Desert Rose Resort
5051 Duke Ellington Way
Las Vegas, NV

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We stayed there on November 28 through the 30 2013 and while making the bed on Friday saw a bug! I had no idea it was a bed bug!! I was just grossed out. The expert came in with the dog to check for more and he found some and verified the one they I found was indeed a bed bug! Then I asked to have the sniff the couch because my son was sleeping there. He turn the cushion over there was a huge blood stain on the cushion . Gross!!! The management moved me to a "clean and refurbished room" And it w

asn't! The whole place is gross do not stay there I called the health department as soon as I got home! Room number 2316 and 2210!

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Stayed here May 2-5, 2012...Room 4212 had them. I got bit first night on my neck twice, my husband on his face once and my family member on his leg twice. reported it the following morning and they sent security to check. Came back a few minutes later to report no physical evidence. Went home to unpack and out fell a bug on my bed. Called the hotel to complain but they denied any bugs in the room claiming a sniffing dog came out and it was OK. They think the dog is accurate and that we prob

ably picked it up on the plane. I was sleepless while I was there and now even more so. The cost to superheat my home will exceed $1200 and my family member more than $600. Who pays this?

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We stayed here Feb 20 - 24 2012 in room 3103.I checked for bed bugs before we unpacked due to the high incidence of bedbugs world wide. We did
not have bed bugs in any of the 4 beds. The suite was clean and we had a good stay.

Stayed there Feb 20-23 and felt a bite first morning very early. My friend and I both have bed bugs now and we traveled together and slept on same bed. Disgusting! I don't know what to do. I'm itchy, paranoid, can't sleep & have no money at all to buy anything or pay for pest control.
I called them twice this week and no response...they just say a manager will call me, but none so far.

We stayed there for a week (June 2011)..The room smelled horrible and yucky...When we returned back to our apartment, its become full of bedbugs from the luggage that we carried from that desert rose resort...Don't ever stay there...

We stayed here Feb. 13 - 20, 2011. Adult daughter complained of itching the first night. Welts appeared after the second night. She felt a sharp bite on her neck the third night and a huge welt appeared the next day. Told front desk. A security guard was sent with a flashlight and he looked at a corner of the mattress. He said he did not see anything. Asked if we wanted to change rooms. We said no. I was not satified, however, and decided to do my own search. Pulled more of the sheets off

the mattress and searched with a flashlight (they have them in each room). Finally saw a small bug crawling on the mattress. Captured it in a glass and had the security guard come back. He looked at the welts on her neck and arms and the bug. Said we should move to another room. We did. He came back with a camera, took pictures of bites, and left. I asked the front desk the reason for taking the picures. Was told they would be used in case of medical treatment reimbursement. I asked if they took the glass with the bug in it. He screwed up his face and said no - and that the room had been closed down. Offered a quick apology for the situation. We spent most of the night washing and drying clothes, checking our suitcases for infestation, checking all of the furniture. Should have done this the first night in the other room. Thought I would have heard from the resort by now apologizing for all of the inconveniences caused to us. Thought they would at least let us know if indeed there were other bedbugs found in the room. Guess not. Sure hope we did everything to keep from bringing those little buggers home with us! Other than this episode with the bedbugs, we really enjoyed staying here and liked most of the staff.

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