Envy the Steakhouse
3400 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169-2770

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Stayed @ the Renassiance at the end of march. when i got home in about 4 days I noticed bites @ the back of each leg. the itching was intense. i didn't wear shorts or did i go in any grass. it is about 6 weeks later and some of these bites are still inflamed with the intense itching. I am finally realizing after looking @ websites that deal with this problem that MY problem is caused by bedrugs. i will have a bedbug sniffing dog come to the house to detect if I have an infestation issue. i

got a new bite on the front of my leg last night. I have vacuumed by bedroom throughly and washed the blankets as soon as i got home. What a problem. I feel like i never want to stay in a hotel AGAIN.

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Marriott Renaissance Hotel
Room #1554

Woke up the first night itching all over. Didn't know what it was from. Had bites that developed into welts and figured it was some sort of allergic reaction.

Got home. After a couple days started having more lesions. Went to the doctor who told me it looked like bed bugs. I have called the hotel to let them know about the problem. They were very nice, apologized and said they would look into the room I was in.

Now comes the difficult process of tr

ying to get rid of them. From what I have read, this is the worst process yet.

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