hotel room for your clothing instead of using the dresser drawers. But if that's too much of an inconvenience, then just save them for when you're packing to go home. Put all your clothing in them and zip it closed. Only put sealed bags into your suitcase. That way if you happen to have any beg bugs in your clothing, they will not escape to harbor somewhere on, or in, your suitcase. Then, when you arrive home, leave the suitcase outside (or in the car) and take the clothing from the bags directly to the washing machine and launder everything in hot water and then dry on high heat. That will kill any live bed bugs and eggs.

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(08/30-09/04, room on 14th floor) Got back Tuesday evening after staying at the Flamingo for five nights. Yesterday (Thursday), the bites began, and have spread all over my body and itch like crazy! I'm hoping to contain them in my house, if it's not too late (think they traveled home with me!) Eww. And when we first got there they gave us first keys to a smoking room (when we asked for non-smoking) and then keys to a room occupied by someone else! Therefore, I would certainly not recommend stay

ing at the Flamingo.

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TINA- I unfortunately went thru a similar ordeal, and brought them back from vegas( the stratosphere) we hired a trained bed bug sniffing dog to come verify the bugs in our home, then we hired a company to HEAT TREAT our house. This is pretty much the only way to eliminate them. They heat treated as well as used chemicals, but chemicals alone often do not get them all as they are becoming more resistant to pesticides. So def do the heat treatment as well. After, we had the dog come back thru to

verify they were gone. Thank God they were, and still are. Hope this helps you, it's an awful awful experience. Good luck. This goes for anyone else dealing with this too. Heat treat! Bug dog!

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Room #12001 found one on the bed near the pillow, booked it out of there. Stayed at a different hotel just took the loss.

We arrived at The Flamingo July 9th & left July 12th. We were on the 8th floor, room 8082. I was horrified to find the bed bugs when we returned home. This is the fist time that we have ever traveled & stayed at a hotel, so needless to stay it completely ruined our experience & I will NEVER stay at another hotel again in my life!!!! I have been going through my house like a mad woman clean & removing anything & everything that I can for fear of spreading just in case I missed any. I contacte

d the hotel management & the said that someone from their security department would be contacting me & still I have received no return call. My stomach is constantly upset at the thought of this. Any suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Stayed in 12051 and had friends in 9095 and 26009. One friend is an exterminator who checked the room for us. no signs of bed bugs.

I stayed in two rooms: 4152 but after being kept awake all night because there was a one inch gap on the interconnecting door and some drunk idiots next door we got moved to 10081.

A couple of days later 5 bites appeared on my arm, 2 on my chest and 2 on my legs. They were confirmed to be bed bugs bites.

I just got back from a 3 night stay. I stayed on 14th floor room 14099 from June 15-16th. The room was clean and I didn't see any signs of bed bugs. Up until the last day I had bite marks on my leg and back. When I got home I found a bug crawling on my luggage. It looked like an adult bed bug becasue it had a round brownish color. I checked my bathroom where my other luggage was placed and found a bed bug crawling on my sink. The bed bug was very small and looked like a nymph. Now I'm paranoid t

hinking I have bed bugs spreading around my house. Don't let the cleanness of the room fool you like it did to me.

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stayed in room 9123 from 5/19-5/24 and the first thing I did was pull back all the sheets off the bed and check the mattress to find NO bed bugs!!! Also checked the headboard and dresser drawers and again no bed bugs!!! And no I do not work for this property I went on a solo r&r vacation.

Room 11140 May 4th, within 24 hours of checking in I had bed bug bite rashes on both lower legs. Room was disgusting. They didn't even provide us with clean towels. We had to call and complain to get the towels. The bathroom literally had hair on the ceiling-human hairs like "plastered" there. Water damage all over the bathroom ceiling.
When I found a housekeeper to show them my legs, they asked which room I was in and when I said "11140" his exact reply "oh my God, there are too many bugs in

there, let me get spray".
My guess: this is exactly why the maids didn't clean our room. They were afraid of being in it that long and bugs
coming back to their own homes.
It's May 5th and they given us another room. Much nicer. However we are trapped in our room because I insisted they treat our clothing and we have nothing to wear.
Nothing more offered to us than that and I had to raise h*ll to get that much done.
Never ever again will we stay here. Never!
And it's clear to me that whoever is posting "NO BEDBUGS" is the same person/people, that they are affiliated with the hotel and are trying to make us all believe it's bug free. In fact, security claims they have never had this happen at the hotel and that's why they didn't know how to deal with it. Would have laughed over the obvious lie, but wasn't in the mood for that.

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Stayed at the Flamingo Room #17043 from April 9-13, 2012. Woke up the morning of the 10th covered in bites. A friend suggested they were bed bug bites, and I initially thought they were crazy. I was totally unaware bed bugs were in fact a problem at hotels. As a result, the bed bugs hitchhiked a ride on my luggage, and wound up coming home with me. What a nightmare! Ridding my home of the bed bugs is costing me a fortune, not to mention the emotional stress it is causing me.

I stayed in the Flamingo hotel last week (1st of February til the 7th. I have been bitten on my stomach both sides, under my arms and on my sides. Discusting stuff. Really hope I have not brought it back.

Stayed at the Flamingo August 19th through 23rd. The one night I slept on the left side of the bed I woke up with the entire back of my leg covered in bed bug bites (confirmed by physician). This was room 23084. The hotel sent a security guard and he took photos of my leg. "Ecolab", supposedly an independent company, apparently confirmed there weren't bed bugs in the room. However, I have never had any prior experiences with bites/irritation and we went straight from our home to this establishme

nt. The hotel changed our room, but I didn't even sleep on the bed because I was so paranoid. If you stay here, even if not bite, be careful to not bring them home with you. Seriously, the bites are incredibly painful. And, the hotel is very unresponsive and claimed that I have "misconceptions" about bed bugs. They even went so far as to suggest that I was bitten by bed bugs in a cab on the way to the hotel (even though I took no cab within the 72 hour period before being bite). Absolutely perplexing. Seriously, spend the extra money and stay somewhere else.

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Stayed at Flamingo and have had bugs crawling around us ever since. We were lucky enough to catch it before we got home. They are crawling on my son but, we tried to combat the situation before I brought my bags into my house. But, they are all over my car and are in my sons stroller too.
We called the hotel and they are supposed to be having someone call us to see what they will do. We were in room 27162.

Stayed at the Flamingo from March 27th to April 1st and had no signs of bed bugs. We searched the room, ripped off all of the bedding upon arrival, and saw no signs. The hotel was old and the room needed updating but no signs of bed bugs and we had maid service every day.

Room 240069

I was planning on staying at the flamingo until I read all the negative posts about the hotel. I sent an e-mail on March 11th to Flamingo, linking them to this registry as I was planning on booking the hotel. I asked them if the bedbug situation had been taken care of, they told me how they have random tests with eco labs, etc. As you can see, after March 11th, the flamingo all of a sudden has 3 posts saying no bed bugs..

THIS FORUM is for bed bug incidents, not for regular good stays at HO


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November, stayed 6 days. Woke up 6.30am and found a Bed bug on the wall.Caught it in a kleenex. Called the desk and they sent up two people both helpful and wanted statements signed.We refused. We got another room and did not see bugs there. This hotel is tired. We will not return to Vegas as I am now hearing its a "BED BUG CITY".We met nasty and nice staff. Probably Hurrah or Caesar Entertainment will be in financial trouble in the next few years. They earned it.

We stayed at the Flamingo at the end of February. Our group had three rooms on the 28th floor (in the 28170s) and, though we checked vigilantly with LED light, we did not find any evidence whatsoever of bugs. THe regular everyday cleaning of the room was good - the only notable dust was on the vent in the bathroom. While the carpet and furnishings showed signes of wear, we were satisfied with the quality of the room's cleanliness. We didn't feel that there was any reason to be concerned abou

t bugs at this hotel than at any other.

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Just came back from Flamino Las Vegas. I stayed there from 25th Feb 2011 till Mar 1st 2011. This Hotel is Disgusting in general. There are definitely bed Bugs in most of the rooms as I had to change my room 3 times. If some people dont notice them maybe they are lucky or they are too dirty and ignorant to notice this. I'm sure there are BEDBUGS in every single Deluxe room in this hotel. Flamingo has the worst service, staff are rude, every thing is expensive in this hotel eventho its Old, Ugly a

nd Dirty!!! I got bits all over now that I just got home and God knows whats gonna happen to my home here. Dont waste your money and choose a better hotel. Other thing i like to mention is You have to pay 13.99$ A Day for Wireless Internet in this hotel!!!! where on earth they charge almost 15 dollars a day for internet? plus you have to put down 200$ deposit on hold from ur credit card in order to use internet!!!! Im Disgusted by this and I feel like I waisted my money and Time by choosing Flamingo...

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Feb 4th through the 9th room 28001 had bed bugs. Woke up the last night covered in bites head to toe. Tried to tell me it was detergent texted pictures to a friend who is a physician he said bed bug bites. Security guy complained about all the paperwork bloahblah blah this diamond card player will be a MGM player here on out because of the security guys attitude

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip in room 7011 from Jan 23- Jan 28, 2011. I did not find any bed bugs but I was unaware to check with LED flashlights! I do have to report tho', that our room was not cleaned properly between the last guest check out and our check in! I found an empty drink bottle and the previous guests cancelled flight ticket on the night stand, also I noticed apple seeds on the carpet and when I looked closer it was obvious that our room had not be

en vacuumed at all, There was a brown velour foot spread at the end of the bed that was just covered in "lint" and I was sure it had not been changed. I reported this to the desk at 3pm and they said someone would come up immediately to change everything, so I went out for several hours. When i returned at 11 pm
there had been nothing done, I then started to worry even more, I ripped the box spring cover off and found lint, and even a large &_*&%$$ stain on the side of the sheet, I called the office and told them how discusted I was and I was so tired I needed to sleep, she said she would have maid service there in 5 minutes. It was now 1 hour later and there was no one, so I decided to sleep in the side chair. Just as I was settleing down, the maid came to the door, She said she would gladly strip the room and change everything, she said it looks like the previous maid did a "make up" thinking the room had not been vacated. She said that they only strip sheets on check out day unless specifically requested! I said that I was not impressed at all.
I would never stay there again unless I was in a Go room, where they say the house keeping is impervious!!

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On 1/9/11-1/14/11 we stayed in room 22154 and had no problems with bugs. I checked the room before we unpacked with my flashlight and found nothing.
We had a service dog with us and the hotel provided a dog relief area which was really nice, a little out of the way, but nice. This was our 3rd time at the Flamingo and have never had a problem with anything. We like the hotel because it is reasonable, the tram stops there and where it is on the strip. Will stay again next year.

This was my second time I stayed at the Flamingo, but this time it was horrible. The only reason I stayed at the Flamingo again was for the location and the reasonable rates.

I was scheduled to stay from 12/23/10 - 12/26/10, but due to the snow on the East Coast my flight was cancelled so I extended my stay.

I was in room 6021 and all was well until late 12/26/10 when I noticed that I had four (4) bites that drew blood on my stomach as well as one (1) on my ankle. I was even thinking of

going to the CVS clinic to check out for bed bugs, but decided against it since they were tiny bites.

Prior to checking into the Flamingo I read this registry and took precautions such as using a flashlight to check behind the headboard, and looking under the mattress, etc. and all seemed well. I generously tipped the maid to ensure a clean room and clean towels, so I thought I was okay.

Around 8:00 p.m. on 12/26/10 I called guest services and informed them that I had bites on my stomach and they said it was quite busy, but they would someone up with some sheets. I went out and when I returned the bed looked the same, so I went downstairs to the lobby to register a complaint.

The reservationist "claimed" I would get new sheets soon and they would change them.

Much to my dismay, I found the sheets placed on top of the bed, meaning the bed was not made!

I called guest services again along with housekeeping and was told "someone" would come up and change the bed. This was after 11:00 p.m. Vegas time and quite frankly I was getting tired.

Once again I went down to the lobby and spoke with someone who promised me my sheets would be changed and I would be receiving a reduced room rate for my inconvenience.

It was almost midnight and since it was getting late and it appeared no one was going to change my sheets, I changed them myself and placed the "dirty sheets" outside my hotel door.

This was uncalled for and disgusting.

On 12/27/10, I went down to the lobby again and requested a room change and was informed that the reservationist I spoke with never documented our conversation about a reduced rate and my "bite" problem.

The manager had the nerve to ask if I wanted to move to Bally's or The Imperial Place since I was not satisfied with their product and to file a report with security. Who would have transported my luggage?

After much protesting on my part, I did receive $30.00 off for the one night, but still it was not fair considering I had to stay longer due to the snow and the airline cancellation. Also, I had not caused this problem.

Also what I did learn from the maid who cleaned my room in 6021, was that the sheets are not changed daily unless you request them. If you do not request this, the sheets are not changed until check out. Great. In the old days (not long ago, when a bed was unmade, it meant for the sheets to be changed. Also this premise of going green, means conserving water and changing sheets less often. So we are saving the environment, but are prone to bed bugs and bug bites.

In fairness, after the fact, Housekeeping did change my sheets, pillow cases and stripped my blanket and bed spread in that room, but I still requested a new room since I had a bad vibe there.

A maid told me off the record that most rooms are about the same in quality, but a GO room would be better.

The first room I looked over was on the 5th floor and it wasn't even vacuumed, so I requested another room.

This time it was 6097 and for the two nights I stayed there I was fine, but I did contact housekeeping and the maid to change my sheets and pillow cases, which they complied.

I did not have bed bugs at the Flamingo, perhaps spider bites or some dust mites, but I would have never expected this from a Center Strip Property.

I will go to Vegas again but to a more upscale property.

Do Not Go To The Flamingo!

This case is not finished yet.

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Just got back from my stay at the Flamingo from 12/06/10-12/10/10 in room 10146 and I was bitten about 10 times on my backside. I hadn't been aware of a bedbug problem there prior to my stay, so I wasn't prepared as some of the others here were. Just hoping I didn't bring any home back to Texas.

Stayed in the Flamingo in room 7039 November 10 -13. We made sure to check the bedding completely and found NO evidence of bugs at all. Had no problem whatsoever. The room was older, but very clean. And the beds were SO comfortable! Very pleasant experience.

Stayed at Flamingo on the strip 11/10-11/11, room 12091. When I inquired at check-in about the bug problem, the clerk told me they have had only a few isolated incidents, but when they do, they lock the room down until it is fumigated and cleaned out completely. We took the precautions recommended anyway – checked all bedding and woodwork thoroughly using a high intensity LED flashlight. Same result as Bugatti: NOTHING!! No evidence of bugs at all. The place was very clean – although they co

uld do a better job of vacuuming underneath the bed and nightstands - which I suggested to the desk clerk, who made a note of it.

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wow been going to the flamingo for five years no problems. this year how ever i got a rash on my chest and back . it was swimmers rash from the ducks and wild life at the pool. not easy to control that. but might look like bites to some people.

After reading all these reports I was worried and packed an LED flashlight because it gives a white light. Upon arrival I tore the bed apart and then removed the headboard. NOTHING!! no bugs or evidence of bugs at all. All I ended up with was a messed up bed! The place was immaculate, and maid service was excellent throughout the entire week. I arrived Monday 11/1/2010 and left on Thursday. My room was on the 5th floor.

Stayed in September 2010
I'm disabled and stayed in the room except to go across the st for a Cher concert. Exact date not sure.
3 days later my legs were bitten all over thighs. Because I've been under Dr care I went in to be sure it wasn't reaction to medication. Confirmed: bed bugs.
What a shame. I love the hotel and stayed in the past with no problems. Now I wont stay again till I'm sure rooms have been sprayed and all bedding replaced.

Stayed in room 19081 October 13th and 14th, 2010. We woke up Friday morning with bed bug bites. I had just under 10 but my boyfriend had over 50. We were moved to another room (19086) for the remainder of our stay and didn't seem to have any further problems. We thoroughly washed EVERYTHING we took on our trip in HOT water and put them in a HOT dryer (140 degrees +) so we didn't bring them in our home. This is something you never want to go through again so beware of bed bugs!

Stayed in room 801 September 23-27. I thoroughly checked the room for bed bugs. None to report. I do recommend posting your negative encounter on Flamingo's Facebook page. They are quick to resolve any problems on that.

My mother and I just returned home from a trip to The Flamingo Las Vegas. We stayed on the 15th floor, from 10/17/10 to 10/20/10... room 15091 I believe. Two days later, on Friday the 22nd of October, I woke up with what I thought was an itchy rash on my right lower leg. I have developed over a dozen red and severely itchy bites on my right leg, but just one or two not as itchy bites on my left leg. They are bed bug bites. I have washed my sheets in hot water and am now tackling my suitcase. I h

ope it does not continue, as my mother, who stayed in the same room but a separate bed, has no bites, and my boyfriend has no bites yet since I've arrived home.

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We stayed at the Flamingo from October 10 - October 14, 2010. We were in room 15082 and had no problems with bugs.

Stayed at the Flamingo 10/13/10 - 10/16/10 in room 7015. I was covered in bed bug bites. They sent security to investigate, then the house keeper to clean. The house keeper was very talkative and told us that the night before 50 rooms had been shut down and were being treated due to bed bugs. I am still swelling now because I have bad allergies to any insect bites. I am having to go to the doctor to get a steroid shot.

My husband and I stayed at the Flamingo, Oct 2-9, 2010, in room 10006. I checked the bed, couch, and chair thoroughly and the room was bedbug free.

My husband and I stayed for 7 nights in August at the Flamingo and had no problems at all regarding bed bugs. I do not remember what room we were in. We have stayed at the Flamingo for the last several years that we have visited LV, and never had a problem with bed bugs.

I seriously think some of the people who have said they got bed bugs at the Flamingo are not telling the truth. Perhaps they got them in their own bed at home.

I stayed at the Flamingo from September 12th thru the night of the 15th in room number 23162. Upon arriving home 2 days later the 18th I noticed some bites on my legs. The next night I was biten around 25 times and could feel something crawling on my head. I left town the next day and my wife washed the sheets and comforter finding many bed bugs in our bed.

We stayed at the Flamingo Sept 16-20th, 2010 (RM#18137). I'm happy to report NO Bedbugs!! (atleast in this room). We did a thorough check of both beds as well as removing each headboard from the wall.

As for the coconut aroma pumped through the ventilation system within the hotel, I seriously could have done without...

We checked in at The Flamingo on Sept. 8th 2010, I checked the beds as soon as we walked in the room, of course we put nothing on the floor! I found nothing on either bed...we had no problems during our stay in room 25150.

We just spent 5 nights (8/1/10 - 8/6/2010) at the Flamingo in room 14031 and had NO problem with bed bugs.

I had looked at this registry before we left and was very worried about the possible encounter.

As soon as we got our room I examined the sheets and pillows and also the room of friends across the hall.

There was no sign of any "critters" on our beds.

I had a hard time going to sleep the first night but got up with no bites.
I've been home 2 days now and all is well.


don't report bed bugs unless you really have seen them.

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discovered bedbugs June 2010 in my mattress, last travel Flamingo Hotel Vegas in April.

I can't remember what room we were in. But we were there the 27th of December 2009, just for the night. My children stayed with my mom if a room just down the hall, and my husband and I had our own room. Shortly after we returned home (about a week) I stated noticing all these bites on my body, then the next day my daughter who has her own room, was getting them worse than me. My husband and my son, havnt been getting bit. The Flamingo is the most likley contributer, because there is no other wa

y we could have gotten them and becasue the problem started right after our visit, and the horrible thing is that we brought them home with us. Now my house need to be fumigated and furniture needs to be replaced. We are extremely aggrivated and upset with what we are having to deal with.

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Stayed at the Flamingo 1/17-1/22/10; room 21093. My wife noticed welts as we were leaving, and now, three days later, the doctor says she has been bitten by bedbugs. As the welts take 5-7 days to appear; the Flamingo is the most likely "contributor". Needless to say, we are very upset!

This happened from 12/22/09 thru 12/27/09. Room 25106. I started itching on my back and on my side both my husband and I. Then we noticed tiny scabs all over our back sides. After we got home I called my doctor and he said that it was bed bugs. We are not happy.

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