Fitzgeralds Casino & Hotel
301 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed here on 2/23-2/26 because of low reports of bed bugs. We had three rooms and checked all very well...we saw no signs of bed bugs. No one had bites or any sign of bringing them home with luggage. Rooms were not the most updated, but, were very clean and the bathrooms spacious.

Stayed at Fitzgeralds 9/12-15/2011 specifically because the bedbug report (1 in 2011) was as good as you can get in Vegas. When I checked in I mentioned my concerns and said I wasn't asking if there had been any recent incidents, but if there had been could they please put me far away from it on another floor. They gave me room #2039 which showed no sign of bedbugs. Certainly the rooms haven't been renovated in a long time (tube tv), but my room was clean and serviceable and cheap. I'll take

inexpensive/no bedbugs over fancy/expensive/with bedbugs any day. My only irritation with the place was a couple of very loooong waits for the elevator. Before I went I did a search for proactive bedbug solutions and came across cedarcide insect killer in travel-size spray bottles. Supposedly this is death on wheels for bedbugs. Can't verify that because I haven't yet met a bedbug to test it on, however my house has become a playground for a colony of micro-ants and it is instant death for them. To people it is harmless and smells like air freshener if used in mass quantities, but it shuts down the respiratory system of many insects. I sprayed my stove and dinner table and no ant went near them for two full weeks. As a test I also sprayed the perimeter of the top of my refrigerator and put bait in the unsprayed center, 19 days later there are 37 little corpses laying around and the count is still going up. Good enough for me. I figured if bedbugs are epidemic in Vegas and the big concern is having them hitchhike back to your house on your clothes, they are also hitching rides to all the seats at the gaming tables and buffets and rental cars. So before I went I sprayed the hell out of my luggage and clothes and resprayed the clothes I wore every day in hopes that if I sat next to a bedbug it would either croak immediately or run for it's life. Check this stuff out at No, I don't work for them. Like I said, I can only attest to it's effectiveness on the micro-ants, but that is very impressive.

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Stayed at this disgusting, filthy establishment from 9/7-9/14. The Fitz truly proves that cleanliness has no correlation to bedbugs. The ONLY good thing I can say about the place is that we have seen no evidence of bed bugs either in the room (which we checked thoroughly before bringing our luggage in) or since.

Stayed at the Fitz from Feb.10-20th 2011. Woke up on the 12th with a few bumps right in a row on my arm. thought it was a rash or something..I let it go because my boyfriend was sleeping in the other bed. He didn't have any bumps. Woke up the next morning and had more bites on the back of my neck and on my arms. I showed the front desk..they said they would go upstairs and look in my room..We went with them and the manager said"If you don't notice blood on your sheets its probably not bed bugs".

There was never blood on my sheets or else I would have contacted them sooner. They didn't want to believe it was bedbugs. I told them you'd better look just to make sure. They called me 2 hours later and said come to the hotel we found an infestation of little bugs in your room behind the headboard..he took pictures..but didn't one offered a free meal or casino chips..We finally said We need some compensation for this...they gave us 40 bucks to go eat on in their restaurant.I think we'll stay away from vegas for a few years!!!

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