El Cortez Hotel and Casino
600 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV

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Bed bugs .

Stayed in Room 318 in the Tower for three nights Dec. 27 - Dec. 29. 2015. The delayed onset of the welts prevented an early detection. I had 7 bites across my forehead, and 12 on my butt. Bites were on one hand, both legs, one ankle, and both arms. The room, bed, and hotel were actually very nice and appeared very clean. But the room is seriously infested. There has to be many bugs and eggs in the carpet, drapes, couch, and mattress.

This hotel is infested with bedbugs. We stayed in the Towers for 3 nights. The first night was okay. The second night we started itching the third night it got really bad with the iching and we literally jumped out of bed and pull the covers off the bed at around 3 something in the morning and found bed bugs in the bed.We had two queen beds and they both had bed bugs in them. We wanted to checkout ASAP after putting all of our items in large trash bags. We were afraid of spreading the bugs and b

ringing them home. The hotel staff did very little to help us. The only thing they offered us was a ride to the hospital if we felt we needed medical attention from the bits. This was not very good customer service. You pay for what you get people. Avoid this hotel unless you enjoy bedbugs.

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Checked in to hotel on 7/3/13. Nothing unusual. After a couple nites went by, noticed a little itchy feeling on my hands and neck. Didn't see any markings. Checked out on 7/7/13, returned home to Hawaii. After putting suitcases in home, noticed small, pimply looking skin irritations on my fingers, arms, legs, neck areas. On 7/8/13, my skin was very itchy and had to go to a doctor for creams and medication. Dermatologist said I had bed bug bites. Now we are trying to see if these bugs cam

e home via clothing and / or suitcase. What a nightmare!.....Have since notified hotel mgr.

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Minimum 5 reports a week of bed bugs in the Hotel. Unless you like dirty rooms and bed bug bites, reconsider!

Checked into the hotel on Jan 22nd. Searched for bugs, same as every hotel stay, but didn't find any signs. No problems until I woke up on the 24th to a rather large critter crawling across the bedspread! I got it in a cup so I could show the front desk. The guy assured me it wasn't a bed bug, but I looked up pictures and it is definitely a bed bug. My room was in the Cabanna Suites. I checked out that day and went to another hotel. My friend was in the Tower rooms and he didn't have any issues.

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Bed Bugs at El Cortez "Cabana Suites".

Bitten several times.

Management did very little to make up for ruining our vacation.

Bed bugs found on 4th floor during July--just want everyone to be aware so problem can be resolved and no one else will suffer.

Stayed at the El Cortez for 4 nights NO bedbugs.
I searched high and low no bugs. Clean Tower rooms non smokeing floor 12 floor. Jan 2012

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