Fairfield Inn Las Vegas Airport
3850 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169

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We stayed here just after Christmas, 2011, for three days. We checked the room carefully before bringing in our belongings and found no evidence of bedbugs. We had a pleasant stay and would recommend this hotel.

Stayed here for about a month and a half and on the first night while sitting on the bed talking on the phone I felt a prick right on my butt got up and checked and there was a huge welt on my butt! I thought "really a mosquito bite?!". The next couple of nights it got worse, it was so bad I had what I thought was adult acne on my back legs, butt and face. I had no idea these things even excited. I ended up taking them back home and had to get rid of EVERYTHING in my bedroom: bed, mattress, car

pet, curtains, I mean everything had to go after I did my research. I had an exterminator come in twice. Now was all that necessary? Maybe. Maybe not, I wasn't taking any chances. The physiological damage was the worst, I'm still very sensitive to any movement while I sleep, I keep only white linens, a flash light by my side and have a hard time staying in hotels without inspecting the mattress and furniture. I reported the issues with HR and never heard back from them. Unfortunately my employer still books our stays here, which makes me want to cry.

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