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A friend was bitten by bed bugs at the Excalibur and apparently it is well known that they are infested but haven't done enough to eliminate them. They have hired an attorney to file a claim; Patrick McKnight, Esq. 702-822-6800

My husband woke up with bedbug bites on his legs and arms. The hotel cleaned our clothes and moved us to another room. Meanwhile, they told us to keep our luggage in the bedbug infested room. My husband saw a doctor who confirmed that they were bedbug bites and that he had had an allergic reaction. The hotel said that they had sent in a company to test for bedbugs and they had found none. They wouldn't, however, give me a copy of the report. One of the managers slipped up, and told me that the

company had not tested the room.

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Stayed at their Parlor Suite from 11/6/14-11/9/14 and on our stay of 11/8/14 my daughter complained of itching on her legs. She had bumps on both thighs and we didn't know what had bitten her. My husband went to lay in bed and saw a bedbug crawling to the pillow! Immediately called guest services and we we were told we would be relocated to a different suite and a security guard would come up to take report and pics. Supervisor apologized and gave us 4 tickets to the Tournament of Kings show and

Breakfast to their buffet. Hope no critter packed themselves on our luggage :(

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stayed at the Excalibur on Oct 26, 2014 and found bedbugs running on the sheets when I lifted up the pillows before going to bed. stayed in room 24228.
The hotel offered to change the room which I did but in general reacted as if this was normal.

Two of my aunts and I stayed at the Excalibur hotel for five nights. From 8/26-8/31/14. I shared a bed with one aunt and each morning I noticed I was waking up with more and more red itchy bites. At first I thought it may have been mosquitos. Then my aunt thought it may be bed bug bites. We checked our beds but found nothing so we called the front desk and they sent up a security guard who took his time getting there. We counted all of my bites which were starting to welt, and there was nineteen

total. He took pictures of them and I filled out a report. Hotel management refunded us for the resort fees only and said we had to wait until the security gets their results back before further refunding us. I am still waiting...

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I stayed at this hotel for 3 days 7/13-7/16 2014. Within a few days of getting home I noticed something crawling on my bed. I took a picture of it and researched what I thought it could have been. I looked up bedbugs and it did look like one. I researched bed bugs at the excalibur and there were reports of bedbug findings at this hotel. It stayed in the back of my mind for the next couple of weeks. After some restless nights with itching, my husband and I went hunting in our bed for bugs and fou

nd at least 5 more. I stored our clothes in there dresser draws. My suit case was on the floor next to the dresser. I'm disgusted and sickened at the thought of this happening in my home. Not sure what our next step is, I've been in contact with hotel and also with vegas.com who we went through.

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Our beds had bed bugs. My skin is very sensitive and reacts very quickly to bites. I woke up with several bumps that look like mosquito bites on my face, back of my neck, arms and right shoulder. I pulled back the sheets and there were two small bugs crawling around. We took video, packed our things and headed downstairs for a full refund. The hotel was professional about the situation, refunded the card and a security guard took down a report and snapped photos of my bites. I will not be retu

rning to this hotel.

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Just spent the weekend there 1/3/13-1/6/13
I stayed in a double bedroom in Tower I, floor 26. I got a huge red bite on my knee the second night and woke up to more itchy bites on my shoulders this morning. My girl friend also had a few bites after sleeping in the same bed. It sounds likely to be bed bugs since we were not outside this cold weekend without a jacket.

bed bug at the room # 14131 on oct 15th and 16th 2013

my cousin and I stayed at the hotel for one night. as soon as i got home I realized that I have few bits on back of my nick and shoulder. the next morning I saw more on my back and my arms. I had to go to dr. in the morning and miss work since I was dying of itch all over. as soon as he saw me he knew what it was, so he gave me all necessary medications and shots.

my cousin realized hers 5 days later as what I read about this kind of b

it it may come out up to 2 weeks later.

I called the hotel that morning and talked to their security officer they took my report and told me that the risk management ppl are going to call me after reviewing my case, they told me that they are going to send an inspection to the room and let me know the result. of course after a day or two they called me back and said there was no bug in the room.

I didn't know about this website before, wish I did. now im going to go after them to make sure this would never happen to anyone else

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Customer service was a little lacking when we checked in, but that's another story for another time. My friends and I had a pleasant time in Vegas from Wednesday, April 24 until we packed up Friday, April 26 . . . My friends were in my room waiting for me so we could all check out. When I came out of my restroom, they show me the creature they had captured on my bed, a bed bug. We went down to the VIP room to complain and the man behind the counter didn't seem too concerned. He saw the bug a

nd told us he'd send for security to take a report. Did he offer us anything? NO! The security guard that came to take a report was very friendly and even made us laugh, all the while I was trying to keep my breakfast from coming up. He took the report and photos of my legs and the bug (which he kept). He also brought us a bunch of huge plastic bags to put all of our belongings in so my new car might be spared an infestation. In the end, the counter guy offered to have all of our clothes dry cleaned, but that would take until 7:00PM. One friend had to be on a plane by 5:00PM and we had to drive back to Los Angeles. That would have made one long late tired drive home. He then gave us vouchers for a lunch buffet, which was very nice, but how long do I wait for the "risk manager" guy to give me a call? What will he do? I would like the money for all three rooms credited back and, more importantly, if I brought these creatures back to my home, I want the people who own Excalibur to pay for extermination! I'll try to be patient for a few days and see what happens next . . .

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Stayed in rm 12221 on April 18-20 my friend next door was bitten several times our first night and thought was an allergy until the second night she had more bites and we called the front desk. Security came to check her room and sure enough her bed and headboard were infested with bed bugs how house keeping didn't catch this is beyond me. So next I checked my room and sure enough there were bed bugs in my headboard too, yuck! Management acted as if nothing was happening and it took all day for

us to get moved to the Luxor next door, which fortunately had no critters, we made sure to check. Never staying at the Excalibur again not just because of the bed bugs but because they have horrible customer service on top of that.

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Stayed October 4th and 5th 2012 with my kids. My daughter was bitten several times. We chalked it up to walking the strip at night and mosquitos. These bites left little welts like mosquito bites so we never questioned it. About a week later,, my daughter started getting the welts back. We hired an exterminator to come get rid of the "flee's" because we have animals. He came out and did a home inspection and informed us that we had bed bugs and the first question he had for us was "Have you trav

eled to Vegas recently?" Apparently they had a rash of outbreaks around the same time that I was unaware of because the hotels don't disclose that information upon check in. Here it is March and several thousand dollars later and we are still having issues. Brand new furniture throughout the entire house. We finally hired a heat specialist for $1500 and had our entire house heated up to 160 degree's for 4 hours. So far so good. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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Stayed at tower two during Halloween 2012. Over the four night stay, I got four bites. One the first night, three the next night and one the last night. I usually read your site before I travel, but didn't this time. Yikes! Hope I didn't bring smithing back.

Booked a room at Excalibur for last Friday, 10/12/12. Checked in, went up to the room, pulled back the comforter and lo and behold, a single bedbug was crawling it's way across the sheet. SO GROSS! I put it in a plastic bag, my buddy and I packed up our stuff, and we went downstairs to show the manager, who acted like she couldn't be bothered. Needless to say, we declined her halfhearted offer for another room and checked out.

Stayed in this hotel June 23-25,2012. Surveyed bed before sleeping in it and found no signs of bed bugs.

I stayed at the Excalibur from 6/14/2012-6/16/2012. I woke up on the 15th with a single bite to my upper left chest. I didn't think much of it and continued with my day. On the 16th I woke up and after showering, I noticed three bites in a triangle shape on the lower part of my armpit. It wasn't until I got home that bed bugs crossed my mind. Hopefully I did not transport any of these unwanted pests home with me! I plan on calling the hotel today.

My wife and I stayed at the excaliber hotel in Las Vegas, NV from 5/31/2012 to 6/4/2012. We were there to work a trade show at the mandalay bay convention center. We were in room 20119 in the Excaliber. On friday I noticed my first bite on my hand, saturday more on arms legs etc. We didn't know what it was at first. We reported it to security on checking out on monday morning, by then we both had lots of bites. They are very itchy now on the following thursday, some on me have swollen to v

ery large almost like a rash. Yuk!!!

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May 11, 2012
Checked in around midnight into tower two, 16th floor - I forget the room #. No other activity occurred other than driving brand new car rental to the hotel that night. Next morning in the shower noticed two bites on knee a little larger than a nickle - both swollen and very hard. Suspecting bed bugs we did a good search of the room, but did not find any. What we did note was that in pulling back the sheet, the pillow top cover had clearly not been changed any time recently, lots o

f hair and crumbs! Contacted front desk who immediately upgraded us to the top floor nicest suite. During that call I was assaulted with the strongest cologne that must have been left on the phone from the last guest. Attention to housekeeping detail clearly was compromised in this room (and this was a $50 upgrade from our original room). A security report was made and I was told that standard procedure is that the bed will be destroyed - a relief that others may be able to avoid these issues while in the room in the future I guess. I am surprised though that the hotel rooms would have a floor to bed, bedboard around the bed as that gives easy access to bed bugs crawling up from the floor to it's sleeping host. While I appreciate the upgrade, doing so without even first checking the room makes me think they have had this problem before, but I digress. While I appreciate the room upgrade the hassle of inspecting all my luggage and running at minimum through the dryer all my clothes for 45 minutes was an added task at the end of a long trip. This is the first time I have ever encountered even something close to bed bugs. As I sit here in the dermatologists office to get cortisone cream and make sure no other complications (another added expense in time and money) I know that I will no longer look at discounted hotel rates as the way to go...clearly you will pay in the long run one way or another...in this case poor housekeeping, hygiene and cleanliness of the rooms wa compromised for the discount. I've learned my lesson.

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Stayed at Excalibur March 5-6 2012. We were in Tower 2 I believe the room was 15115. My kid had a couple bites here, and we didn't think much of it. We came home and about a week later discovered we now have been bed bugs at our HOUSE! We have never had any kind of bug infestation and can only think that we won a little something "extra" at Excalibur this time. My kid is now getting bites that look the exact same as the ones he experienced at the hotel. We have since found a about 3 bugs i

n our house, and we contacted an exterminator. Looks like this trip to Vegas is going to cost us a lot more than me anticipated. What a shame, I really used to like staying at this hotel, but can no longer even think about it.

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2-18-2012 Room 11250
I was sitting in bed at the Excalibur 20 minutes after checking in when a bed bug ran across my lap. Scared I jumped up. Unsure of what the bug was I captured it in a cup and called down to the front desk. Security responded took photos of the bug and the room. Confirmed it was a bed bug. The security officer also told me the hotel has a problem with these pests and on his shift alone responds to at least 4 complaints a month. While waiting to be moved to another room I s

tayed in the room a co-worker was checked into. Worried about bed bugs we checked her bed. We did not find bed bugs but did find hair and dirt among the sheets and blankets.

After waiting 3 hrs I was finally moved to another room. Hotel management and a housekeeper took my clothes to launder. Returning them 4 hours later shrunken, tangled and ruined.

Eco Lab came in the next day and confirmed room 11250 was infested with Bed Bugs. The hotel refuses to compensate me for the clothing they have ruined and still charged me for the stay. The only compensation offered was a 15.00 buffet ticket. I declined. Not wanting to eat in a bed bug hotel.

The entire hotel staff has been rude and unwilling to help in any way. They have deferred my case to their risk management who is not returning my phone calls.

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stayed in room 3103 with my children. my 4 year old was bit 4-5 times with red welts right in a straight row on his collar bone. I did not know what they were so we went back to bed. next day did some research and realized it was bed bugs. its such a shame reading what other people have posted it wasnt even worth the effort to report it since it was the friday before new years and we were leaving town, not to mention the welts were gone the next day and we would have never known it even happened

. our stuff is still outside for fear of bringing them in our home. slowly washing everything and drying on hot. we loved our comfy beds and the kid friendly atmosphere. such a bummer!

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I stayed at Excalibur back in May 2007 & they had a bed bug problem then. I feel the need to share even though its been many years, Im so sickened that its been a full 4 years at the very LEAST & they are still denying that they have a problem. This was the grossest hotel I have EVER stayed at. I was there for 4 nights & barely slept because the bed was the most uncomfortable ive even slept on, ive honestly slept better on the floor. I got 3 bites on my 2nd to last night there & had never seen o

r been bit in my whole life but I knew immediately what had bit me. I knew a mosquito didnt come into my room, get under my covers, bite me 3 times on my leg then leave again. To this day im totally grossed out by the experience & I always tell people to never stay there. I only stayed there because I was in vegas by myself looking to relocate from minneapolis & the room rate was the best on the strip for the 3.5 star level (ha, 3.5 stars is 3.5 too many). Well no wonder it was so cheap cuz this place is a dump. Dont give them your money & stay someplace else! They need to shut the whole place down for a week to treat all their towers & the infestation, it NEEDS to be dealt with or the place should be torn down forever. Just think of how many people brought the bugs home with them & had their lives turned upside down in the last 4(!) years plus. Thankfully I didnt bring any home with me. Simply terrible & unacceptable.

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Stayed in Excalibur for 3 nights on Nov.22 to Nov.24 2011. i have the interconnecting room of 3103 & 3105 deluxe room tower 1. One of my niece have bitten by a bedbug and start having rash all over her body and better yet i have captured one big bedbug (the biggest one i have ever seen).

The security guy came and took some photos and then we got tranferred to a different room to tower 2.

I have filled a report for the incident and i don't know if there is anything they will do for it. As

far as my niece, she has suffered a major rash and all i can do is put some cortizone ointment for the itch. "Sad"

For you all,be aware in tower1 and i will never stay in this hotel.

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We stayed at Excaliber from Nov.22-26, 2011, first night I didnt get under covers because I was exhausted, second night I saw small red bug on my pillow but did NOT know it was bed bug until.the next day when I saw 2 adult bed bugs crawling on my pillow, we were whisked from room 19115 TowerI to room 17268 Tower II. I have bites on my back and arm and Im paranoid that I may have brought some home with. Washed my clothes and sprayed everything with Lysol. I pray it works.

Stayed at excalibur from 10/30/11 - 11/4/11 for the SEMA convention for my husbands work. My infant son had some bites on him after the 2nd day but i had no idea why. On the last day of our stay, my husband cought a HUGE live bedbug. We called the front desk and they sent up a rude security guy who basically acted as if we planted the bug in our room. He called someone to report that we indeed has a live speciman and told that person "he found the report strange" REALLY? my husband and i were li

vid! No apology, no empathy -just accustions as if we put a huge live bedbug in our room on purpose. who in their right mind who go anywhere near no creepy bugs that cost thousand to get rid of - intentionally? I still am in shock at the way they treated us. i have video and pics of that awful critter - just hoping they didnt come home with us. not holding my breath. (my husband is a teacher so we cannot afford thousands of dollars to get rid of them if we did...just praying)in closing, we have stayed at the excalibur many times but wont again after how we were treated...really unfortunate.

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dates: 10/23/11 - 10/27/11
Tower II, room 24258
Woke up at approx. 1/:30 am on 10/27/11 for some reason, found and caught 5 bedbugs(!!!)
This hotel is filthy, service is awful, it should be torn down and the land sold, hotel rebuilt. I will never stay here again. Beware of bedbugs at the Excalibur!

Stayed at Excalibur from Thursday Oct.13 - Sunday Oct. 16. Yup,they sure do have bedbugs. Didn't see my bites until Saturday morning,but I have about 4 - 5. Filed a report security took pictures went into a new room obviously could not sleep. Was there for a Wedding saw my bites right before wasted time trying to get a new room was late for the wedding and had to return to hotel right after to try to settle this because they took forever transferring me from place to place earlier. So my day was

ruined flew from Topeka,KS and they now claim that they had the room inspected and that the results came back negative!!! HA!!! That is B.S. !! They don't seem very concerned but then again why would they,they have millions of people and dollars coming through to their hotel ! Anyways, as one of the Asst. Manager said to me that he believes in CARMA and he would not lie to me ! Well, guess what I am a firm believer of CARMA as well!!! I was in rooms 27162 and then trasnferred to 12142

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My husband and I and our three sons stayed at the Excalibur Sept 19 to the 22nd. We were there for my eldest son's 27th birthday and my youngest son's 21st birthday. My husband and I stayed in one room, the boys in another. We were surprised that our rooms were quite nice - better than our last stay at NY NY. Every surface was dirty, walls, doors, windows, and especially the carpets - the worst in the hallways and elevators. They had a nice selection of slot machines. The buffet is a 3 on a scal

e of 1-10. We were fairly happy with our visit until the last day. The day before one of my son's had found a couple of sores that we thought were mosquito bites. When he woke up on the 22nd, he had at least 6 bites on his face, under his chin, and on his neck, more on his back, and a few on his arms and legs. They are big, red, itchy, swollen bumps. I went to talk to management and they shuffled me away from other customers, took a report, took pictures, and said someone from risk management would get in touch with me next week. That's it. They did give us a list of clinics we could take him to, but we did not rent a car this trip, they were far away, and we had to be at the airport in 2 hours. From what I understand, it's likely I won't hear back from them, or if I do, they will say they checked out the room and there's nothing wrong. From other review sites (that I wished I had read BEFORE booking the rooms), Excalibur has a bed bug problem. Also, as soon as we got home I called the risk management department to let them know the boys also had a roll-away bed in their room and should be checked and not given to another customer. I was told the person handling our case would be gone until Monday - three days later - and there was nothing they could do.

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stayed in excalibur for the past week tower two floor seven room 11 i suspect there to be bed bugs, i have small bites all over my feet, one on my wrist and a few on my legs, i have not seen any evidence of the critters but i will be very careful when i get home to wash and heat all of my belongings before bringing them into the house! If you are staying here check the room before you bring your stuff in!

Stayed in room 16225 of tower II from 9/9/11-9/11/11. Had a small bite after night 1 that I ignored, and was covered with bites after night 2. Wasn't able to get in contact with management at check out as I hustled to catch a flight. As of now calls have not been returned.

We stayed in Tower 2, 13th floor from 9-8-11 till 9-11-11. On the last day of our stay, both my girlfriend and I woke up with red, itchy bumps on the last, we had double beds. We looked in one bed and saw a bedbug on the sheet. We told the front desk at check-out and she only said, 'Thanks for telling us'! We will not be returning to this motel and will always check this website before staying in another hotel. The suitcases have to be thrown away and everything washed in hot water!

We stayed here May 12th -14th in Tower II. I should have check the room or read this site and made different plans. We ended up bringing the bed bugs back home with us. Now we have spent nearly $4000 getting rid of them. I have learned my lesson. I will always check this site before booking a room anywhere and will thoroughly check the room before bringing my bags in. Do not stay at the Excalibur!!!

Checked in on 8/8/11 out on 8/14/11 in room 19231 tower 2. I was uber paranoid about bedbugs after reading this and other sites on the topic. Was happy to say no problems with bedbugs in that room.

I would like to say that I almost didn't stay here after reading some peoples reviews but I took a chance I guess and all was well. It takes alot of positives to outweigh bad reviews.

Six of us just stayed at the Excalibur this past week and all of us had problems with bed bugs. We reported to security and we were all upgraded to Tower II. They took pictures of our bites and "supposeofly" had our rooms tested and bedbugs came back positive in the room where the people actually caught them. They were reimbursed some money and the rest of us that were eaten alive got nothing. They told us our room tested negative and they wouldn't compensate us for anything. We washed ever

ything and sanitized our suitcases but I still have been losing sleep worried that we brought them home. I am so angry about the way we were treated and I am reporting them to the Department of Health. DO NOT STAY HERE!! This ruined our vacation! The entire place is filthy- they should be shut down!

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Just returned from a stay at the Excalibur in Vegas with my two teens. We all have bites but I got it the worst. My ankles and calfs are the worst, big red bites more than 2 dozen.

We were only there two nights and it wasn't until the morning of checkout that we realized that these were not random mosquito bites. Looked but could not see any varmits. I reported the situation on check out and they wanted me to wait for security (going to arrest the bugs I supposed). There was a medical e

mergency so I had to wait so I stopped back an hour later. There was still a medical emergency so I still had to wait. Had a plane to catch so could not.

I felt a sense of distrust, no aplogies or anything. So I get home at midnight and insist my kids take a hot shower (do not pet the very excited dog). All our stuff is outside and I am spending my return day writing this and washing and drying everything on hot, vacuming etc. Bulls^*(t!!!

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Bitten on 6/17/11, you probably got the bugs on your way home in the back of the Taxi or the luggage compartment of the plane. If the hotel inspected the room and didn't find bugs, that means you got them somewhere else.

Help, I'm covered with 52 bed bugs bites. Stayed in Tower 1 Excalibur Casino and Hotel, May 17 and 18 2011. Had to have a bed-bug-dog-sniffer in to my home, at the cost of $200. He went nuts over my suitcase so that is gone too. Excalibur Risk Management department flatly denies there are any bugs in Room 25 on the 7th floor. They will do nothing for me. Spread the news - DON'T stay at Excalibur!!!! Bitten

Hi there... I stayed at the Excalibur on June 5th-8th in Tower I room 4154... I inspected thoroughly and had no bed bugs. The mattress looked relatively new. The room reeked of smoke but at least no bed bugs!!

Stayed at the Excalibur May 19 and 20, 2011- Tower l, 7th floor, room 25. I am coverd with bad bites on legs and arms. did not see any evidence when we checked in but wondered why the rooms were so cheap. Now we know!!! Itchy

Had a terrible experience at the Excalibur Hotel and casino their rooms are infested with bedbugs!!!!!! We even caught a couple and put them in a container where the security officer took them. I got an allergic reaction from all the bites that I had. I had them on my scalp, face, and all over my body. I was the worst vacation experience ever. And to top all off the manager, employees treated us as if we were imposter's. They did not even want to talk with us and kept saying this is a legal prob

lem take it to risk management which by the way was not open until Monday afternoon! I do not recommended for anyone to stay here believe me you will regret it for a long time. I have scaring on my skin.

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Stayed at the Excalibur from 3/24/11 to 3/28/11. Room 25127..tower 1 level 25 room 127. Was very worried after reading about bedbugs. Upon arrival I stripped the bed and it was clean(actually looked new). rest of room was a bit run down but no bugs. Never had a bite or heard of anyone else having a problem during our stay. I had alot of problems with the hotel but bedbugs wasn't one of them. Good luck.

After looking at several of the larger hotels, I'm finding it odd that there are so many posts for the Excalibur(and many other hotels) with visitors stating that there were no bed bugs. This site says it's for people to post bed bug complaints. Makes me wonder if it is the hotel management and employees that are posting these positive reviews?

I stayed at the Excalibur from 1-16-11 to 1-20-11 in Tower 1 15th floor Room 20. Before opening any of my bags, I took the sheets of the bed and checked for bed bugs. This is something I usually do whenever I travel. I did not find anything at the time. I was bitten by something on Monday and Tuesday night on my abdomen. However, I still did not find anything. I did notice some specks of brown stains on one of the pillow on Tuesday night, but just tossed it aside. The morning of my checko

ut, I noticed a small red blood stain on the bed sheets, but I wasn't sure if I had a small scratch or something. As I was gathering my things, I pulled the sheet back, and there it was! A bed bug crawling across the sheets. I filled out a report with security, but the manager was not very sympathetic. I was very disappointed with the way they handled the situation.

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Stayed at Excalibur 11-21-10 to 11-27-10. Went with a group for wedding, had rms 21240, 41, 52, 63, and 65. Rooms were clean and carpets, bedding, etc. looked newer. Not a bedbug in sight. Had a good experience at this hotel.

My family and I were staying at Excalibur the week of our son,s wedding. We had 6 big bags of luggage, car seat , large stroller, wedding gifts and all the artificial flowers for the wedding.
We checked the room upon arrival to make sure there were not bedbugs. We saw nothing and assumed it was okay. In the morning we awoke to find bugs in the bed, at that time we didn't see bites. We read after that it sometimes takes days before the bites show. My grandaughter and I had been bitten and the m

arks appeared later.
The hotel moved us to another tower and assured us this wasn't a common occurence. Well it ruined the week that was supposed to be so special. We found this very upsetting and disgusting and had a hard time to relax and enjoy the wedding and the rest of the stay. On the way home we stopped at a laundromat and washed everything, then froze all of our souvenirs and other items that couldn't be washed. We also had to scrub the carseat and stroller with bleach to make sure the were no eggs on them. Some people say we overreacted but this changed our lives. I couldn't sleep for about three months and my daughter avoids traveling because she doesn't want to stay in hotels.

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My GF and I stayed here on 10/29/10 for one night. We stayed in Room#7239 (Tower 2, Floor 7, Room 39). I know Excalibur has renovated itself over the years and has come a long way since the first time I stayed there in 1994. I ALWAYS stay at Excalibur. Our really good friends work at Gallagher's in New York New York and we stay here when we visit them because we can get wasted and walk over the Catwalk back to our room.

Doesn't matter if I'm staying at some rinky dink motel room or a 5

Star, Luxury Resort I ALWAYS check for bed bugs. Upon entering the room I placed our luggage on the bathroom floor. The bathroom was very close to the front door on the right and you should ALWAYS put your luggage on a non-porous or elevated (or a combination of the two) surface until you are fairly certain the room is bed bug free.

I told my gf to wait by the bags and immediately went to the bed. I removed the pillows and pulled back the sheets to check out the seams (check the mattress by the headboard because bedbugs are attracted to all the stuff we breathe out...that's nature's way of telling them there is an animal close by to feed off of). Didn't see ANY and in fact the mattress looked pretty damn clean for a Vegas Hotel room, let me tell you. Checked the head board, nothing. I checked the couch and didn't see any either. The only thing I did find wrong with the room was the bathroom looked kind of old and grungy, which is sad because the room looked well upgraded, and the couch looked like someone had a lot of fun on it and left a stain or two as evidence. The curtains also had grease stains on them. All in all it was a good room for a fair price. Take 5 minutes before settling in to your room to check for visible signs of bedbugs folks, it's worth it, trust me.

La Puente, California

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We checked in on nov 6th 2010 and after staying there one night my g/f woke up with bites all over her arms and chest. We weren't able to find any bugs in the bed, but the problem persisted until we left after 2 nights. Probably should have reported it to the hotel, but didn't think to do that right away as we weren't sure what the problem was. From the sounds of it, it wouldn't have mattered though.

We stayed at the Excalibur in April 2010 and we had no problems. We had a big party with several rooms booked, not one problem. Thank goodness

From Excalibur: Despite the national resurgence of this issue noted by the Center for Disease Control, the incidence of bedbugs in our Company hotels is rare and uncommon. Excalibur takes the utmost precautions in both prevention and detection. Our professional housekeeping staff is trained to identify bedbugs, and hotel staff performs routine mattress checks in each and every guest room. The hotel also works closely with a third-party inspection and eradication expert in the rare event ther

e is an actual occurrence.

Contrary to what many might think, these pests do not occur as result of a hotel sanitation issue, but are carried in to the hotels by the many visitors to Las Vegas from all parts of the world. This problem is not confined to hotels and can affect literally every accommodation that people inhabit, from houses to apartments to hotels.

Hotel guests are advised to report any suspicion of bedbugs immediately to the Front Desk or Security, and the matter is always promptly addressed.

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I stayed here on September 21 2010 and had a devastating attack of bedbugs. unfortunately, I had a very bad allergic reaction and had to take antihistamines.

Yes i was in room no 212203 lots of Bedbugs.
Nexttime i am not going to Excalibur.

We too have just encountered a problem at this hotel, we checked in late on thursday July 1st, we were in room 3262 we had this room for 2 days, (was suppose to be 4 nights) when I woke up on Saturday am July 3rd, I noticed a bug crawling on the headboard, went and got a tissues to kill it, and when I looked at it in the tissue after it was dead, it popped and left blood on the tissue. As I took a closer look in the headboard which was attached to the wall and was a microfiber fabric, I looked i

nto the crevices or the seams to notice that it was infested with 3 life cycles, dead ones, big red ones and now eggs. There had to be about 100 or more eggs, and I'm guesing about 70 dead and live ones. I was so disgusted that I walked down to report this issue to the manager, who was not compassionate about what we encountered, the only thing he said was, I will get security to your room, he turned around and walked away. And now that risk management is involved he wouldn't talk to us anymore, we did get a new room on a different floor but not only am I not happy about the bugs, but I'm more upset about the hotel management and the housekeeping, I read that the life span of a bed bug could be 11 months or more...this goes to proove that management needs to have a strict guideline to go by for housekeeping, they certainly have a strict guideline to by when a guest encounters this kind of issue, and I'm seeing that the guidleine is to brush this under the rug. Management don't mind comp'ing high rollers, they seem to show compassion to them for the loss of money..how about the ones that sleep with bed bugs.

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I am seeking guest who stayed at the Excalibur Hotel recently or otherwise who experienced BED BUGS or BITES. I am looking to start a class action suit against them for not taking care of the problem. There are more offended guests out there that have not bothered to report this attack of Bed Bugs. If you can assist,and want to join this fight against Excalibur and their Bed Bugs please contact me at the emai below.

Thank you,

[email protected]

All info will be kept confidential.

Checked in late May 7th 2010 in room 18259, woke up to at least 50 bedbugs in plain sight on the head board; I can only imagine what I didn't see. I was completely disgusted and immediately moved out of the room. Took multiple pictures. Hotel refused any compensation.

Stayed in Tower one last week on the 27th floor and ended up with multiple bites - wished I'd known about your website before then and would not have stayed in this hotel.

In the first week of September we had to get moved from our room in Tower 2, to a room in Tower 1 due to an unruly guest trying to get in our room. Unfortunately, the second room was infested with Bedbugs.

I had the same experience that another guest had when they reported the infestation to management, "they couldn't care less."

Spent 5 nights in tower 2, room # 3226 the first week of September '09. Came home with multiple bites on all family members. If i needed one more reason to detest Vegas i got one.

In 1998, I stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. During the night, I remember scratching myself during the night, but chalked it off to the dry desert climate. I woke up the following morning with my legs, back and chest covered in bites. Checked out, went to an expensive hotel, and had no further issues. Back then, I didn't know that you could sue for the big money that hotels are paying out today. Wish I did. I remember, about a year later, reading an article in The Wall Street Journal about the

serious bed bug epidemic Las Vegas has on its hands, mostly coming from international guest arriving from India and China.

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Stayed at the Excalibur in Vegas last month and woke up with 9 patches of three bites. Started to tear the bed apart and a bed bug waled across the pillow.

Management immediately moved us to another room and acted like they had heard it before. The assured us that they sprayed weekly and that the last guest of the room must have brought them. The new room was on the other side of the hotel and was bug free.

However, given that one was on my pillow and the number of bites, I'm pretty s

ure they have a bad infestation.

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